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My Fireman and Me

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All of my dreams came true when a kid in my apartment building pulled the fire alarm while I was in the shower. The entire building had to be evacuated, so I threw on my silk robe and went outside with the rest of the tenants. The robe was short with long sleeves so it covered me up...but because I was soaking wet the silk clung to my body making it virtually see through. I was relieved to see that not many people were home when I got outside...a few older couples and a mother and her baby. Finally the firetruck pulled up and all of the guys jumped out of the truck...I waited anxiously for them to check out the apartment yell at the kid and be on their way...THEN I saw him...

He was young..probably about 24 or 25. His grey tight tank top showed under his suspendered pants. He was ridiculously fit with strong arms, hard pectoral muscles and beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him and when he smiled over at me I literally felt myself get wet. I had never had this reaction to any guy before just by looking at him.

The guys checked the apartment building out and then were on their way. On his way out the adorable fireman smiled over at me again and waved. I looked down and saw my nipples completely erect and giggled to myself and crossed my arms. Some of the other firemen tried to get my attention as they drove away but my eyes were fixed on him..why hadn't I talked to him!!!

I went into my apartment and went directly to my bedroom. I went on Solo Touch and started reading some of the stories on here. I was getting hornier by the second. I untied my robe and started to rub my pussy and nipples.

When the doorbell rang I jumped a little and retied my robe around my body. I looked through the keyhole and was extemely surprised by what I saw...It was the fireman in his uniform!

I opened the door and he smiled. 'Hi I'm Aaron, I'm with the town fire department and uh.. we were instructed to uh.. re-check all of the units in this building'

'Okay' I said 'Me casa es you casa' He laughed nervously and then said 'Okay I lied..I just wanted to come and meet you because you looked breathtaking out there..and now that I'm in here you look even better'. Embarrassed but completely still turned on I did something that he nor I thought that I would EVER do. I grabbed his hand and started to lead him to my bedroom. He smiled that amazing smile and said 'wait...whats your name?' 'Angela' I said...'come with me..I wanna show you something'.

I sat fireman Aaron on my pink bed and slowly dropped my robe..sitting next to him. I was completely soaked when I reached down and started to rub myself. It felt so amazing to touch my throbbing clit while he watched me. He obviously was turned on becase a few times I heard him moan a little and his pants had a large tent forming even through his thick fireman pants. This turned me on even more and I rubbed myself harder. I stopped for a minute and undid his suspenders. He stood up and his pants fell to the floor. He pulled his large member through the hole in his boxer briefs and I almost came just by the size of it. I layed back and started rubbing myself as hard as I could. He licked his middle finger and shoved it deep inside of my throbbing pussy. Three pumps and I started to cum wildly with a loud high pitched moan. Me cumming must have done it for him also because he stopped pumping his dick and started cumming all over my stomach with one of his fingers still deep inside of me. We both just sat there for what felt like 10 minutes and then looked at each other and laughed. 'wow' he said..'you are absolutely amazing'.

Aaron and I have been together for 8 months and they have been the most amazing 8 months of my life. We have a hotter sex life than I ever thought possible and we often talk about the night that we couldn't keep our hands off of ourselves just by looking at each other.

We wrote this memory together and are going to go relive it right now!!!! Happy Jacking and Jilling everyone.



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