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My First Time

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First, a little background. For the three years when I was 11 to 13 we lived in three different towns and I went to four different schools (two of them were boarding schools). This meant that when I started puberty at 12, I had no close friends. I had never been given any sex instruction, but we were a religious family and I had gathered that sex was somehow dirty and never spoken about.

I was a slightly later developer than most of the other guys, so I had seen that puberty was accepted as a normal part of growing up. I was not then worried or interested when I started growing hairs at the age of 12.

The only matter even approaching sex education that I had ever received was the instruction at an early age to always pull my foreskin back and wash underneath when bathing. By the time I was 13, I found that this routine always gave me an erection, but that did make pulling it back easier. I never tried 'playing' with myself, after all, I had been brought up to think of sex as dirty. Not having many friends at school, I became a bit of a bookworm and did quite a bit of reading on the facts of life in the school library. I had been interested in seeing the other guys at school when showering, and wondered if this meant that I was going to grow up as a homosexual. I had never seen a girl nude, so I was fascinated by the diagrams of females in the sex education books and they always produced an erection, whereas the male diagrams had no such effect. This was of some comfort to me in deciding that I was then in fact probably heterosexual.

Eventually though, when I was washing under my foreskin one night, I felt an urge to have a piss. Since I didn't want to piss in my bathwater, I hurriedly finished my bath and got out to piss, but my erection and the inclination to piss had both gone.

This happened every evening during my bath for maybe a week. Then one evening in the bath I noticed that my erection was bigger than usual, and my glans was peeping out from under the foreskin, at that age it had always still completely covered the tip. My penis was so hard that it was flat against my stomach which made me worry in my ignorance if I had some sort of deformity. After all, how could I ever have sex with a girl if it was positioned like that? Also, my balls were pulled up so tight that they had just about vanished into my body.

Well, the inevitable happened. I pulled my foreskin back, and without further warning this stuff came spurting out. The first spurt got me on the chin, and there was a trail all the way down to my little bush of pubic hair (if you wonder why it did not wash away in the bathwater, that was because at the time I was only permitted a shallow bath which did not cover my body). I realised from my reading this must be semen, but unlike what the books had said, it was not white but a brownish colour, like weak tea. When this eruption had finished, the first thing that I did was to close my eyes and pray for forgiveness. I was not sure what I had done wrong, but I must have done something to bring this about!

The next day during a break at school I got one guy that I had become friendly with on one side and asked him what he knew about semen. He first asked me if I was trying to be funny, then he said 'You mean spunk that you shoot when you wank?' I must have looked a bit blank, because then he asked 'You do wank, don't you?'. I then told him the whole story of my bath-time experience the previous night. Then he asked me if I had ever had a wet dream. I was able to say that I had not (nor have I ever had one). He said that I was lucky then because it wasn't pleasant waking up in the mornings with a sticky mess in your pyjamas like had happened to him for a few months before he discovered masturbation. He jokingly held up one thumb and wrapped the fingers of his other hand round his thumb and started an up and down motion. I knew that he and his family were also religious (we went to the same church) so I felt safe talking to him. I asked if it wasn't sinful, and he laughed and assured me that wanking was a natural part of growing up.

That night in the bath, I had my usual erection when washing, but no feeling of a need to piss. I held my penis as my friend had demonstrated and moved my hand up and down. After a while, the feeling of needing to piss came on again, but this time I just carried on with my up and down motion. Guiltily, I thought how good it felt, and it was feeling better all the time. Then it happened again, my second ejaculation, but the first from deliberately masturbating. It was still a big load, but not as big as the previous night, and this time it was whiter.

Well that's how I started. Later I wanked with male friends and still later with girls, but that as they say is another story. Not many guys on here seem to have started wanking as ignorant as I was. I would be interested to see if guys still grow up like that, or are you all better informed these days? Also, I have never seen anyone mention that their semen was other than a whitish colour, did any other guys shoot brownish semen for their first few times?



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