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My Early Experiences

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After reading countless stories here, it's time to share mine.

I've always been curious about other boys' packages. How hairy, how big, curved or straight, thick or thin, wieners (or cocks, as I'd come to know them) always intrigued me. Playing on my high school's football team offered ample opportunity to enjoy the sights after practice each day, and usually ended with me leaving the communal shower quickly to wrap a towel around my waist before my thickening rod gave me up. It was in the high school shower where I saw older juniors and seniors, two of whom were truly hung, and others were even shaved, that provided me with great j/o material when I got home.

The year before high school, though, is when it all really started for me. It was a cool spring day and my parents and siblings were out, when a friend from the neighborhood was over watching TV with me. The details are a little hazy as far as what we were watching or how the conversation turned to sexual innuendo, but it did, and after a few rounds of truth or dare, I was hard as a rock and pushing into my jeans. The tension was building as we answered each others 'truths' with what I now know to have been outright lies about how far we'd been with a girl and what a real pussy looked and felt like.

Then, he asked if I had a boner, and I answered yes. I responded by asking the same, to which he replied yes. Next, I chose dare, hoping something would happen, and it did when he simply said, 'can I see it?'

As much as I had hoped the game might take this turn, I was nervous. No one had ever seen my cock erect, and at 13, I was concerned this 15 year old might laugh at my smaller cock. However, my uneasiness was quickly overcome by a lust that only a teenage boy could know, as I stood in front of him, unzipped my jeans and lowered my tighty whiteys.

As I stood there, with my pants and underwear lowered to my knees and my four inch cut cock sticking straight out above my nest of two hairy cum-filled balls, by the rules of the game it should have been my turn to ask a truth or dare, but he beat me to the punch to ask, 'can I touch it?'

I did my best to play it cool, but this was working out better than I could have ever hoped. 'Sure,' I said as he extended his hand to take my very hard cock into his grasp. His other hand moved up to massage my balls and roll them around. I was in heaven, and soon asked him to show me his, but he was content to keep fondling mine a while longer. Before things could advance, my parents' car rolled up the drive way and I quickly pulled my underwear and pants up and took a seat on the couch.

A few weeks later we were at his house and he asked if he could touch me again. 'Sure' I said, quickly lowering my gym shorts and laying myself on his bed. Now, at this point he wasn't really masturbating me, but rubbing my cock and focusing mostly on my balls. I had never jacked off before, so I was content to simply enjoy the sensation.

After a while, I again suggested that I should see his, but he was hesitant. As I lay in his bed, with my full mast erection still out in the open, he stood next to the bed and finally relented, allowing me to slip my hand into the front of his shorts and over his hard cock. 'This is it!,' I thought as I ran my hand up and down the shaft of his cock and deeper to touch his hairy sack. I slid his shorts down to reveal a dick unlike any I had seen before (a limited sampling, mind you). He was uncut, which I think lead to his hesitancy to let me see it, but I thought it was awesome. Whereas mine stood straight out, his curved to the left and up a bit. Mine was a bit longer, but his was definitely thicker. Unfortunately the sound of a car pulling into the drive way once again interrupted our mutual fondling.

By the time summer rolled around, we were finding much more time while our parents were at work to enjoy the sensation of touching each other. Not needing to fear parents making surprise appearances, we would spend summer days exploring each others cocks and balls and enjoying new feelings. We'd put them together and rub them, take turns tickling each others balls and rubbing the tips together. It was also early on in this summer when we got our hands on a porno, and finally understood just what a cock could do when pulled up and down.

That special day, we were on his parents' bed because the VCR was in their room. The porno featured a bunch of two girl/one guy scenes and we watched intently, absent mindedly rubbing each others privates.

About half way through the movie, he slid down so that he was eye level to my cock and began to stroke me up and down. It went on for quite some time (in hindsight, he was edging me, though I didn't know it at the time) and I stayed very hard.

As he continued, I started to feel a new sensation in my balls. Now, I had just watched a couple porn stars fire off cum loads, but it didn't click in my mind what was happening in my body as the pressure from my balls shot up through my cock. 'I'm gonna pee,' I yelled, as my friend pulled away from my cock.

And then it happened. As I grunted and tensed up, my first spurts of cum fired out of my 13 year old cock and landed on my pubes, stomach and balls. My friend had just given me my first orgasm and my first hand job.

After a few minutes, he grabbed some tissues to clean me up, and we had a laugh about my thinking I was about to pee. I rested up for a few hours before I gave myself my second orgasm.

After that he and I spent plenty of time cumming together. He always preferred getting me off to anything else, though my favorite times were when we were jerking each other at the same time.

We've since lost touch, but those memories are still some of my favorite material to jack off to. I've since jacked with a few other guys, and had a couple serious girlfriends. All those experiences began with that simple question my friend asked me, 'can I see it?'



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