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My Friend Brian

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Let me introduce you to Brian because, other than a few "Let-me-feel-yours-while-you-feel-mine" sessions, he was my first real homosexual contact. At the time of which I am writing, I was rising 15 and Brian was the same age.

The Wright family---Brian, his mother and his father---came to live next door to us about eighteen months before the incidents I'm about to relate. Brian came to my school and we were in the same form. We usually walked to school together in the morning and, if one of us wasn't engaged in an after-school activity, we'd walk back together in the afternoon; but we were not, up to this point, very close friends.

One afternoon, when Brian had been at the school almost a year, he and I and four or five other boys stayed on after our games period for a Rugby practice. When it was over and we returned to the changing room, everyone else had gone. Rugby players being what Rugby players are, we started larking about, and soon we were trying to rip off each other's shorts. Eventually, it finished up with just Brian and me rolling about on the floor with the others cheering us on. At last, I pinned Brian down and, unfastening his shorts, I began to pull them down. When they were halfway down his thighs, I suddenly realised he wasn't struggling very hard; and when I grabbed his jockstrap, I realised there was a hard erection inside!

At that point, Len, one of the other lads, yelled, "Oh, look! Brian's got a 'hard on'! Go on, Jules, rub it and let's see him 'come'!"

I didn't, in fact, because I'd no desire to embarrass Brian, so I just grinned and let him get up. After that, we all dressed and left the changing room; and Brian and I walked home: but we made no mention of what I'd done to him, though I know it was in both our minds. I thought a great deal about it, too, all that evening: he'd got an erection very quickly and wasn't really resisting my efforts to strip him, so did this mean he actually liked it? And he'd seemed disappointed when I'd stopped. What I didn't know at the time was that Brian had had some experience with another boy at his previous school.

I need to add, though, that while pulling down Brian's shorts, I'd raised a stiff boner myself. Did this mean that I also wanted it? The next afternoon, I had a chance to investigate further.

At the end of our science lesson, Mr Connelly, the Chemistry master, asked Brian, Len and me if we'd clear up. We agreed and he left us to it. We'd taken the equipment into the prep. room and I made to open a cupboard to put some of it away, but Brian was in my way. So, playfully, I slapped his backside and said, "Come on, Brian, get your fat arse out of the way!" Then, I put my hands on his hips to move him aside.

"Oh, you've got your hands on him again have you, Jules?" laughed Len, who'd witnessed the horseplay in the changing room the previous afternoon. "See if he's got another 'hard on' while you've got him there."

"What a good idea!" I grinned. "Let's not waste an opportunity." With that, I reached around and placed my hand low on his abdomen. When he made no move to resist me, I slipped my hand between his legs and stroked the bulge I found there. He still did not resist: indeed, he opened his legs slightly so that I could penetrate further. I stroked back and forth a couple of times, and then I looked at his face: his eyes were closed and his mouth slightly open. He was, most definitely, enjoying it; and with that realisation, my penis began to rise to the occasion. So he did like it---and, clearly, so did I!

I looked at Len and he winked at me: "Come on, you two perverts," he laughed, "and let's get finished. You can enjoy your weird sex in your own time; I want to get off home."

This quip broke the spell: we all laughed and, quickly finishing, we left the school. Of course, Brian and I walked home together, though again neither of us said anything; indeed, Brian was especially quiet---which was unusual for him. That night, I spent a good deal of time thinking about the incident. Was there indeed, the possibility of "weird sex" to be enjoyed, as Len had put it? I had to admit that I hoped so; but how did I initiate it? With these thoughts in mind, I went to bed. There, I masturbated hard and then went to sleep.

The next week, fate stepped in and opened up the way. On the Wednesday night, unbeknown to them, the water storage tank in the Wrights' loft sprang a leak and the water soaked into the ceiling of Brian's bedroom. As they were eating breakfast, the whole lot fell in. After we'd left for school, the builder was called and announced it was going to be a major repair job, and the bedroom would be out of commission for at least a week. The Wrights, with no spare room, wondered what to do with Brian. My mother stepped in, saying that I had a double bed in my room, so Brian could sleep with me until all was repaired.

We returned from school to be told we were bed-mates for the next few days. I definitely saw anticipation on Brian's face. And I could now see the way to that "weird sex" to which Len had jokingly referred.

That night, therefore, about nine o'clock, after my mother had served supper, we went upstairs. We undressed with due modesty and, just a little embarrassed, we climbed into my bed, me on the right and Brian on the left. He said that he'd never slept with anyone before and I replied that I hadn't either. Having someone in bed with you for the first time takes a bit of getting used to, I found, especially when you are hoping to seduce him (not that I thought of it that way then). Moreover, how should I make my move?

Daylight had faded by this time, but it was still light in the bedroom because there was a street lamp directly outside which always illuminated everything clearly. I could see Brian was wide awake and staring up at the ceiling. This, I thought, was the time to make my move. Slowly, I turned towards Brian, and gently, I reached across and placed my hand on the front of his pyjama trousers. As I touched his penis, he drew in his breath sharply. I squeezed it gently and whispered, "This is better than the laboratory prep. room, isn't it?"

Surprised, he grabbed my hand and tried to sit up, so I too sat up, threw my left arm around him, rolled him on to his side, and plunged my right hand inside his pyjama trousers. His penis was stiff and I seized it eagerly and started to rub. Though he struggled---not too strongly!---I didn't release him. Of course, he didn't really want me to. Quite sharply, I whispered in his ear, "Don't struggle so hard or they'll hear us downstairs. And anyway, you know you like what I'm doing!"

Just as though I'd pressed a switch, he relaxed, breathed out and turned on to his back; I asked, "You do like it, don't you? You've wanted me to do this for some time, haven't you?" He nodded, so I continued, "You wanted me to do it in the changing room and when I stroked your cock in the prep. room, didn't you? You'd have let me do it if Len hadn't been there, wouldn't you?" After each question, he nodded, so I said, "Then relax and let me go to work on you."

"On one condition," he said, "that I can do it to you afterwards."

I was staggered! Truly, that prospect had never occurred to me before! But what was wrong with it, I thought: wouldn't it be a 'bonus', something I hadn't planned on?

"Of course, if that's what you want. I mean, I can hardly refuse you, can I, after what I want to do to you? But let's concentrate on you first." I replied; and at that moment, I realised I too had a hard erection, one to match his own.

As I flung back the bedclothes, Brian settled firmly on to his back. I could see the bulge in the front of his pyjamas, but I wanted him as near naked as possible before I started on him. I knelt beside him and unbuttoned his pyjama jacket and exposed his chest and belly. Surprisingly, the sight of him excited me and, without thinking, I fell across him and began to kiss him. As our lips met, I half expected him to push me away, but he didn't; instead, he pulled me closer. For some time, we continued to kiss, some long lingering kisses and some just lightly brushing our lips together; and this I found wildly exciting and arousing. It aroused him, too, and he began thrusting his hips forward. Kneeling at his right side again, I reached down and almost ripped his trousers open, and his erect circumcised penis, a good six inches of it, sprang up towards me. Without hesitation, I took it into my mouth. I felt him shudder and breathe in sharply. For a long time, I continued to suck him, sometimes almost pushing his penis down my throat, sometimes sliding it into my cheeks, sometimes slipping the tip quickly in and out between my lips, and sometimes just licking it. He kept breathing slowly and deeply. I lost all sense of time and, feeling as though I was suspended in space, I continued to suck him.

Suddenly, he croaked hoarsely, "Stop, Julian, or I'll 'come'!" and he pulled his penis out of my mouth. I looked down at it, drenched in my saliva. As I seized it and prepared to rub it, he stopped me and asked, "What'll we do if I 'come'? I'll wet everything."

"Don't worry about that," I told him, anxious to bring him to climax, "I've got paper tissues handy. We'll use those to wipe you dry."

"Okay," he whispered and lay back again, eager now for what I wanted to do. I could see clearly by that outside street light, so I pushed his legs apart and knelt across his nearer right leg and reached down into the tempting space between his thighs. I found his testicles and took them into my hands and caressed them. He sighed in rapture, and I kept doing it until he began thrusting again. Knowing he now wanted to 'come', I took his penis in my right hand. It was still wet with my saliva. I started rubbing gently but soon built up speed; and all the time, he was thrusting back and forth in time with me.

He suddenly stiffened from head to toe: "Go on, Jules," he gasped, "do it as hard as you can. I'm almost there!" And so I did, as hard and fast as I could, and all the time, Brian was moaning and thrusting.

Then, he stopped and held himself rigid, with his back arched and his mouth open in a silent cry; and I knew the climax was upon him. I looked down as his penis pulsed in my hand and the first spurt of semen shot out and landed high on his chest. A second followed, landing near the same spot; then came third, fourth and fifth spurts, each landing progressively nearer his pubic hair as the violence of his orgasm and ejaculation decreased.

I continued to rub hard, even after the ejaculation ended, and for a time he didn't stop me: he wanted to savour every second, and I wanted to help him. At last though, he whispered, "That's it. You can stop now." So I slowed down gradually, until I saw him relax. Then I stopped completely, and he lay there with his eyes closed, breathing deeply. I knew he'd enjoyed it utterly, and I was somehow pleased to know I'd made his enjoyment possible. It was, after all, what I'd been aching to do ever since the two incidents at school.

"Lie still," I said as I slipped out of bed, "and I'll get tissues to dry you off."

Quietly, I got them and walked round the bed to his side. He smiled at me and relaxed; and carefully I wiped his chest and belly and then, very gently (because he might be sore), I wiped his penis. He drew in his breath as I touched him, but didn't show any discomfort. But when I made to fasten his trousers and jacket, he told me to leave them, saying he wanted to remain as naked as possible. I lay down beside him and put my arms around him.

For perhaps ten minutes we remained in each other's embrace, and then, taking a deep breath, Brian sat up and said, "And now it's your turn." He stripped off his jacket and then his trousers so that he was stark naked; and then he said, "Let's have you starkers, too. Do you realise, I've never even seen your cock, but this is the third go you've had at mine."

While my heart started to pound, Brian knelt across me and unfastened my trousers and my stiff penis sprang into view. "Ah, yours isn't like mine," he stated, meaning that I wasn't circumcised. "Now that," he continued, "is very interesting. Though I've seen dicks like yours before, I've never handled one."

He removed my pyjama jacket and trousers, and then he took my penis between his finger and thumb and rolled back the foreskin until the glans was exposed, and he asked me, "Does that hurt?" No, I told him: it would pull right back easily until my penis looked like his. He experimented and found that what I said was true. He continued to slide my foreskin gently back and forth, and I moved back and forth with him. Soon, he took my penis into his mouth and drenched it in saliva and, holding it between his lips, he teased the exposed head with his tongue. This had me almost sick with desire! I just wanted to climax as quickly and as hard as I could, so I started thrusting my penis in and out of his mouth. Brian realised what I needed, stopped sucking me and, putting his left arm around my shoulders, he positioned me comfortably on the pillow. Reaching down between my legs, he caressed my testicles as I'd done his earlier. This really pushed me over the top and, unable to wait any longer, I began to rub my own erect penis.

"No, no," Brian said, "not you. That's my job!" He pushed my hand away and took my foreskin between his fingers and thumb. He moved it back and forth, experimentally, to see how much movement there was in it. Then, he began to pump my penis rhythmically, starting relatively slowly, as I'd done, but gradually increasing speed. I kept my eyes open and realised that he was watching me carefully, building up his rate as I built up my thrusting and breathing.

Suddenly, I could feel the orgasm building and I croaked, "It's near!" and I closed my eyes. Brian now took my penis in his clenched fist and began to pound away with me thrusting harder and harder. Within seconds, I groaned, "It's coming, Brian! Keep going!"

He kept going, and suddenly, all the ecstasy of Paradise was released in me: I felt the semen gush from my penis, and the rapture of orgasm exploded somewhere deep inside me and, electrifying my penis, it then shuddered through my body from my toes to my scalp. It was the very best orgasm I had ever had, and I just wallowed in it until the very last flicker died away. Then, sweating and breathless, I collapsed back like a rag-doll on to the bed, and Brian stopped rubbing me. He waited until I'd stopped gasping for breath, and then he reached for tissues and, as I'd wiped him, he wiped me; and just as I'd done, he took me in his arms and held me until my heartbeat returned to normal.

When at last I'd settled down, he said, "And you enjoyed that, didn't you?" When I nodded and smiled, he said, "So we both like it, don't we? You were right: I did want you to do it to me; and I wanted to do it to you. So I'm satisfied. How about you?"

"Satisfied," I agreed. For sometime we lay there in each other's arms, but eventually, I said, "We ought to get into bed; but if we're awake early, there'll be time for another session before we get up. Don't you think so?" He did.

"Let's sleep in the nude," Brian said, so we clambered into bed completely starkers. I put my arms around him and gently kissed him, and he settled down beside me. For sometime we lay in silence, and then I realised Brian was breathing regularly: he was sound asleep. I didn't, though, sleep immediately, because there seemed so much to consider. I hadn't realised how much I'd wanted what had happened; and I knew I wanted it to happen again. I knew Brian did, too; so what did all this mean for us? After all, we were both BOYS! How long I lay there, holding Brian, I don't know; but eventually I fell asleep.

The next thing I knew was the sun shining in at the window. Brian still slept beside me. I slipped my hand down and gently took hold of his penis. As I lay caressing it, it erected and he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I pushed down the blankets and began to suck his stiff rod. He reached over and began to wank me. This only lasted seconds: we rearranged our positions and began to rub each other as fast as we could go. In a mere couple of minutes, we both ejaculated, Brian just seconds before me.

After we'd relaxed for about a quarter of an hour, I said, "Come on, Brian, we'd better get up and clean up. We have, after all, to go to school this morning."

We went through into the bathroom and there we washed each other's 'bits and pieces'. As we finished, Brian turned to me and ask, "Are going to do it again tonight, Julian?"

"That---or something very like it!" I replied, and we both laughed.

We dressed, had our breakfast and then set off for school. We were both longing for the night to come. And it was a good night when it came! It was the first of many we have had since then.



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