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My Friend and I

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It all started in Summer Camp. My friend had been seriously injured in a fall from a Rock Climbing tower. He was also my tent-mate. Coincidentally, someone had to be my tent mate as I was too young to tent by myself. An older member of my Boy Scout troop was assigned to tent with me. I was 13 he was 16. The thoughts of how my friend had been injured kept us talking much longer than we should have been. The talk slowly shifted to sex, and I asked him a question that had been burning in my mind for many days:

'John?' I said, seeing if he was still awake. He responded:


'What's 'Masturbation?'' I asked, feeling foolish. He looked at me, and said:

'Its when you grab your dick and tug on it until you cum.'

That didn't make any sense to me. I looked at him questioningly.

'Here.' He said. 'Take your pants off.' Hesitantly, I took my pants off. My tight underwear showed a progressivley growing bulge. He looked at it, and quickly pulled down my pants, exposing my 5 inch cock, which was rapidly getting hard. He spit onto his hand and started rubbing my dick. It felt amazing. It didn't take long until I felt a tingling feeling in my penis. I asked John about it:

'Just wait, it means the best part is coming!'

I waited a few seconds, and then the orgasm came. It shook my entire body, and brought me down to my knees. I was shaking wildly for half a minute. It was the best orgasm I ever had.

'Your turn.' John said to me, grinning. He dropped his pants, exposing his 6 1/2 inch hard penis. His pubic hair was cropped short. I spit in my hand, and proceeded to stroke his circumsized penis. It didn't take long, until I felt his dick contract. I didn't know what was happening, but soon his cum was shooting wildly onto his face and chest.

When I got home, I couldn't stop masturbating. My parents were always gone at work, so I had plenty of time to explore my body, and find out what I liked.

At 14, I was thrown into the throngs of Puberty, and like every other Adolescent boy, my thoughts were predominated by sex. I still masturbated a lot, and often with friends. One day, my best friend and I were hanging out at my house, and we were talking about sex and girls. My parents were gone for the night, they wouldn't be back until much later.

Needless to say, we both got REALLY horny REALLY fast. We had masturbated together before, and were comfortable with seeing each other penises. I looked down at his pants, and saw that he already had a huge bulge. I grabbed him, and dragged him up to my parents room. We went into their closet, and I pulled out my Dad's fleshlights. My friend's eyes lit up. I knew he knew what they were. I handed him one, and we went and laid down on my Parent's bed. I looked at him, and he looked at me.

'Well?' He asked. I took one look at the fleshlight, and I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. My dick, which had grown two inches in the past three years, stood at attention at it's full 7 inch height. I pulled out a bottle of lube, squirted a generous amount on my penis, and proceeded to fuck the fleshlight. I handed the bottle to my friend, not even caring if he was going to join me. I was lost in the wonderful sensation of the fleshlight's texture on my penis.

'Yo, Brent.' My friend whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes, and looked at him. He was butt naked, his penis fully hard, his pubes standing every which way. His dick was shining, covered in lube.

'Let me do it.' He whispered to me gently. 'And you do me.'

I looked at him. I grabbed his fleshlight, and jammed it down onto his dick, hard. I pumped as fast as I could. His body was shaking. I told him quietly:

'Tell me when you get close.' He swiftly responded:

'I'm close.'

He let go of the fleshlight he was using to jerk me. I pulled it off my penis, and got on my knees. I commanded him:

'Get up.'

He stood up in front of me. I pulled on his dick a few times, and grabbed his balls. Immediatley, I felt them contract. Less than a second later, I felt his warm cum dripping down my chest. Three long ropes shot from his dick.

Using the famous line that John had told me many years before, I said:

'Your Turn.'

He grabbed the fleshlight, and lubed me up again. He pushed my dick into it, and held the device steady. I grabbed his shoulders (he was kneeling), and I started fucking the fleshlight as hard as I could. Right before I came, I pulled out and stroked myself twice. I shot 6 long ropes, all over his face. He faced me, cum dripping from his face. He walked close to me, and grabbed me in a hard embrace. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, and we kissed. I pushed him away after a few seconds, and let my hand go down to his dick, which was getting hard again. I grabbed both our dicks in one hand, and started jerking them. The friction of our two dicks rubbing together made us both cum fast.

We both had many more sessions together, most of them ending in a mess of cum on the floor of my parent's bedroom, and several empty bottles of lube.

Love the site, keep jerkin' friends!



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