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My Girl Friend's Little Brother

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Four years ago I have been together with Sandra, a great girl I knew for ages. We had great Sex and a lot of fun. I hope she does not read this, she would kill me, if she knew.
I also liked her family and her brother was really a good friend. Sandra and I were 20 years old. Her brother just turned 18 and we had a huge birthday celebration. We all drank a lot of beer, wine and cocktails. It was great. At about 3 o'clock in the morning my girlfriend went to bed and her brother - Frank - and I decided to drink one more cocktail.
Half an hour later, both of us had to go to the toilet and so we said, let's go together, because we feared, that we both couldn't walk without the help of the other. In the bathroom he did first and after him it was my turn. Then we both sat ourselves on the floor and started talking ... but soon we fall asleep. After some time later I woke up, because I felt a hand on my dick and a tongue in my mouth. It was Frank, kissing me. I kissed him back, he was very good with his tongue. My hand went down to to his trousers and opened them. Seconds later I saw his beautiful dick, with already oozed some pre-cum. I played with his dick while we still were kissing each other. Shortly there after he said: 'Let's go into my room, I like to suck on your dick. Please Alex, don't went to my dammed sister without shooting your cum into my mouth. I love you.' I was totally surprised, I couldn't believe, but it was true and I was so horny.
We went to his room. Everybody else in the house were asleep. He laid himself on the bed and took off all his clothes. He had a nice slim body with cool blond pubic hair. His dick was slim as well and had a nice forehead. I also took off all my clothes and started licking his beautiful dick, went further to his testicles and played with his nipples. Then we switched and then he started sucking my dick. It was a great sensation. Actually he was much better than Sandra. After ten minutes sucking like a god on my dick, I came in his mouth. He tried to swallow each drop, but wasn't able to. We then turned in a 69 position and for the first time I had a dick totally in my mouth. It was great, even sucking his dick. We both came at the same time. After all I laid in his arms until he fell asleep, then went to my girl. I felt so fucking guilty. You cannot imagine how guilty I felt at that time.
Two months later we separated. I'm not sure, what it really was, but the sex with her brother surely was a part of the puzzle. Frank and I still had a good friendship. We had never spoken about that night. I moved away in another city to study and Frank visited me a lot. At the weekend we had a great evening in such an old pub. After we went home, we watched some TV and went to bed. I only had one big bed, so he slept beside me. As he lied there beside me, I remembered that night almost one year prior to that night. I had an hardon at once. Suddenly I felt something at my leg, it was his foot, touching me. After some minutes I knew, that this was no accident and returned the movement. After what seemed ages, I turned around to him and put my hand under his shirt. We started kissing each other at once and jacked each other off. It was great. The hole weekend was a great jack off party. But we only jacked off, he never sucked me or was sucked by me. It was like being 14 again and have fun with a friend. We are still friends and still jack off sometimes. But not as often as we did it.



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