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My Foot Store Fantasy, Come True

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It has always been a fantasy of mine, one that helped me reach orgasm when masturbating, to have an encounter in a shoe store. In my fantasy, I would go into a store, without panties, but with a garter belt and stockings, and have a similar experience to that which I'm going to tell now. I couldn't believe it when it actually happened!

I took my son to college just a few weeks ago. I had him young, so I am still young myself. It was midweek, so it was just the two of us. Actually, he went early for soccer and a lot of dad's dropped the sons off. They were meeting for orientation, there were no women around for me, so I decided to shop in town.

I entered a darling shoe boutique with a stunningly gorgeous guy working there. Still, it didn't dawn on me what could happen. I'd picked out a few pairs of boots to try and he offered to check my size for me. I had on high sandals with ribbons that laced around my ankle. He pulled up his footstool and I placed my foot on the stool to untie my sandal. In my hurry that morning, I must have been careless and ended up with a horrible knot which I couldn't undo. He offered to try so I sat back. I guess having a short skirt on offered him a glimpse of my treasure beneath, newly shaven and wrapped in a peach thong. I thought I heard a slight groan? and looked up at his face which was staring right into my crotch. Wow, major turn on! He saw that I saw what he was doing and quickly and efficiently went back to work on my sandal, took my size and went to get my boots. Meanwhile, I undid the other sandal, and planned my next move.

When he came back and set down the boots, it was almost just like my fantasy. His khaki trousers showed the distinct outline of an erection! so I became wet and more aroused. He sat down and took out one of the pairs of boots. Now, in my fantasy, the boots were laced and high so that the experience would be long and luscious. Unfortunately, I had chosen a mid-calf zip up boot but nevertheless, thought I'd give it a try. I put my foot up, and managed to open my legs enough for him to peak again and let him try to slip it on my foot. It was a little snug so it took some work, but did go on. In the struggle, I strategically 'accidentally' let my foot rest in his crotch area instead of the stool itself, and as he zipped it for me I allowed my foot to gently, but noticeably, press up against his erection, and hold it there for a bit.

Then it was time for the next foot. I did the same with this foot, but left it there because I felt his groin area move up against it. Feeling really hot, and as I was sitting back in the chair anyway, I put my hand down inside of my skirt to my now very wet pussy and slid my thong over to rub my clit.

Oh my God it was happening! In my fantasy I brought him to orgasm by rubbing my booted foot against him as I orgasmed too. But suddenly he jumped up. I thought, shit, I went too far!

He walked to the store window and pulled the drapes behind the shoe display closed, locked the door and grabbed something from the display near the register.

He came back, unzipped and said, 'I've fantasized about this!' He opened the wrapper which held women's knee highs, took one out, pulled it onto his beautiful cock and sat down facing me. I continued to masturbate while he did the same and we both came within minutes of each other.

It was amazing, but somewhat awkward when it was all over. I ended up not buying the boots and left. But I really liked them, so maybe I'll go back on parents' day.



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