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My First Time With Another Girl

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I don't know why I feel the need to write this experience down, but I feel very strongly compelled to relive it.


Em and I were in the same class at High School, and had been friends for several years. This particular summer term was one of the hottest on record. We totally melted in school, and the walk home made it worse!

It was a walk we had made thousands of times before. We would walk to her house which was nearest, she would change and then walk on to my house.

So, we got to her home and Em and I wandered up to her room. We were both very hot and sweaty. Em said, 'Damn.. I need a shower' and started to get undressed. The moment she took her top off I could smell, REALLY smell her sweat. For the first time it aroused me. I looked at the sweat stains on her bra, and then she peeled her skirt down and took her tights off. Again, a very strong smell of sweat but with THAT scent too! It almost made my head swim.

I blurted out. 'Yeah.. me too.' Em said 'Plenty of water for both of us' So I started to strip off too. Soon, we were both standing there in our bras and panties, both hot and sweaty, and both with our eyes riveted on the other!

Em stared right at my crotch which made me look down. My blue panties were stained...on the OUTSIDE. Where my pussy lips meet at the top was a dark stain. Whether sweat or arousal, I don't know, probably a mixture of both.

Then, very quietly Em said 'That's sexy.' I looked right into her eyes which were wide open like saucers. To this day, I don't know why, but, still looking into her eyes, I touched myself in front of her. I just started to rub over my panties. For a few moments, that was it, then Em led me by the hand to her bed. We knelt on it facing each other and took each other's bras off. Then we got top to tail and started to jill ourselves. It didn't take long for us to discard our panties and get our legs entwined. At one point our pussies were so close that I could feel the back of her hand on the back of mine as we jilled. We were both clitoral masturbators, and didn't push our fingers inside ourselves at all as I remember. I DO remember our ass cheeks touching at one point and I had this sudden realisation that MY hole was right up against hers. It was that that made me cum BIG time. Just as my orgasm subsided, I felt Em cum and I felt a sudden gush on my pussy and ass. Em had peed herself when she came. Oh, she was SOooo embarrassed poor thing!

We got into the shower and partly to make her feel better, I told her what a turn on it was when she peed on me and I asked her to do it on my leg which she managed, but only a little. She asked me to pee on her tummy while she knelt in front of me. I did that, but it was hard work for me.

Well, from then on we would masturbate together in a whole load of different ways. Sometimes we would just jill off watching the other, sometimes we would smell each other's panties, because we had talked about that lovely sweaty scent a lot. Em used to pee involuntarily sometimes when she orgasmed. I got to really like watching it up close, especially if she kept her panties on. By the time we were 16 we were masturbating together outdoors, and by the time we were 17, we finally made the transition to touching each other.

Now, we are both still in touch and are both married with children. Sometimes we get together and relive those lovely days that started when we were both 15.



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