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My Earliest Times

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The first time was after my fiend told me what 'beating your meat' was. So I went home and tried it in the shower but nothing happend, so I gave up. A few weeks later I tried it again and this time it started to feel really good. I remembered then that this was the feeling I had had as a little boy just as I woke up in the morning. But after I woke up all the way the feeling went away and I was really frustrated. Well, evenuallly I perfected the art and have done it just about every way imaginable. I am amazed at the number of people who had experiences with others that were so open. No one I knew would even discuss masturbation, much less do it with someone else.
At first it was once every other day. Then it got to be every day, then 2,3,4 and 5 times a day. I can now have multiple orgasms back to back, but only if I haven't done it for a day or so and only if I think of something or see something that I personally find really erotic. During those times after I cum the first time, my cock still feels good and if I rub the top just under the head with one hand and grab the bottom and gently rub up and down with a moistened hand at the same time, I can can have 2 or three orgasms back to back. The most I have ever had this way is 5. I mean 5 without stopping in between in about one minute. The secondary orgasms are extremely excruciating and afterwards I'm completely exhausted.
I masturbate in the shower, on the toilet, in front of the TV and at the computer. Newsgroups are the best way to get free porn on the net, in case you're paying. I have masturbated in front of other pretty women without them knowing. I sometimes would masturbate in the bathroom and them come out just as I'm orgasming and talk to someone really attractive who was visiting or whom I was visiting, and act as if as if nothoing was happening, but the whole time I'm shooting cum into my pants. I've almost gotten to the point where I can will my self to orgasm while riding down the road on a long trip. I also use the shower head, vibrators, you name it.
I wish my wife would accept it a litle more. She says she doesn't like to watch me, but I love to watch her. She only does it when we have sex. I wish she would do it whenever she wanted and pretend I wasn't even there. Like it's completlely natural. Eventually I will train her to relax. She has come a long way already. She has started masturbating me and crammming her finger up may ass. My God the orgasm is excruciating! I can only take it every once in a while because I'm so aexhausted afterwards.
Well, I'll post more later. Much, much more. Till then!



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