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My First Older Man

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Older men loose some of their inhibitions about masturbating with other men...fortunately, an older man helped me lose mine when I was still young.


I think that it's not uncommon for men as they get older to drop their fear and avoidance of desire to masturbate with another man. At least, that's my survey of men on the internet, in chat rooms and forums about masturbation. Most men, if they're not actually doing it, are curious and want to try, if only they had the right conditions. I was always fascinated with older men from the time I first began to masturbate. At that time I used to swim at a mens' pool, and all the men were naked. I was too young to realize I shouldn't be looking, and I vividly remember some of the bodies and cocks on the men who swam there regularly. I also remember having hard-ons there, but I didn't think that was unnatural (and, despite everyone's fears about young boys and locker rooms, in years of swimming there NOTHING ever happened). For my part, I would masturbate in my bed at home, sometimes thinking of the men.

I was in my late teens, with my first apartment, when I first masturbated with an older man. He was a retired vet who lived in the apartment above me. This being my first time alone, I spent hours in the evenings masturbating, and I'm sure that I let out a few groans now and then. Sometimes I thought I heard him, too, but put it out of my mind. We chatted now and then, and gradually got to know each other, and eventually I went upstairs to his place for beers. Being up there made me horny and want to masturbate, and I'd go back to my apartment and have a long session every time. I thought it was the beer, but it turned out to be his vibe. One evening after work I went upstairs and first thing I saw a stack of fresh magazines on his table. I'd seen some in his bathroom, but these were new, he'd been to the porn store. More than that, he was in shorts and a tee shirt, and had magazines spread out around his couch. I'd walked in on his masturbation.

He went to the kitchen and got me a beer, and I had the strangest feeling queasy, turned on, embarrassed, afraid, creepy everything all at once. But the main thing was, once I sat down and we began leafing through magazines, I got a big hard on, and when the time came (I don't remember what happened) it was totally easy to take my pants down and masturbate with him. He was lost as soon as his hand was on his cock, and all I had to do was watch and stroke along with him....

...the next night, the same queasy feeling came over me, and I went up the back stairs, where he greeted me in a tee but no pants, and an erection. He'd begun masturbating when he heard me come home. Honestly, I felt dirty jacking off with him. I used to have romantic, sexy fantasies about girls that I knew, but not porn mags and his hairy cock. But I couldn't stay away, either, and two or three nights a week my balls would tighten, and cock begin to swell, and I would shed my underwear on his carpet while we spread our legs for each other to watch. I have to confess, we did other things, too. He had a mesmerizing effect on me and he would reach out and take my cock and I couldn't resist. One night he took me to the bathroom and masturbated me into the sink while I watched in the mirror. The next time in the bathroom he slipped his finger in my ass while he masturbated me. He stroked me for a long, long time. I never wanted the sensations to end, but when I came, I had the most AMAZING orgasm.

Well, that went on for many months, even when I was dating I would go over to his place, sometimes after a date. Then I moved away, and we lost touch. Oh, I was going to write about older men. This was the beginning....I've masturbated with many older men. Like I said, they loose their inhibitions about other men. I'm grateful that my friend upstairs helped me loose mine at an early age.



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