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My First MM Experience

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When I was 15 I had a party while my parents were away and invited all my friends. After most people had gone home or to bed John and I, a boy a year above me but from the neighbourhood were talking and the conversation got around to girls and if we had broken our virginity yet. Neither of us had but we did admit we'd been masturbating. He had begun jerking off two years before when he found a porno magazine and me about the same with some mags I bought at an adult store with an older boy too. John then told me that he had a fantasy and would I like to know what it was. Of course I did!

As it turns out he'd been going to my mum's panty drawer while I was busy in other parts of the house when he'd visited previously and the washing basket to sniff her dirty ones. He then told me he fantasized about fucking her while I watched and jerked myself off. I can't say I was into him jamming my mum but the idea did tease some interest. He then asked if I'd like to fulfil at least one part of that fantasy and whether I'd ever masturbate with him. I remember that without hesitation I agreed and now was the moment. We decided to go to a nearby park to do this. While we were walking we continued to talk about what we were about to do and he revealed that when he had been at my house a few days earlier, and bought some porn around that he'd caught me precum wanking. I had my pants on and was humping the precum to orgasm on the lounge.

At that moment I recalled his story as it happened. I remembered I was so excited and that when he was standing in the door watching me that he would know what I was doing but clearly he did. He said he wanted to ask me to jerk off with him then but courage failed so he just jerked off in my room by himself. I could feel the precum already oozing into my undies. I am blessed with a lot of precum. The anticipation was overwhelming. I was rock hard as we walked and couldn't wait to get it on. We arrived at the spot and reassured each other we were doing this. And with that we both pulled down our pants to release our erections. I looked at his uncut cock for a moment and could feel the excitement rush through me. My cock stood straight up and the precum on my glans glistened in the moon light. John was uncut and his glans was slightly hidden by his foreskin. He asked how I was able to get any vagina feeling without one and I showed him by swirling my hand around the swollen head and using the clear precum to lube myself slid my hand down my shaft as he watched. I then asked him what a foreskin felt like to wank with and he said it was awesome. Always moist and slippery.

We talked and watched each other until we both were about to cum when he asked if I had ever had a head job before. I said no asking him the same question. He also said "no", and that he "would like to try with me tonight". With that I agreed shot cum on him and milked the rest onto my hand. John groan and said I'm cumming. The noise of his cum soaked cock and hand was a turn on as I began to get hard again. We pulled our pants up without cleaning much up and headed for an abandoned house a short way from us. While we were walking I asked him about his foreskin and what I should expect to taste. He was cool! He told me it would taste of smegma and that he had cleaned it before the party so it shouldn't be strong and that his glans was more sensitive than mine because of it. I was so turned on I was fully erect before we left the park.

When we arrived and had gone inside we found an old bench to lay on. He told me to sit down and let him show me what to do. As I did he pulled down my pants, pushing me back to lay flat while he knelt between my legs. I felt him grab and squeeze my rock hard teenage cock and it excites me today remembering how good it felt to have someone else touch me for the first time. And my best friend. He used my precum to stroke me a few times then I felt my first headjob. The warmth and wetness of his mouth was amazing. He sucked my glans and I could feel him using his tongue to do something too. He gently sucked the head while running his tongue around it. I wanted to cum right then and told him so he stop for awhile to let me gain control. I remember being scared we'd get caught or that I was now gay. I also thought about that it would be my turn to do him soon and that scared me but at the same time made me horny.

When he stared to masturbate me again he said "tell me when you're going to cum. I don't want to swallow" I lifted my head to say ok and watch his hand sliding slowly up and down my penis. He then began to give me head again as I watched and I knew it wasn't going to be long before I came. As the thrill built in me I never wanted the feeling to end. I'm cumming I told him and he sat back and continued to jerk me off as I came onto my stomach and his hand. I had to tell him not to touch the glans as it was sensitive but the shaft was good. He kept pumping my dick until I sat up and said "ok your turn!" With that we switched places. John sat down on the bench and I followed the script by kneeling down between his legs and gently pushing him back to lay down. I began to rub his cock through his jeans and could feel him quickly getting hard. I unzipped his jeans and as I pulled his jeans off he lifted his ass a little to help get them around his ankles. I rubbed him through his undies feeling the wet patch from his precum turned me on again. We did the same thing to get them off. As I pulled them down I could smell him. His piss, dick, cum and sweat was exciting. Being in the place we were and doing this made me realise that this wouldn't be the last time I'd have this pleasure with him.

I took his half erection in my hand and he quickly grabbed my hand as I did. John wanted to show me how he like to masturbate and that he'd like it if I could do it like he was. I was just in awe of how easy it was to slide his wet foreskin over his glans and back to reveal it. It looked beautiful---glowing bright purple and glistening in the tiny bit of light we had. He asked if I was still going to give him head and that I shouldn't back out now. I would back out I just wanted to watch hand jerking him off for a while. When I finally got the courage I leant over his groin all and again smelt the moist air with man. I pulled back the foreskin and put his glans in my mouth. I remember thinking I liked how he tasted. It was salty and tangy. I began to jerk him slowly as I sucked. Sometimes I pushed the skin all the way over and stuck my tongue between getting a really intense burst of flavour. I was ready to jerk myself off again and began to with my spare hand. Precum had been drizzling from my hardon the whole time. He asked me to go faster and when I did I felt him swell in my mouth before cumming. He told me as he was cumming so a small bit of his spoof went in my mouth before I jerked him to a massive orgasm. The cum I tasted was nice. Smooth and silky but kind of sweet and salty.

I stood up and as he lay there watching jerked myself to another orgasm. This time more intense than before but much less cum. We agreed that this was our secret and that we would call on each other again to do this when we felt like getting off. We put on our pants and went home.



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