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My First Mutual Experience

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I would like to share with you my first sexual experience with another person. I was only 13 at the time, and it took place with my best friend Josh, who was a few months older and recently turned 14. I never would of expected it being that I never felt feelings of attraction towards him, nor would I ever expect my first time to be with another boy, though reading stories on this site shows it's more common than I thought.

It was a nice summer morning. School had been out for a month or so and I was looking for something to do. As I said Josh was my best friend, we got together just about every day. He called and asked me to come over. I went to his house and waited for him, he said he was on his way back from something. When he got back we took a walk in the woods which made up his back yard. We talked and messed around awhile, and came to a pond where we frequently went swimming. It was getting hot out and he suggested we jump in. I told him we couldn't, we didn't bring our swimming trunks. 'It's ok', he said. 'We can just swim in our undies!' Before I could say anything he began undressing. Well what the hell, I thought, it was hot so I began undressing as well. I glanced at Josh who removed his pants and was now taking his socks off, he was now down to just his undies which were a little pair of tighty whities. I eyed his body. Josh always had a nice complexion. His skin was a beautiful golden brown. I was quite pale, and somewhat self conscience about it.

I glanced at his tight undies and noticed the little bulge where his privates were. I started to feel a little stirring down below. I remember I had not masturbated in a few days, and thought that must be the reason, I couldn't be getting turned on by a boy! Though he did look nice, he body was glowing. Meanwhile I was pale white. I took off my shirt, down went my shorts, and off came my shoes and socks. The air tickled my skin. He jumped in first, and I followed. I hit the water and realized I had on a pair of my brothers boxers which were really big on me. The water just about pulled them off. This made me nervous, and I had to hold them on as I swam. I tried to hide it as I knew he would, for a joke, try and pull them off if he found out. The water felt good on my skin. We swam a little and stared messing around. Josh was getting on me, wrapping his arms and legs around me from behind trying to pull me under. Just my luck the one time he decides to water wrestle! I tried to swim away but he kept pulling. He was sliding against me, moving his legs up and down as I tried to shake him off. Now I was at an age of almost constant arousal. The slightest thought or touch of my penis would have it erect in no time. Well needless to say having such skin on skin contact was a first for me, and I started to feel a stirring. His smooth wet skin gliding on mine felt nice, and though I wanted him off, I was also kinda liking it. I know it was not intentional, but his feet kept running over my cock area. The friction was now starting to make me grow. I started to panic and got away. I couldn't let him find out, I took a hard pull away from his grip. Sure enough when I did he kept his grip down my body, and off came my boxers.

'Did you just lose your undies?' he asked. 'Yes', I replied, 'I can't find them'. He laughed, 'guess you'll have to get out naked'. Glad he was laughing cause I was freaking out. I was quite self conscience as I said, and my penis was still erect. My erections can last quite awhile, thus was my fear. I swam a little looking, and thankfully I was so scared my erection subsided. 'They must of sank' he said as he got out. 'Well what do I do?' I asked, 'You'll have to look away'. 'O c'mon', he said, 'What's the big deal?' 'Easy for you to say' I said. His next words were a shock. 'Well, what if I show you mine?' I glanced at him. 'What?' I replied. 'I'll show you mine if you get out at show me yours'. I was in shock. No one has seen my penis since puberty, and I had started getting hair and was self conscience, just like everything else about me. 'I don't know' I said. 'Oh c'mon' he said, 'what's the big deal?' 'Why do you want to?' I asked. 'I'm just curious I guess' he replied. I was getting really nervous, but surprisingly enough, I was also getting excited. I looked once again at the bulge in his undies, and started to get very curious about what his looked like. I wanted to see it. This was starting to feel a little crazy, but I liked it. I agreed only if he went first. He must not of been afraid cause the instant I agreed, he gripped his waist, and slid his undies right down.

My eyes were locked. I had never seen another person naked before. His penis was golden brown, just like the rest of him. It looked a bit smaller then mine, it was thin, and I was glad to see he had a little hair as well around the base. 'You like?' he asked as he stepped out of his undies and walked towards me. My eyes were still locked, and strangely enough seeing my best friend naked was giving me a massive erection. 'It's nice' I said. He laughed, 'See? No big deal. Now it's your turn'. My fear jolted once again. I was feeling ok with it till now. I know I had agreed but what now? How could I get out with a big hard on? He'd make fun, I thought. He'll laugh and call me gay. I guess I had no choice though, my erections can go on forever like I stated earlier, and I know he wouldn't let me get away with it, after he exposed himself.

I took a deep breath, and knew I had to face whatever came out of it. I was almost shaking. I went to the edge, and pulled myself up, and bouncing out of the water came my hard cock. I stood up, there I was naked and hard in front of him. I couldn't look up. 'Whoa' he said, 'nice'. He laughed, and I looked up. Surprisingly he wasn't mad. 'Sorry' I said, 'I don't know why it's like that'. 'Maybe you gotta jerk off' he said. I quickly looked up. 'Do you ever jerk off?' he asked. I didn't know what to say. I jerked off almost every day, but wasn't sure if it was normal. Maybe he didn't I thought, maybe he was already having sex with girls. I decided to be somewhat honest. 'Well, sometimes'. 'Cool me too!' Another shock. 'I do all the time' he said. 'Me too' I said nervously laughing. 'Ever do it with someone else?' he asked. Shocked once again. 'Well, no' I replied. 'I did once with my friend' he said, 'we should try jacking each other, it's fun'! This was getting really crazy, are boys suppose to do this? This was my best friend after all. Not only that but I was also self-conscious about my orgasms. Not only do I have long lived erections, but I'm also a very big cummer, and also wasn't sure if that was normal. I was hesitant, but the same naughty curious feeling was drowning me, and I was feeling more turned on. I never had done anything with another person before, and even though he was a boy, I was feeling quite eager to. 'Well, I don't know, how do we do it?' I asked. He smiled, 'just like how you jerk off, only you do me and I'll do you'. 'Well,' I replied nervously, 'I don't know' I said again. 'It's fun' he said, 'and feels great'. 'Well, guess I can do you' I said. I was really curious to explore him. He smiled and laid down on his back on the grass. 'What if someone sees?' I asked. 'No ones ever out here' he laughed, 'please it'll be fun, you'll like it!' he said. He must of really wanted it, I could tell he was getting in the mood and his dick looked like it had grown a little.

I sat down on my knees next to my naked friend. He was spread eagle on his back and I was on his right side facing him. I slowly placed my hand on his dick, I was shaking now. I fondled it a minute, it felt really soft, and warm. I held it up in my hand and slowly felt down the shaft. I saw his eyes close. I moved my hand down to his balls, which still were smooth compared to mine which had gotten some hair. I caressed them in my hand, which I guess he liked cause now his dick started growing, and now stood fully erect. I got a better view now, his dick still looked thin, it was long, maybe about four and a half inches now. He was circumcised like me. I moved my hand back on to his throbbing member, and wrapped my hand around it. I moved up and down, it was easier now that he was erect. His dick felt so smooth and soft, yet hard. It felt like mine only different. It is hard to explain.

He was right though, I was loving this. My nerves were calmed and I was very aroused. I don't know if it was cause we were outside? Or cause I was so young? Or if I did like boys? It was confusing, but I liked it and did not want to stop. My cock meanwhile was throbbing itself, and I could feel precum beginning to leak. Aside from being a big cummer, I am also a very big precummer, he however was still dry. I focused on his shaft, moving my hand up and down trying to move how I do on myself. I could tell he was liking it. I kept jerking him for a minute or so. I was anxious to see him cum, I moved faster. About another minute of my hand moving on him, and he said he was gonna blow. My eyes were locked. Another thrust or two and all at once he gasped, and white cum came running out. It felt really hot on my hand, and unlike mine which shoots, his just kinda drained. I watched as it ran from his tip down my hand, I kept moving slowly. I was expecting more but his cum subsided after maybe four or five seconds. It was not the amount I can produce. My hand was covered however, I pulled back and played with it a minute. It looked similar to mine, a little more watery, I wiped it off on the grass. He sat up. 'You're good' he said, 'You wanna go'?

My fear shot right back and I quickly stood up. 'No I'm ok' I said. He glanced at me and laughed. 'Judging by your cock I don't think you are' he said. I looked down at my cock which was not only throbbing, but now had a good seven inch line of thick precum dangling from the tip. 'Sorry' I said, 'I don't know why it does that'. 'You must be backed up' he said. I didn't even have a chance to reply before he, in one quick movement, got on his knees in front of me and grasped his hand around my dick. I twitched. I never felt another persons hand on me before. It felt.. nice! He started to slowly move up and down. His young skin felt so good, it felt cool, it was firm and smooth, it felt much better then when I touched myself. I was petrified, but he was right, it did feel really good. So good that I couldn't resist, I gave in and allowed him to work me. He moved his hand faster, my precum was flowing, making for plenty of lube. I was in heaven. I never thought the day would end up here. I was expecting it to just be another day of hanging out, but here I was outside, naked, and being jerked off by my best friend. He moved up and down, I was loving it. I was so turned on I knew it wouldn't last long though. I could already feel it building, and knew this load was gonna be huge. I was scared how he would react, but it felt so good I couldn't tell him to stop. I had to release, there was no turning back now. 'I'm gonna cum' I said. He sped up his movements on me. 'Do it!' he said. With that I just took a breath and let it go. Another thrust of his hand, and my orgasm began. I groaned as the first shot came flying out, it shot a good five feet onto the grass. Out came shots two and three, hitting him on the chest. I think he liked it cause he kept moving his hand. The pleasure was immense, like nothing before. I expected it to subside but he kept moving, and to my surprise it felt like I was cumming again! All I could do was let it go as shots kept coming out, over and over. Waves of pleasure hit me as out came more shots all over his chest, stomach, and hand. I was drenching him in my cum. Finally it subsided. I stood there catching my breath.

When I came down from cloud nine I looked at Josh who was smiling. 'Wow' he said' 'what a load. 'Sorry' I said as I laughed. I felt so good. It was amazing. We decided to jump back in the water to clean off. We got out and sat out naked for awhile. Our friendship was never the same again. We dressed and went home. When my mom asked if I had fun with Josh all I could say was yes. We got together many times after that. We shared many jacking sessions through our teen years and even took it further. We started having sex a couple years later. He is the only boy I feel attracted to. We are now both happily married, but still get together for a 'guys night out', and spend long evenings jacking and having sex together. Hope you enjoyed!



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