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My First "Boyfriend"

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My parents were divorced when I was very young and my mother tried very hard to make our life as normal as possible. When I was about 3, we moved into a new neighborhood that was almost like a ghost town. Slowly but surely, the lots sold and families began moving in. The family that moved in behind us consisted of three children with the youngest being a boy about 6 months older than I. As time marched on, he and I became good friends and we did everything together. Well, eventually everything!
Fast forward now to when we were 8 and 8 1/2. One day I went over to his house and was told by his parents that -- let's call him R -- was back in his room. So I bounded back and found his door locked. I knocked and yelled his name. From behind his door I could hear a lot of commotion before he eventually opened the door. His face was flush and he was heavily panting. I asked if he was okay to which he responded, 'Yeah, get in here I want to show you something' and with that he slammed the door and locked it back again.
Not knowing exactly what was going on and being somewhat confused, I sat on the bed when instructed. Then R said, 'I want to show you something but you can't ever tell anybody about this, okay?' I nervously agreed and was shocked when at that moment he yanked his shorts down exposing his erection. I'm sure I blushed as he looked at me and slightly chuckled. I said not a word as he then reached underneath his bed and pulled out a fur-lined glove, laid down on the bed and slid the glove slowly over his cock. He let out these hushed sounds of ecstasy and groaned as he writhed around his bed.
Shocked out of my mind that I was seeing what I was, I tried in vain to hide the tent that I had pitched in my pants. I was excited and aroused not to mention a little nervous. Then came the inevitable. He looked down at my crotch, grinned and asked, 'Do want to try the other glove?' After not much encouragement, I said yes and stood up to wrestle out of my pants. As I pulled them off, quiet fell in the room as we suddenly realized that we were naked in front of each other with little 8-year-old hard-ons. R reached under his bed and produced the second glove and slid onto my dick. The fur lining combined with the sensation of having someone else put it on was by far the greatest thing I had ever felt. R patted on the bed beside him and I lay down next to him. Slowly we stroked ourselves up and down amazed at this unbelievable feeling. About five minutes into this, he asked if we wanted to stroke each other. With absolutely no inhibitions at this point, I agreed and we went for it. We kept at it, faster, faster, faster. Our bodies were sweating now and we started to shake all over when we had what I later learned was a dry orgasm. We lay there for a few minutes looking at each other's cocks, talking quietly about this new discovery and that we would have to do it again soon.
Then suddenly there was a knock at the door. 'R', his Mom yelled, 'What are you kids doing in there? You know you're not supposed to lock the door!' In a miraculous recovery, he stalled her long enough for us to get dressed and hide the gloves. When he opened the door, his Mom said 'time for dinner' and then invited me to stay.
This was the beginning of a very long relationship that lasted until I graduated from High School. I'll submit more about me and R and our times together at a later date.



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