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My Girlfriend and Her Fantasy

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I've known my friend for several years (I'll call her Susan) but it has only been over the last 6 months that our friendship has become sexual. This came about one night when after a few drinks in the hotel bar, where I was staying, she asked me if I masturbated as I spent so much time away from home alone. I wasn't entirely surprised by her outgoing question as we had been close friends, but up until then had only shared a kiss or two.

I told her I did most nights.

This time she did surprise me when she asked if she could watch me. Along with many males, being watched is a fantasy most of us have but many never get to act out. Maybe it was the couple of glasses of wine I had, but I agreed and told her it had always been a fantasy of mine.

We left the bar seperately and we met at my hotel room and went inside.

I tried to imagine she wasn't there and slowly took my shirt off. Then my shoes and socks, followed by my trousers. I lay on the bed with only my pants on which were already showing wet stains and a bulge. I closed my eyes and started rubbing through the material until I was really hard. I then slowly slid them off and started rubbing and stroking as if she wasn't there. She came to kneel beside the bed and I could feel her warm breath on my wet penis as I stroked faster and faster. She placed her warm hands on the inside top of my thigh but only gently rubbed her finger tips up and down without touching my balls or penis. This was too much and I came very quickly, squirting a single long stream followed by 3 or 4 shorter ones on my chest.

This was the start of my relationship which now incorporates long sessions of mutual masturbation.

Last week Susan met me at my hotel and as usual we met in the bar first. This time she had one of her friends with her - a red head (called Kim) - and we sat talking together for a while. Susan has an incredible sense of humour and is always finding ways of having fun. She turned to Kim and asked her if she thought that I ever masturbated in the hotel and said why don't you ask him. She looked at me with a grin on her face and asked if I masturbated. I knew where Susan's game was going.

Kim then asked if I had masturbated today and when I said no, Susan said why don't you ask if you can watch him as I beleive he looks like the sort who would like that (as she gives me a sly little smile)

Plucking up courage I said but on one condition. I was always interested in knowing if red hair on top meant red hair down below. If she was going to watch me masturbate then my girlfried (Susan) had to strip her naked so that I could see the color of her pubic hair.

Off to my room we went.

My girlfriend told me to strip and lay on the bed and start playing with myself. Kim was all eyes, she said she had never seen a man masturbate before. Susan started stripping her friend beside the bed near the level of my hand stroking my penis, so they could watch me and I could watch Susan stripping her friend Kim.

First the buttons on her shirt were undone. She was wearing a skirt buttoned down the front and next these were undone. Susan spending a little more time on the buttons next to Kim pussy and I also thought there was a little more pressure on Kims pants. Next came Kim's bra, even though her shirt was still on - revealing small breasts but with very hard errect nipples which I could see through the shirt.

I was so wet by this time and trying to slow my hand so that I wouldn't cum too soon.

Off came Kim's shirt and I could see now her dark erect nipples at first hand. Susan now turned Kim around so that her back was towards me and started to pull down her pants, slowly, ever so slowly, pausing when her face was next to Kims pussy.

She then turned Kim around but with her hands covering the lips of Kim's slit. I could see her fingers gently rubbing her friend clit. She told me that I could not see the color of her friends pubic hair until I had cum. Needless to say, I took my time because Susan had her fingers well into Kim's hole and was massaging her clit. Kim was squirming.

By this time both Kim and myself were at the edge and we both climaxed together. She moaned and tensed and grapped Susan tightly, while I shot a load well up my chest with the most fierce jet I've done for quite a while.

After a few seconds I started to calm down and said to my girlfriend she had to let her hands go of Kim's slit so I could see the color of her pubic hair - after all that was the deal.

I should have known - she was shaved - I still don't know if red hair on the head means red pubic hair.



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