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My First Orgasm

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My First Orgasm

Like most young boys, my friends were the neighborhood kids. I had always liked showing off my body and especially by dick. As I was growing up, there were different games I would play with the neighborhood boys that would allow us to share a peek at one another. They were innocent games like doctor or strip poker that ended up with us taking off our clothes. Sometimes, there would be several of us involved in these games, and to have several others see me naked at the same time was really a turn-on. Yet, there was never any touching at that time. We would usually do this outside in forts or 'special' places that kids seem to have like in new houses under construction in the neighborhood. Sometimes we would even do it in my basement which was even more fun. These games gave me a lot of chances to see what different dicks looked like, but at that time, we were not quite into puberty and the dicks were rather small.

When I was 12, a new boy moved into the neighborhood. Danny lived just two houses away, and we would just about always spend time at each other's house after school. I was anxious to see his dick and, of course, for him to see mine because by this time I had started to grow larger and even had some pubes starting to sprout. I was starting to think about how I could get this to happen and as luck would have it, Danny liked to grab at my crotch and get a feel as we were messing around. He also would try rubbing my dick through my clothes sometimes, but I didn't know really what he was trying to do. I knew though that he and I would be sharing our dicks soon.

One day after school, we were over at his house fooling around and he asked me if I wanted to try something that he guaranteed would be a lot of fun. I was willing and guessed he wanted to do a little 'show- me-and-I-will-show-you.' He asked me if I ever jerked off. I said no and I asked what it was. He said he would show me if I was willing. He then asked me to stand up and drop my pants which I was willing to do. Danny then reached out and slid off my underwear. This was the first time that I had another boy actually do that for me, and it was very exciting.

As he slid by shorts off, my dick sprang out with a raging boner. He than asked if he could touch it which, of course, I was all too willing for him to do. He suggested that I kneel on the floor. I got down on my knees and sat back on my feet. Danny then touched my dick and started to slowly stroke it. Wow... what an incredible feeling. This was the fist time anyone else had touched my dick, and the sensation was electrifying. I didn't think it could get any better than this. As he stared to stroke it, it only took about 30 seconds before I could start to feel something happening. This was a completely new feeling for me. I got up on my knees as I thought I was maybe going to pee. As he continued to stroke my dick the warm wonderful feeling continued to grow and in less than a minute I was shooting a stream of cum as my body had its first orgasm. I shot a really good load of the white stuff on the floor under the table where he had his electric trains set up.

When I was finally done shooting my load, I fell back on to my heels again feeling totally drained. Danny explained that what I shot was called cum and that it was something all boys can do when they get to our age. He said that he stroked himself a lot and asked if I wanted to see him shoot a load too. He then knelt next to me any started working his dick as he had done to me. In a couple of minutes, he was squirting a nice load of cum on to the same spot on the floor where I had just cum.

After this I felt really tired and a little bit unsure about what had happened. I was afraid that his mother, who was upstairs, might catch us, so we got dressed and I went home to think about what had just happened. The next day, I thought I would try a little solo action now that I knew the technique to use. I really had enjoyed the feeling and wanted to see if I could do myself. I got on my knees and started to stroke away. It felt good, but I was surprised that I was not able to cum. I guess I was not as good at this as I thought. I really wanted to have that feeling again, so I asked Danny to come over to my house. I figured I could find a way to get him to do me again.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for us to start talking about what had happened the day before, and I asked Danny if he wanted to stroke me again. He was more than willing, and this time I lay on my back in my bed with my pants pulled down and my shirt pulled up so I could shoot on my tummy. He got on the bed lying next to me with his chest straddled over my tummy facing my dick. He started stroking me once again and when I felt the feeling as before, I warned him I was going to shoot the stuff. He just kept working on my dick, and again he was able to bring me to a wonderful orgasm. This time I squirted not only on my tummy, but all over him as well. I took note of how he stroked me and later that night, I was finally able to stroke myself off for the first time.

Danny continued to provide me pleasure with our wanking sessions and soon I was able to also stroke him to the point of shooting his cum. I had a longer dick than his, but I remember he had beautiful hanging balls that I loved to play with. Though it was usually just Danny and me, sometimes we would get other boys in the neighborhood to join in. The younger ones would just watch us or help stroke while the older ones would wank with us. I guess we introduced a lot of kids to the pleasure of stroking. We continued doing this as we all grew up until, one by one, the boys in the wanking parties moved away. I will always remember those days and the carefree times we had giving each other pleasure.



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