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My First 'Boyfriend' Part II

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So, over the years 'R' and I would do all the usual things young boys do together; play outside, roam through the woods, go swimming, etc. And after that first introduction into mutual masterbation, we would often engage in a game we called 'Dick Tracy.' Don't ask me why we named our sessions together after a comic strip but I think we were just amused by the word dick. Who isn't, really? And all but for a brief time when he had just started puberty, this went on until I had graduated from High School and moved away to go to college.
My first ejaculate was a long time in coming, so to speak, but not for lack of trying. After having had many dry orgasms with 'R', I really thought that that was the extent of it. It wasn't until 'R's' family invited my mother and me to go on a camping trip with them. All loaded up in the family's station wagon, 'R' and I were in the very back of the vehicle in a seat facing out of the back window. Separating us from the rest of his family and my Mom was the enormous amount of luggage and camping equipment, so basically we were alone. We both had our pillows on our laps and that's when 'R' slid his hand underneath and started slowly rubbing my inner thigh, working his way up to my throbbing crotch. Up the leg of my shorts, he grabbed hold of my cock and started to jack me off. It felt so good and the thought of our parents and his sisters just feet away made it that much better!
After about 10 minutes of very deliberate slow stroking, I grabbed his wrist and whispered, 'Stop, I think I'm going to pee.' 'R' smiled and whispered that I wasn't going to pee and attempted to resume his pulling on my cock. The feeling was overwhelming, but I made him stop out of concern as to how we would explain that to our parents, me peeing in the car at 12 years of age!
Anyway, we eventually reached our destination and set up camp. Given our six month age difference, we shared our own tent and neither one of us could wait until bed time every day. We would climb in, zip up the tent flap after us, strip down and play with each other for what seemed like forever. I'm fairly certain that he was just as content as I and would have been perfectly happy having it never end.
I had barely started puberty whereas 'R' was full bloom and had the full patch of pubic hair and his cock had gotten much bigger. That first night in the tent, 'R' told me to jerk him and to watch what happens at the end. He said that what I was feeling earlier was the urge to cum and he wanted me to see for myself so that I wouldn't be freaked out and so that I could experience the incredible feeling. So, I jacked him off getting more and more intense as I watched his body tighten and delighted at his moans of pleasure. Then, with a force I had never seen before, 'R' shot out about five intense ropes of cum all over his chest and stomach. I was amazed at this and was eager to experience it, but everytime I would get close, I'd chicken out. I was more than happy to oblige 'R', but was hesitant to go there myself. I guess it must have been a slightly frustrating trip for 'R'!
When we got back home, I decided to see what all the rage was about. I loaded up my pajama bottoms with toilet paper and climbed into bed. My head had barely hit the pillow before my dick was hard and I was jacking myself. Every time the feeling approached, I would back off. I must have done this about six or seven times before I just couldn't stand it anymore. When I finally gave into the urge, my body bucked and quaked as I shot out stream after stream of white-hot boy juice!! I lay there still after I recovered from my orgasm and felt a combination of guilt and delight. I figured that this must be forbidden and that I would be in deep trouble if anybody ever knew. As I contemplated my shame, I figured the only way to get over it was to do it again!! So that first night I must have jacked off about 4 times, using what I now know is the stop/start method.
I could hardly wait to tell 'R' and when I did he said that if I thought THAT felt good, then I would love the feeling of someone else taking me there. We ran into his room and he yanked my pants down and went to work. 'R' was right, it was a much better sensation than doing it by myself--although that's not bad--and he put his arm around me as I started to get close. When I came, I shot ropes of cum all across his bedroom carpet. He laughed at watching me cum and said that we should do this again. So we arranged to meet the next day and met many, many times for just this purpose.
Things did get more interesting over the years, but that'll be in my next installment. Hope you enjoyed! Just the memory of this has me raging to finish this story!!



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