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My First Time With My Wife

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Over forty years of masturbating, and no hairy palms yet!


First let me compliment this site for allowing masturbation to be discussed freely for all ages. It's natural, safe, and in my case, an important part of maintaining a happy marriage! If my wife and I didn't have healthy attitudes towards self pleasure, we would have never lasted 29 years so far!!!

Our first experience at mutual masturbation was during the first year of our marriage. I was 20 then, she was 26 and brought to our new family a six-year-old daughter. It was while on our first family vacation that we discovered self-pleasure in each others presence was an enjoyable alternative to intercourse. You see, having a child that age can create privacy difficulties when you, as a newly wed couple, want to express your love for each other. We had only been married a short time and were on vacation. Hormones and youth being what they were, we wanted sex often, but had to hold off when our child was with us. After a few days of little to no privacy, sleeping in a tent as a family, something had to give!

After a swim in a lake, we took our daughter to a park and just sat in the car watching her. My wife expressed that she was horny and wished we could make love. I told her that I was too.... (Aren't we males always???) It was my suggestion that she slide the bottom of her suit to the side and simply take care of herself in the car while I watched. She of course was worried that someone might see, and was obviously shy about masturbating in front of me., (Something we had never done in front of each other at that point.) I told her that I would be her look out, but if she really needed to get off, she should hurry. We were at the mercy of our daughter a few hundred feet away, and several people coming and going to the park with their own children. She must have really needed an orgasm, as she threw all caution to the wind, and without any further encouragement she began.

I was immediately enthralled in watching my beautiful young bride slide her fingers inside her bathing suit bottom. In almost no time at all she was very much into a rhythm of flicking her clit to and fro and biting her bottom lip to keep from moaning too loud. When I asked to see what she was doing, she nearly ripped her panties to the side and began using both hands to pleasure herself. She was in such a hurry to get off, she no longer cared about the people nearby. In a matter of what was literally only a couple of minutes, my wife straightened up in her seat, buried several fingers in herself and went over the edge. Her eyes were clamped shut, she was biting her lip and her head was thrown back against the headrest. She flicked her protruding clit a few more times to savor the sensation and then let out a sigh of pure satisfaction. One like I had only previously heard during our love making. She was the most beautiful I had ever seen her up until that point. Her hands still rested around her very wet pussy, occasionally dipping in and slicking herself up. Her nipples had become very hard in her bathing suit top, and I watched as she slowly reached up and pinched one for me to see.

That was the last straw, I quickly unzipped myself from my cut off shorts, pulled my extremely hard cock out and jerked it savagely as she looked on. She whispered that she was happy her little show had turned me on so much, and she joined in by hurrying to her second orgasm while I worked on my first. There we were, in our car, in the middle of the day, with people all around us, and our own child just a few hundred feet from where we were. I was never so scared, yet turned on in my life. I had the woman of my dreams, masturbating directly next to me, as I pleasured myself. No one actually noticed, but the possibility of getting caught was pretty high!

I have always been proud of my extremely long 'staying power.' I had been practising for years 'edging' techniques to improve my ability to go hours without cumming until I wanted to. While my wife often commented on my long lasting capabilities, this was not the time or the place to 'show off.' She encouraged me with her words and her continued inhibition, and in car exhibition. As she fingered herself to a shattering third orgasm in the last ten minutes, I gripped my engorged member to keep from shooting all over the car and myself and just went over the edge. With the grip of death now holding back what was probably my largest orgasm to date, I choked off the urge to scream out my orgasmic relief. My wife noticed my predicament, and grabbed a beach towel from the back seat to give me something to 'shoot' into. Once I released my vice like grip on myself, I flooded the towel with my orgasm as my wife twiddled herself to a couple of minor 'aftershocks.'

We cleaned up as best we could, and straightened our swim suits just as our little girl returned to the car, none the wiser as to her parents misbehaving ways.

My wife and I still enjoy mutual masturbation. Probably more now as we get older, and we can relax in our home with no children left to interrupt us! We often relive that first time, at least in our minds, as we pleasure ourselves in our pool, on the couch and even sometimes in the bedroom! As soon as I send this, I'm going to see if she is up for another session, as remembering and writing this has certainly gotten me 'up' for a little jerk down memory lane!



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