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My Friend's First J/O Session With a Guy

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After reading stories about other guys j/o adventures, I felt I should share my adventure too.


This took place about 3 weeks ago, and I still think about it whenever I'm about to rub one out. My friend (Gary 20) and I have been friends for about two years now. I just recently told him that I'm bisexual and like to fool around with other guys along with girls. To my surprise he wasn't too shocked about it and said that I get the best of both worlds. I in turn asked he ever had anything happen with a guy, and he replied, 'No.'

One night after Gary was getting off work he called and said he needed a ride home. Of course I didn't mind because I find him attractive, so decided that we should go back to my place and hang out. Even though I live with my parents, I live in the basement apartment downstairs and they don't usually bother me.

We're at my place, hanging out, watching TV, talking about various things and of course the topic of sex came up quite a few times. He was really curious about what things I did with other guys and how it felt. Then I told him that I actually had a bisexual porn DVD and if he wanted to watch it together we could. First he seemed apprehensive, then thought what the hell and decided to get comfortable. As I was getting up to put the movie in, I couldn't help but notice a slight bulge in Gary's jeans, and it hadn't even started.

About 20 minutes went by as we were watching the movie. By this time I'm as hard as a rock and of course it's showing because I'm wearing a pair of loose shorts with boxers. Gary is sitting on the couch beside me really into the movie, while rubbing his hand back and forth over his crotch. I then asked him if he ever jerked off in front of another guy, but he replied that he's not gay. I told him that it doesn't define if you're gay or not and that nothing would happen that he didn't want to.

I figured I'd break the ice first, so pulled down the front of my shorts and pulled out my cock through the opening of my boxers. Right away Gary looks over at my cock and seems mesmerized. By this time he's not even paying attention to the movie and he's just watching me stroke my cock back and forth. Having him watch me was really turning me on and then he started unbuttoning his pants to pull his cock out. He made a comment on how we were both pretty much the same size. Both our cocks were almost eight inches long with big heads.

We then started talking about techniques and if we liked stroking wet or dry. I can do either, so I told him, but usually if I'm stroking someone else I like it wet. That when he asked me if I had any lotion. Taking this as a hint of what he wanted to happen next, I rushed to my bedroom for some lotion that I use on myself sometimes. I sat down beside him and put some on his very hard cock and started stroking. He then said he wanted to know how it felt to stroke off another guy and put some lotion on my cock. So there we were, both stroking each other with no care in the world. After about 10 minutes we both came on each other's hands. Needless to say it felt good for both of us.

At first I thought he would be really weirded out by what had just happened, but to my surprise we jacked off once more before we decided to call it a night. He asked if this made him gay now. I said, 'No, but it looks like I have a jack off buddy now.'

He just smiled and said, 'Looks that way.'

We're getting ready to take a trip to the beach in two weeks and all he keeps saying is don't forget to bring the lotion. I have a feeling we won't be getting much sun while we're there.

I'll write more after our adventure at the beach, I'm sure it will be a great time.



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