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My First Time

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I well remember the first time I masturbated, or as we called it back then, jacking off. I was 13 years old and my older cousin asked me if I ever did it. When I told him no he told me about it and described how to do it. I could hardly wait until I was alone to try it.

I remember climbing up in the hay loft of our barn and dropping my shorts and underwear and starting to play with my dick. I knew already that it felt good when I touched it and knew that it would get hard. Once it was hard I started doing as my cousin had instructed. It didn't take long until I experienced the most wonderful feeling of my life. WOW. I didn't know anything could feel so good. I didn't really know what to expect but it stayed hard so I kept jacking. Pretty soon the feeling hit me again. I didn't know that men shoot cum at that point in my life. I think I jacked off 10 times before my dick started getting sore so I stopped. I think I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face.

A few days later I saw my cousin and told him about trying it. He asked me if I shot off. I said I guess I did because it felt good. I thought that he was refering to the good feeling. He said no, did anything shoot out of my dick. I told him no. He said that was O.K. He said once I got a little older it would.

Over the next few months I jacked off every day no telling how many times. I had me a new found toy and I was going to play with it every chance I got.

Then one day I jacked off and when I started feeling good cum shot out of my dick. I really felt like a real man once that happened. The only down side was that I could not jack off as often as I did before I started cumming. A few days after my first cum my mom and day went to visit my great aunt and uncle. They had a daughter so I told her what I had been doing. I asked her if she ever 'jacked off', which I was to find out later, that was not what a girl called it. She said no and I asked her if she wanted for us to play with each other. She was all for it so I had her lie down and I pulled her dress up and pulled her panties off. Her pussy was totally bare but I had fun playing with it. She didn't have an orgasm but she said it felt good and it was fun. She played with my dick and I showed her how to jack me off.

Now that I had found someone to play with that had the same interest as me, I spent as much time with my great aunt as I could. That summer my dad asked his aunt if I could come up and spend a couple of weeks with them. His aunt was all for it. She said Maria was an only child and didn't really have anyone to play with. She thought it would be good for the two of us to be together since we liked each other so much.

The first thing I noticed when Maria and I were along was that she was starting to grow hair around her pussy hole, a term we used at that time. We spent every waking moment that we could alone playing with each other. It was that summer that I got my first smell of a pussy and I was hooked. Maria also had her first orgasm that summer, thanks to my skillful hands.

I started sniffing panties after I learned what Maria's pussy smelled like and I still today love to smell a pair of dirty panties. You see these places where you can order panties through the mail. Well, that is not for me. I want to know the woman that I am smelling of.

Maria and I eventually stopped our play activities and kind of went our separate ways. She is still around but we haven't done anything like that since I was about 16. I will say that Maria had jet black hair and I loved the way her pussy looked with all that dark black hair around it. It was especially pretty with strings of my white cum all in it.

Today there is nothing I enjoy more than reading Solo Touch and then looking at some porn on the computer. If I have time I will strip naked and get my little toy out. It is about the size of my middle finger and the end has a crook on it. I put some lube on it and slide in into my asshole and it touches my prostate. I like to then lube my dick and take a pair of dirty panties and smell and lick as I play with my dick. Every move causes the prostate massager to rub against my prostate. I will smell and lick the crotch of the dirty panties that I am using. Between the smell of the panties and the massaging of the prostate, I have one of the strongest cums possible.

There are two woman in particular that I get panties from. My wife's sister and her niece. I have the hots for both of those woman and I really enjoy smelling their panties.

I have always heard that there are two kinds of people who masturbate. Those who will admit it and those who will not. My brother-in-law says he has never masturbated but I think he is lying. He likes to play the role of Mr. Macho and says he gets all the pussy he wants. Well, I do also, but I still love to masturbate. At my age masturbation to some degree feels better than fucking my wife. After all I have been fucking that same pussy for 50 years.

Back in my younger days the preachers would tell you that if you masturbated you were going to hell. It was self abuse and wrong. I think it is one of the healthiest things a man or woman can do. If more girls masturbated rather than fucking there would be less teenage pregnancy.

So, if you haven't tried it then by all means do so. I think it is more harmful not to masturbate than it is to masturbate. I'm planning to do it right now.



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