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My Favorite Aunt! from Den To Shower!

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This story is from a few years back, when I was 18.

I grew up living with my grandparents, and spent a lot of time with different uncles, and aunts. One aunt in particular that married into the family was one that I was always attracted to. She was a few years younger than my uncle, and at the time this story happened was 33, but she looks a lot younger. She's about 5'2' and maybe 110 pounds. She's a petite woman, and is 100 percent Vietnamese so has dark features.

Spending so many nights with them, I became really comfortable around my aunt and uncle, as did they around me. By the time I was in high school, my aunt would joke around about different sexual things with my uncle when I was around, and that made her even more hot in my opinion. Anyway, she worked nights and my uncle worked a normal 9-5 job, meaning that a lot of the time they weren't home together. This story occured one summer afternoon when my uncle was at work.

Their house in the summer would get really hot, so my aunt often slept through the day on a reclining chair or couch in the living room, where the good A/C was. One day my uncle was at work, and my aunt and I started watching I Love the 80's on VH1. She hadn't slept since she got back to work, and was laying on the couch I was sitting on, curled up. By the end of the show I looked over, and she was fast asleep. This happened a lot when I was over, but this time I couldn't help but notice she was wearing a short dress and it was riding up her leg. I couldn't stop looking, and decided to see if she was sleeping. I said her name in a low voice, and nothing. So I said it a little bit louder...still nothing. With that, I decided to try to get a better look at what she was wearing under her dress. As I positioned myself to get off the couch, I moved my foot and pushed her leg a little bit to the side with it. I thought she might wake up, but she didn't. I now had a nice view of her crotch, and she was wearing black panties.

By this time I had started to become hard, and wanted to press my luck. I moved closer to her again, and this time I took her leg in my hands and moved it a little more. I now had a full view, of her black thong, and she was still out cold. I said her name again, to make sure that she was still sleeping and moved my hand up her dress. I touched her, and she moved the slightest bit so I pulled back quickly...she didn't wake up. Finally, I had had enough and decided to get up and go 'relieve' myself in the bathroom.

I got up, and turned toward the hallway when all of a sudden I heard my aunt say 'you go whack it?' This scared the crap out of me, and I stuttered out 'what? No. I was looking for the remote. I thought you were sleeping.' She laughed and said she hadn't been sleeping the whole time. I felt all the blood immediately rush to my head. 'Oh...I couldn't find the remote,' is all I managed to get out. She grabbed it from right where I was sitting and said with her Vietnamese accent 'nice try, buddy.'

At that point I was scared of what she would say, so I just asked her please not to tell my uncle. She looked at me and said 'I won't if you don't. Now I go take shower. You whack out here.' By that time I had lost my hard-on, and figured she was joking around with me. When she got up to take a shower, she lifted up her dress as she walked past me, exposing her nice tight ass. That made me horny again, and I waited to hear the shower come on before I pulled out my cock and started stroking.

Not even 10 minutes had gone by, when my aunt came out wearing a towel around her. My cock was still in hand, when she walked out of the hall way laughing and said 'see. I knew you whack it.' At that point, I was in a groove and for some reason had lost all inhibition. I just looked at her and kept going. It made me harder knowing that she was looking on, then all of a sudden I saw her slip her hand through the slit in the towel, and into her pussy, which I couldn't see behind the towel. Half-jokingly, I said 'I'll help you if you help me' and laughed. To my surprise she moved towards me, and when she was about two feet away dropped the towel. When that happened my eyes immediately scanned the entire surface of her body.

I can still picture how she looked now. Her dark nipples were stood at full attention on her still-perky breasts, probably from being so close to the air conditioner. Her hair was still shiny, and went straight down as it was still wet from the shower. Her stomach was flat, and you could see she had a faint birthmark on the right of it. Best of all was the little pink puff in between her legs. She was perfectly shaved around her pussy, and had just a small patch of black pubic hair on her pubic mound above it. You could see the lips distinctly, and despite being thicker than most I had seen, they were shoved tightly together. She had one of the most beautiful bodies I had seen. I could smell her shampoo as she moved close to me.

During this time, I had stopped stroking, but still held my cock in hand. Finally, I let go and reached out to touch her. The second my finger touched the top of her pussy, I felt precum start to drip from the top of my cock down, toward the floor. Aggressively, I pushed my middle and ring fingers deep inside her, and she let out a tiny moan. She wasn't in a good position to 'help me out,' so I figured if I was going to wait, I may as well make it better for her. I pushed her toward the ground, and laid her on her back while continuing to rub her...inside, then up to the clit, then back inside over and over until she finally let out three or four squeaks, and I felt her legs push together on the, now, three fingers up inside her. Then it was my turn.

Throughout the whole time I had remained hard and knew I wouldn't last long. After making her cum, I stood back up, and waited for her to stand up. She got up on her knees, and moved in close to me. The second I felt her hand squeeze tightly around me, I thought I was going to cum. I looked down at her, still with my fingers in my mouth with her taste on them, trying as best as I could to make this moment last longer. My cock was literally inches away from her face, when I let out a very quick 'here it comes.' She moved her face to the side, and with a stroke I shot a stream right onto her shoulder. Then another stroke, and a stream in her hair, another in her hair, and on the forehead just above the eyebrow. She continued to milk it, and I let out a few more small squirts that landed on her hand, and a few dribbles to the floor. I would've loved to see her eat my cum off her hand, but she just wiped it off on my boxers, which were pulled down to my ankles.

Because I didn't know if I would get this chance again, I grabbed her breast one more time as she got up, and told her I was going to take a shower. 'Hold on,' she said. 'I need to grab my clothes.' So in she went, as did I. I continued to examine her beautiful body, and before she even left the bathroom I was hard again, and in the shower. Apparently she must've looked in the mirror when she was there, because she pulled back the shower curtain and said 'move over mister, I have to wash this off' and pointed at her hair. We had both forgotten, that quickly, about the mess I had made on her head, and she climbed in.

Standing behind her, while she showered I got really hard again, and reached around her to grab both breasts. It made her drop the soap, and she laughed then bent down to pick it up. When she did this, I had a great view of her cheeks spreading apart, and her pink lips hanging down. I decided to push my luck again, and tried to insert my cock in them, but she turned around and said 'no not that.' So, a little embarrassed, I told her sorry and put my hand down on her again. She obviously liked it, and raised herself off the tub, pushing against my forearm. I soaped up her pussy, and let her rinse it off a few times, then I finally asked 'can I finger it?' She looked down at my erect penis, gave it a few tugs, and said sure.

I turn her around, away from the stream of water coming down, and she backs up against the wall. I got down on my knees, and with three fingers up inside her I fucked her vigorously until within minutes she was having her second orgasm of the day, and I was satisfied with myself. She finished washing up, and I told her thanks. She smiled and said 'thank you.' We both again said not to tell my uncle. She left the bathroom, and I was alone again.

Time to whack it.



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