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My First Ejaculation Was With a Girl

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It is surprising, but this event has made us closer friends than we ever have been, and we still do it!


It was a strange string of coincidences that actually allowed this to happen, but then again, without this experience, I would not be in the position to help many of my female friends with their emotional problems.
I have actually started masturbating for dry orgasms when I was five. A small freak accident, I was on a road trip that was completely outdoors, so my penis had a good vibration, enough to tinkle me. When I managed to get to a private place, I rubbed my small penis enough that I started getting a dry orgasm. I remembered that it was not as intense as they are currently, but it felt relaxing and funny that I wanted to keep getting that feeling. My penis would grow big (for that age) and when I got to orgasm, which took quite a while when I was that young, I had one of the most fantastic feelings in my life. Sure, I did not spray anything out, but it was the feeling that mattered to me.
Strangely enough, for quite an early masturbator like me, I was relatively a moderate-late bloomer, and I knew that. Well, for both sides of my family tree, the males all tended to be late bloomers, so it would follow that I would hit puberty at a late age. Well, at least to me, 13 was fairly moderate.
At that time, I was only starting to show the first signs of puberty, my growth spurt only started, the scrotum did not have any wrinkles yet, there was very little pubic hair, my voice has not cracked yet (not that it matters, most of the men of my line had high pitch voices anyways), my penis was still rather small and all that. I was playing catch outside at a park with this girl. She is the same age as me, probably only a few weeks older or younger than me. We had been friends ever since we were little, and since it happened that we are going to the same high school, we were happy that our friendship would last a little longer. We practically have no secrets from one another. She was actually an average person for puberty so she is more developed than me internally, but physically, she still looked like a tomboy. She was taller than me, but should her long hair be cut back (and we did do that once when we were 6, with her parents permission of course), she could still be mistaken as a boy. We were playing in the park with a frisbee when suddenly she clasped her stomach with her hands and fell to the grass. I ran to her, and asked her what happened. She told me that she was experiencing a constant stomachache for the past few days in a row. I knew that this was not normal for a stomachache, so I asked her to point out where she was experiencing the pain. Once she pointed, I knew instantly that it was something other than a stomach pain, she was pointing too low. Then my eye caught on a moderate sized stain on her jeans where her vagina would be. I realized that she may possibly be having her period. With the calmest, soothing voice I could ever have possibly have mustered at that day of age, I told her my theory. She was shocked like me, and knew she needed to do something about it. I checked my pockets and found some tissue, but I knew I was in for a crazy thing... she could not do this alone. It is the first time she had a period and she was not expecting it, leaving me as the only person who could help.
I knew that the next question I asked of her was extremely embarrassing for both of us, but I knew it had to be done by me. After checking that we where alone, I asked her to remove her jeans and panties. She was surprised, but our years of friendship paid off and she understood what I was about to do. Luckily, my hormones have not kicked in yet otherwise I may have had a really big erection, but even as is I found myself erecting while she stripped her bottom sections. In seconds, I saw in my teen years my very first vagina, and I had a throbbing pain in my penis. She had pubic hair, most of them straight and starting to become curly. She also had quite a lot of blood around her private areas, so I could not stare at this display of nudity but do what I knew what I needed to do. It took me 3 tissues to wipe off all the blood on her body, most of them being in her vagina, and her garments, and after some figuring, used 2 tissues, folded them and positioned them so that they would be able to absorb some of flow until we see her mother, since my mother was out of town. The funny thing at that time was she seemed to moan a little while I was wiping inside her vagina because I was applying pressure to her clit.
I helped her by supporting her to her house, which was a little far from the park but it was the only place to go. My penis was still erect from the sight of her panties and vagina, and I really wanted to masturbate to calm it down, since I thought it would be dry and not noticeable, but I knew I had to take care of my friend first. I got her to her house and told her mother about the situation, omitting the fact that I helped clean her up. However, looking back on it, I think she knew that I had something to do with this, and asked me to carry her into the bathroom. I was about to leave when the girl pleaded for me to stay, and when the mother asked me to stay as well, I decided against myself to. Then the mother told me to look, and my penis, which was starting to calm down finally perked right back up again as this time the mother stripped her of her jeans and panties. She saw the tissues I neatly placed, glanced at me and I without trying I was blushing like mad. She taught the both of us how to use pads and tampons, and although I knew this from books, it was the first time I have actually seen it in reality. Then leaving her in the bathroom in for a second, me and the mother discussed why I was taught that as well, which I knew as well, but never really considered deeply. I was needed to comfort the girl, who although trusts her mother, would also trust the one who helped her and explained it to her in the first place. That would be me.
The phone rang, and while the mother went to answer the call, I decided to go back into the bathroom and see how the girl was doing. Once inside, she was crying, but I could tell the tears were of happiness. She saw me, and she hugged me without question. By now, my penis was rock hard, because of all this viewing of the female body, and since the hug was a bodily hug, I could feel her bosom on me, and that even made it worse. Then she asked me of a strange feeling she felt when I was wiping her vigina, the same feeling she has been getting lately by crossing her legs and humping at that spot. That made my blush go all the way and made my penis even harder and even to the point of pain. I decided, against my really erect penis, to explain masturbation, which it happens that she has done once or twice as well, without realizing it. Then, she realized that we have not done anything sexual throughout our years of friendship, and asked me to strip and bathe with her, which we both needed anyways. My initial reaction was a definite no, but after a lot of persuasion, I decided that as friends we might as well. She stripped herself of her clothes, and I saw my friend naked from head to toe. Her bosom was heaving a little, with slightly budding breasts. Her hips were still straight, and I really already seen her vagina. With reluctance, I stripped as well, revealing what I saw as a huge penis, which she saw with admiration. Then we bathed, with the knowledge that it was the first and possibly the last time that we have ever seen each other bare like that. I could never have taken my eyes on her chest, while she always looked down at my ever-constant large penis. After we bathed, I sorely wanted to masturbate, but knew I should not do that, but the girl surprised me by asking me to masturbate her, while she would masturbate my penis. I knew I should have said no, but I could not. We were still standing in the bathtub with the water running, so I started massaging her erotically as a 13 year old could have done. I knew some of the hot spots, namely the breasts, private area and some at the back, and started with that. She went to masturbate me, but I asked her to wait while she feels for any reaction. True enough, after 3 or so minutes, I was still erect, and the girl was horny. Her breasts were hard, pointy and slightly larger, to the point of heaving with her every breath. Her breathing was faster, she started to moan and I could tell she really wants it. So I teased her even more, still telling her not to masturbate me yet. This teasing went on for another 2-3 minutes, she had to restrain herself from moaning too loud (it did not matter, we had the water running), really turned on and wanted me to finish it before she bursted from enjoyment. I had little choice, I knew it was time anyways and really went for her clit. It may have been the running water, but she was really wet from her discharges, and teasing her clit even made it worse. By this time, I let the girl masturbate me, and since I was already erect, she had little problem rubbing my penis. Then after a short while, she stopped, exclaiming she felt something from her vagina, and with this, I stopped teasing her clit and went in for the orgasm. Then she came, her muscles pulsating while she seemed as if she went through a hard ordeal, as her body returned to normal. Seeing her react to my touch really got me on, and it was not long before I felt I was ready to get my orgasm. I was actually already masturbating her again, directly at the clit and it was already withdrawing. I went to the point of no return and was ready to take the impulse of muscles. Then I went over the brink, at first having a seemingly dry orgasm. However, at the last few impulses, I saw very little white discharge. I was shocked, it was my first ejaculate. The girl saw it as well, and went to even rub me more. I was about to tell her about recuperation period and that males could hardly masturbate that quickly in succession, but surprisingly, my penis was still erect, instead of the usual limping. I was surprised, but went and pleasured her into another orgasm, this time with less expected impact than the first time. However, when she got me coming for the second time, my reaction was a lot greater. With my first pulse, I shot a clear discharge right on her small body, even a little on her breasts, then I kept pulsing, discharging preseminal fluids, and just a bit of actual semen at the end.
I knew from then on, I would be getting wet dreams, that later on I will be going through the details of puberty and I would not be getting dry orgasms again, that one day I would be shooting all semen when I come. However, I decided to let that be for now, helped her wash off and we both got out of the bathroom, seeing ourselves cloth. I thought that we would never discuss of that again, and that it would be kept a secret. But no, the girl talked about our experience with her girlfriends. At first, I was embarrassed at her saying of our private experiences, but strangely enough, she and her friends have conferred to me when they had emotional problems with their own boyfriends. I then realize that it was maybe fate that helped me help the girl, to help others who need my help as well.
It has been at least 7 years now, and I still am referred to as a 'doctor for the heart' in which I listen to someone's emotional problem, many times a girl, and I try to comfort them. I am still close friends with the girl I spoke about, after that time, we actually bathed in the presence of each other many times. I do not have a lover yet, and although many people say me and her are lovers, we are just friends who need each other for support.



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