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My Friend's Dad

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My best friend's Dad was a chiseled factory worker named Patrick. I practically lived with them during my childhood and teen years. He was a single father who was incredibly open about sex and curiosities with his two sons. He's the one who told me about morning wood, because I had asked once, why he had a couch pillow over his crotch when we were watching cartoons (They lived in a small, one bedroom house, and he gave his sons the room, while he slept in the living room. He said he was covering his morning wood, and when I asked what that was, he moved the pillow to reveal a tent in his boxers. I asked what it was, and he grabbed it and moved it back and forth. After a few minutes of conversation, I understood perfectly how and why it happened.

One day a few years ago (I was 18), I had slept over as usual, and got up early to use the bathroom (it was like 5AM). I walked out of the room, and down the short hall, to the bathroom. The door was open, and Patrick was in the bath with his morning wood in hand, stroking it softly up and down. I stopped and gasped, apologizing immediately. Patrick didn't even flinch, and told me to go ahead and use the toilet. I reluctantly went in. The toilet was diagonal from the bathtub, and I explained it was number two, which he shrugged. He didn't take his hand off his dick, and when I tried to look at the wall he said it's alright, we all do it, and if you've seen one, you've seen them all. I laughed a little, out of embarrassment I think.

He proceeded to explain how he's very open with us boys because he doesn't want us being ashamed of sex or sexuality, and the less questions you have growing up, the less likely we are to knock up some girl and be in an unfavorable situation. He was telling me about when he and gotten my friend's mother pregnant, when suddenly his face got red and he said 'oh Goddd, shit' and I watched in amazement as he started to shoot streaks of cum high up in the air. Cum splattered against the tiles, on his face, shoulders...it was splashing in the water, and a couple splats even landed on the carpet near my feet. The smell of cum immediately filled the bathroom, and I heard him panting and whimpering, almost like a little boy. I didn't say anything, and he looked over at me, his eyes almost rolling back in his head, 'well I guess that's it...' And he closed his eyes and leaned his head back, dick still in hand. I just watched him cum, and couldn't believe it...

He was still slowly stroking and told me everytime he thought about her it got him off. He was trying to pick up where he left off when he grunted suddenly and tilted his head back a little, and I saw a couple squirts of cum shoot out. 'Jesus Christ, I just can't help myself today' I laughed nervously and said 'looks like you're doing just fine.' We both laughed, and I finished up. I hadn't noticed I had gotten hard watching the action, and when I stood up, you could see my semi. Patrick asked if I needed to take care of it, but I said not now, and he shrugged stating he's always here for pointers or questions. Later on, I'd have my first circle jerk with Patrick and my friend, learning about technique and pace...



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