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My First Mutual With My Best Friend

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I never thought I would become a fan of a site with stories, but I am sold on Solo Touch now. I think it will be somewhat erotic and revealing to write my first story.

I was always a horny little guy. Years before my first experience with another guy, I was looking at straight magazines and stroking to a dry orgasm. I was a late bloomer and very conscious of this, but my best friend when I was thirteen was a year younger and we were very close in development.

My best bud Chaz and I would look at straight mags, and even a couple of old porn videos that I found in my dad's stash. He stayed the night often and we would both get hard, yet we were both too shy to tell each other or talk about it.

I remember the day it all changed. Chaz had just taken a shower. No one was home at my house. When he came out I playfully started to snap him with my towel. He laughed and was playful. I was curious to see what his dick looked like and whether he was like me, so I persisted. I began to tug at his towel and finally ripped it from his dripping wet body. He accepted this with a shy yet playful spirit, and I allowed him to easily do the same to me.

Finally both of us were revealed. Both of us were just barely into puberty, and I suppose both relieved to know this about each other. This brought about discussion and comparison. Luckily there was porno on hand, so we lay with our towels over us to watch for a while. Then there was the usual talk: 'Are you hard? Do you ever jack off?' and so on.

Then we revealed ourselves and began to stroke separately. I recall one of my earliest and greatest thrills was when we put our legs across one another as we jerked our dicks to the video. Yet I found I was watching him and he watching me more than the video.

We both jacked until our legs stiffened, our backs arched, our bodies trembled and we reached orgasm. Both of us produced a tiny bit of semen at the tip of our dicks, almost like the way we see precum today.

Then, of course, came the awkward stage. The 'How about those Bears' talk. Yet over the course of several sleepovers, we comfortably went further and further in our exploits with one another. In fact for years, into puberty and beyond, we were best friends and more. Girls came and went, yet we were always constant. I was best man at his wedding and now I am engaged. Yet I suppose, given the right circumstances, we could go right back to where we left off at any time.

I think I will write soon about our second and third playtimes, as they get better and more exciting. For now, thanks for reading. It is a relief to finally begin to talk about my experiences, because until I found Solo Touch I thought my experiences were shameful and unlike others.



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