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My First Time With Friend

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My friend and I try out masturbation for our first times


At the age of fourteen I was in eighth grade. My good friend Jim had been coming home on the bus with me for a few days in the spring due to his parents not being home that early in the day and him not having a ride. We usually would get back to my house and play on the computer or watch t.v. until someone came home to give Jim a ride to his house. Eighth grade is the first year that we have a health class in school. Jim and I were in the same health class that spring and we had just begun our time on the topic of sex.

On this particular day we were learning about the orgasm and sexual response of men and women. The teacher told us that orgasm and ejaculation in men can be obtained through masturbation. I had heard of this but never really understood what it was or why it was done. The teacher explained that it was when a boy or a girl touched themselves until they felt an orgasm. This interested me, especially because I had no idea what she was talking about.

After school ended Jim came on the bus with me home. We did the usual for a while just watching t.v. and hanging. I could not get the idea of masturbation out of my head. I kept getting boners and had this feeling in my stomach that I couldn't ignore. Finally I brought it up with Jim. I asked him if he had ever masturbated or whatever. He said he hadn't and didn't really get the whole deal. I asked him if he was ever going to give it a try to feel and orgasm. Jim said he probably would someday. I was becoming excited. I could feel my dick getting heavy and full. The tip of my penis tingled a lot and I felt adventurous. I built up the courage and asked Jim if he wanted to give it a go. He looked hesitant but I could tell he was horny too by the way he kept readjusting his dick in his pants. Jim said he would do it.

I know we had two hours before my parents got home so I said lets go to the bathroom and try it in there. We walked to the bathroom and got undressed. I took off my boxers and my semi-hard dick became instantly as hard as it could ever be. I had at that time a six and a half inch long penis with a good size pink to light red head. my balls were smaller but pretty hairy. I was so hard that you could see the dark blue veins bulging from the side of my dick. I felt like I never had before.

Jim took off his clothes and his penis instantly flipped out of his boxers and hit him in the stomach. Jim had about the same size penis as me but the head of it was huge and deep purple in color. his balls were small but I could see that they were pulled close to his body. We both sat down on the edge of the tub. I asked him if he was ready and we both laughed. I broke the ice and started touching my dick I had no idea what to do so I messed around until I found what felt good. I found that if I put my hand over the tip of my cock and just bent it slightly while grabbing the skin I could feel something great.

Jim mimicked me and did the same thing. We did this for a while our breathing growing heavier and sometimes letting out a moan or a grunt. My cock felt awesome a pressure was building in my pelvis that I couldn't stand. I knew that a release was on its way. I asked Jim how he was doing and he just said awesome. The pressure grew and grew until I was unable to stop myself. I wrapped my hand around my hard shaft and stroked furiously up and down. Jim did the same. I could feel it welling up in me this tingle from my butt-hole to the tip of my penis. I felt a growing pressure moving through my abdomen. I was in a trance and I said I thing I'm going to go!

All of a sudden it hit me. Waves of tension flowed over me then released, my penis gave a big spasm. I felt like pee was going to come out of me but a thick white fluid spurted from my pee hole then another and another. It finally stopped after a minute and I was wiped out. Jim was still pounding away but I saw that he was close. Then I witnessed jim's first orgasm. His balls tightened into his groin and his entire body went stiff before his penis jerked in his stopped hand.

A gush of white stuff flew out of his penis head and landed on the floor then more came, probably 10 spurts in all. I gave him a minute to recover and asked him how it was. He said he couldn't wait to do it again and was so happy we had given it a try. We then examined and played with the cum that had just come from out of our cocks. I jerk off everyday and I owe it all to this first time with my buddy. I still get horny thinking about it at times.



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