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My First Memory of Erika

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For some years I have been corresponding with a much younger woman whom I have know for an even longer period of time when we were neighbours. I have been living far away for the last few years but we stay in touch every few days. I have become a friend and mentor to this young lady whom I shall call Kerrie for these purposes. Everything said here is exactly true, except the names.

She had a very wild youth but after the demise of her father a few years ago, she returned home to stay with her mother and to get her life back together. One thing that she has been doing to accomplish that has been to get back to school and become more discriminating about the men in her life... to the point of some loneliness I suppose but there is a cost to everything, she says. In any event, I guess because I am so far away I have become an intimate confidant. We have discussed the most intimate subjects without embarrassment or hesitation including masturbation, which brings me to the point of this letter.

After months of sending 'jokes' and funny pictures to each other with brief pauses for personal 'conversation' in the correspondence, she began to ask about more intimate subjects... and I began to ask the same of her. One day she asked if I had ever watched a woman masturbate. I replied that I had many times with my ex-wife and girlfriends, both before and after my marriage. She then asked which had been the most memorable and why? I could think of a long list of hot episodes, some quite recent but most memorable or striking? Funny how the most striking, which was the first such incident, had not come to mind until I had thought about her question.

This had happened thirty years ago when I was just in undergraduate second year. I had befriended a stunning brunette classmate Erika who shared my interest in politics (as we were in a Political Studies course at the time) and we were both elected co-representatives to the student governing council. She was friendly but in a steady relationship so we were friendly but not particularly intimate friends. As part of our duties we took turns manning a small student union office for that purpose. Often there would be hours when no one would come by so it was a safe place to study, sleep or if so inclined, to jerk off! On one of those nondescript days when I was too tired to study but too wired to go home and sleep, I decided to take the third alternative, using a magazine I kept handy for such purposes. I locked the door and thought circumstances were safe enough as, if anyone was to drop by, they could just knock!

I must admit that jacking off in an empty office when I could hear people talking and walking out in the hall was a turn on at the time. After a short while I could feel the familiar point of no return as an orgasm built and then the sudden release of hot jism shooting over my hand. Suddenly I heard the metallic tumble of the lock and the door slowly but eventually opened. I quickly slid the magazine under a book and my opened pants and rigid cock still dribbling cum, under the desktop. The door was opened just as I had convinced myself that I had successfully covered the evidence. I looked up to see the other holder of a key, Erika, opening the door. Erika was immediately startled that I was there and immediately was embarrassed and flustered about having disturbing my 'studying'. She said that she must have gotten our schedules mixed up and left almost as soon as she came. I think I just shrugged, cleaned up, went home, took a nap and forgot all about it.

About a month later, in the 'dark days' of term when everything seems depressing and the work was pilling up, I got a call from Erika. She started out talking and moaning about the usual subjects and how she had been feeling down and poorly in general. Suddenly she asked if I would mind coming over to her house to chat. She, like I, shared an old Victorian house near campus with other students but had her own private room within the house. When I got there, one of her housemates said that Erika had been at home in bed for a couple of days and had been very down so maybe I could try to cheer her up. This was astounding since Erika was such an energetic social butterfly that was NEVER 'down'!

When I opened the door, Erika was lying on top of her made up bed but with a heavy blanket covering her from the midriff down. She was otherwise snugly wearing a wool sweater and a turtleneck pull over, sitting up on a pile of pillows. I was pointed to a chair facing her at the right front corner of the bed, so I sat down. She carried on the previous conversation until she finally came to a point where she seemed to be at a loss for words ...and her hands began to fidget under the blanket. It sounded serious, whatever the issue, and I couldn't imagine what was so important that had required my attendance and had caused her such concern.

Slowly she asked if I had remembered the time she had 'interrupted' me at the student union office. I said that I had, wondering what she was getting at... She had said that she knew I had been masturbating. She then gave me an impressive list of reasons why she had come to that conclusion! I could only laugh and say 'Ok... sorry ...busted!! .. And your point?'

She said that at first it had offended her but that then she had realized that I had not intended to shock her at all, so she was not as upset with me as she had been at first. In fact, the more she had thought of it, the more it had disturbed her and turned her on. She wanted to know if I had ever had the opposite occur - had I ever caught a girl masturbating by surprise? I laughed and said no ... but that there was always hoping!!

Erika then said that she had been masturbating from when we had been on the phone and that she was doing it right in front of me. Still to this day I can't believe that it was only then that I began to notice her ragged breathing and that her legs had moved further apart under the blanket!!

Erika was a mistress of rules. She said that her relationship with her boyfriend had become strained but that she didn't want him to know about this. I agreed to be mum. She then asked that I not touch her and that I stay in the chair at all times-but that if I wanted to get out my cock and get off whilst she did, I was welcome to. I was wondering if I had become delirious, or she was!

She slumped herself to a lower position on her pile of pillows and drew her knees as far apart as they would go. After rubbing my cock through my pants with some hesitation, I eventually concluded that she wasn't joking around and this wouldn't end with her housemates bursting through her door in gales of laughter. I then lost no time in getting out my now rigid cock and balls and starting to jerk off furiously. With closed eyes and open mouth she began to grind her hips, eventually displacing the blanket to her knees. I could see her fingers dance in and out of her labia and make seriously loud slurping sounds as they did whilst her other hand alternated between her now visible breasts and clit.

We smiled at each other as we occasionally exchanged glances but it seemed like we were each on a mission. I remember thinking that this was a girl that I really had never been that close to, rubbing her gaping labia lips in front of me, showing what we had described in the days of 'au natural' as 'split beaver' with total abandon. I wanted to cum but I remember wanting to stay forever in that surreal state of blissful mutual masturbation. Erika looked like she was born to this like a professional. Her perfect brunette hair, makeup and gold necklace on her soft turtleneck top was contrasted with her messy wet nakedness below her thin taught waist. Manicured and carefully polished nails disappeared frantically in and out of her sodden vagina. It was probably just a few minutes but it seemed much longer. With closed eyes, Erika shook her head and grunted and moaned. Her perfect prissiness and manners were contrasted with her guttural utterances and facial expressions of rampant horniness. I could hear the girls lightly laughing downstairs. I guess they had figured that we were curing her depression.

Finally I couldn't take anymore stimulus. I grunted and came as I shot a wad between my legs and onto the floor in front of me. In spite of how horny the sight of Erika's fingers in her exposed genitalia made me feel at the time, it wasn't the most erotic memory. It was the way Erika had feverishly frigged herself with closed eyes, moans and tossing head until she had fixed the frozen, wide eyed look she had on her face when she cried out in orgasm. It was then, after I came, that I realized that the most erotic part of a woman masturbating is the look on her face just before and as she cums.

My young friend Kerrie said that thinking about that scene made her get herself off right at her computer. I think she may have needed to get out more, but her stories in reply description of what she felt and the look on her face in the mirror as she came, have certainly caused me to cum more than once! We now are happily exchanging stories and look forward to opportunities to create new experiences from which new stories might emerge.



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