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My First Time

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Like many I'll never forget my first! My younger bro gave me the tip that would change my life forever.


It was the spring of 1996 and I already had a lot of horny moments. I'd always put the shower head on my belly and rub it around when taking a shower which would always give me a stiffy and a nice feeling. And I would get naked as often as I could and always watch myself in the mirror. Or pee over my belly while having a stiffy and let it stream nicely and warm between my legs past my bald balls. I don't know why I would do that, I think because it just always gave me a nice feeling below.

Although my dad had already explained that a woman could get pregnant by friction between the genitals after I repeatedly asked 'but how?' haha, I just didn't understand how it EXACTLY worked. I mean friction? So I forgot about it and just went on giving myself these nice feelings by peeing with a stiffy and playing with the shower head.

And then one day it was my little sister's birthday and the whole family visited us. My brother who's two years younger than me always hung out with our nephew who's about three years older than I am. My brother told me that afternoon 'You should sneak upstairs in a while, he's going to do it again.' but I didn't understand exactly what he meant, only that it COULD be something sexual. So after my brother and nephew disappeared upstairs I waited for a bit and then - as innocent or stupid as I was - just ran upstairs making too much noise. When I came to my room I saw that my nephew had just pulled up his pants and he stood there with this kind of freaked out face haha. I told them not to do things in my room but I was curious at the same time what exactly he was doing.

When my nephew went back downstairs my little brother said 'Ooh you silly I told you to SNEAK upstairs so you could see it!' and I was like 'To see what? What did he show you?'. And my brother then dropped his pants and told me 'Look when you have a boner and do this then stuff comes out. Here! See?' He showed me the motion of rubbing the foreskin up and down his stiffy while saying 'Here, see?' All I saw was some dry stuff at the tip of his penis, maybe from rubbing too much and I thought 'Aah so that will come out of my penis? Now I get it!' My brother who was 2 years younger than me knew already about masturbation and I didn't!

We went back downstairs and the party went on but that night when I laid in my bed I got horny as hell, as I was many times before but I never had any wet dreams, and my boner was throbbing in my underwear. I remembered what my little brother had told me and I slid my pajama pants and my underwear off. Naked and alone at last! 'So rubbing the skin on my penis will cause some dry powder kind of stuff coming out, hmmm...' and I put my little hand on my hard hairless penis. I pulled the skin up and down and I rubbed it nice and steady. I got the hang of the motion pretty much immediately. It didn't seem to feel very special at first. But I kept rubbing and rubbing my penis and after a while I was panting and I felt something happening. But it wasn't nice at all! I actually began feeling this pain down next to my balls where I would now get the very nice tingly feeling shortly before orgasm. I thought 'Aaaaww what is that? Aaaaw, it hurts!' and I stopped rubbing because I got scared. I really hurt down there like a stomach ache and I thought 'Man I'm going to sleep now', but it took a while for the pain to go away so I rubbed my belly and eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I immediately thought about what I had done the night before. And I thought 'Hmm that hurt... BUT! something definitely was happening!' and I got a stiffy. I thought 'Okay, I'm just going to try again and see what happens.' and I started pulling my now really hard penis again. I was under the blanket so I didn't look at what I was doing but I was rubbing and rubbing until I got to that same point. It began hurting again left below next to my balls but then I thought 'Aaaww there it is again, but I'll just keep rubbing' and I did. And then after some while the pain started to change in something else. I knew something would come out and I turned to my left side, put my whole hand around my penis and kept my thumb above my pee hole. I rubbed some more and more past the hurting point and then suddenly I felt like I was peeing. I remember saying to myself 'Aaaah I'm peeing in my bed, I'm peeing in my bed, aaah' and a fluid was streaming out of my penis over my thumb on the bed. When I was done I put the blanket aside and looked at what I had done. I felt my very first sperm and thought 'Wow it's not dry at all, it's wet and sticky!'

Next day my mom wanted to change the sheets and asked 'What's that spot over there?' And I said 'Ooh I don't know, I think I spilled some glue on my bed.' haha and sticky it was when it came out! After that I knew what I could do and it didn't hurt anymore but it felt better and better each time I did it again. But then the wet dreams also started to come and man they could be very wet and messy:P



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