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My First Time With Thane

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The story lives as vividly in my memory as if it had just happened yesterday. My best friend Thane and I grew up in a small town. My dad was the school janitor and also the assistant coach for our small, rural high school. Knowing that we had little chance of ever leaving our town without an education, Thane and I made a pact that we would both leave to go to college and to do that we would push ourselves both academically and athletically. Starting from the eighth grade until our graduation, we pushed each other's limits, challenged each other and even pissed each other off to make sure neither of us broke that pact.

The summer of our junior year, some college scouts had heard that our small school had some exceptional runners, Thane was a cross country runner and I played basketball. Having heard that scouts were eyeing our school with potential scholarships, Thane and I started a training program to get us in shape for the next year's visit from these scouts. All that summer, we ran our asses off in the hot sun. Our farmer tan became more pronounced and everyday meant two gallons of water needed to be consumed just so we would not die from heat stroke!

One day, since my dad had keys to the school and it was summer, I got my dad to set off the sprinklers in the football field at the end of our training. I thought to surprise Thane with this, as he was working on a lot of sprints in the middle of the field.

We were both dressed in very thin high cut cross country shorts. Mine was white and his black. The day started out as usual with a run. Some stretching then he and I taking turns doing sprints while the other person timed the runner.

As the afternoon neared the end of our training, I pushed extra hard to get Thane hot. I misquoted his time, made him do double back to back sprints, and even challenged him to a race. I knew the sprinklers were getting ready to go off, so I was totally looking forward to the sudden burst of cool. Right before we took off, I told Thane I was lying about his time, but that I was still faster than him. What happened next was perhaps the best fought race in our history. We both ran with strength, grace and agility. As we neared the finish line, we were both hit with an arctic blast of water. I started laughing my ass off while Thane fell backward dumbfounded for a second, then completely taken over with sheer glee.

We must have been a sight to see, to young men, shirtless, giggling and wrestling in the middle of a football field right at the time the sun made everything orange and beautiful.

After 30 minutes of horseplay under the sprinklers, the water died down and we lay there on the wet ground partly covered with grass clippings drenched to the bone... Laughing hysterically. We both calmed down and started to get up. Perhaps it was the endorphins let loose from the running, or the or the physical nature of our wrestling, but when I got up I felt the weight of my penis as it clung to my drenched running shorts. 'dude, I can tell our religion' joked Thane pointing to my shorts. A warm gush of blood filled my face, as I realized that my shorts when wet, outlined my seven inch cock perfectly. As long as Thane and I knew each other and worked out together, we never really saw each other naked before. We had different gym times, played different sports (up to now), and although we have had sleep overs and had swimming lessons, we never really had the desire nor curiosity to check each other out.

I was clearly blushing when he pointed it out and the more he joked the more aroused I became. I tried to rearrange my shorts but that only made it worse. Everytime I rearranged my shorts, that little bit of give, allowed my erection to move and stick out even more. I was mortified!

'alright, alright I got a boner' I said, trying to diffuse the moment. It was then I caught sight of Thane's huge monster. We laughed harder than we had ever laughed before. 'You're just as bad!' I said. We both stood straight up and let our hard ons stick straight out proud and glorious in the late afternoon sun.

With a renewed sense of confidence, and just to be funny, I pulled my shorts off exposing my nakedness in all it's glory to Thane and the world. I knew this was a reasonably safe thing to do, as it was summer and the only parking lot and access to the field was down a steep driveway in plain sight of the field. One can clearly see everyone coming or going to that field. With no cars in the lot and no cars coming down, I could theoretically walk around all day without clothes on and no one would be the wiser!

Thane laughed nervously then also dropped his. We looked at each others naked bodies then out of nowhere and without planning, we were kissing deeply our tongues dueling, our hands groping, and our cocks pressed up against each others torso. It was very raw and animal like. Neither of us talked, just kissed and churned and ground harder and harder against each other. Deep breathing became groans and moans. I was stroking him and he was working me. I inserted the head of my penis into the top of his cupped hand as he worked his head with his hand. 'mmmmmmmmmm oh yeah!' I growled.

We sank to the ground as we clawed at each other frantically. Neither of us had ever done anything like this, so a little fear and excitement electrified the air. I found myself massaging his large balls with my one hand and his huge, hard cock with the other. Meanwhile, Thane was busy double gripping my monster and twisting up my shaft and turning at the head and returning down the otherwise of the shaft between two clasped hands, fingers intertwined over my throbbing manhood. We both erupted in streams of hot semen gushing all over our bodies. I shot first hitting Thane's face and chest. I let out a loud cry and my hips bucked wildly from the orgasm. I was aware of my echo in the deep valley and the sound only amplified my orgasm and encouraged me to yell louder. After what seemed to be a two minute orgasm, I returned to Thane's cock which also erupted seconds after I finished my exquisite death.

Thane was riding my hand. I had a full grip of his thick pipe with one hand and my other hand alternated tickling his huge balls, teasing his lower part of his ass, and rubbing my spit into the perineum and head of his cock on my palm.

His sperm shot from that hot gun spraying my neck and hands. It was like a super soaker... Globs and globs of cum shooting from his purple head. I gave it a little shake right as the last drop of Kizzy oozed out of him.

We lay completely still, naked, breathless, confused, excited and spent! I found out later that neither of us had masturbated for a few weeks, as we started training, so that was why we had so much cum and why we were so damn horny!

We sat up and looked each other in the face. I didn't know what was going to happen now. Did we just ruin the best friendship we had nurtured for so long? We quickly got dressed and walked out to my car.

'So are we homos now?' asked Thane. 'I don't know' I said afraid to continue the conversation. I had this fear that if we talked about it more, Thane would realize how stupid we were and not want to be my friend anymore due to the shame of it all. I held back tears of regret and guilt as we drove up the steep hill.



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