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My Dirty Little Secret

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I was never one of the pretty girls. I was tall straight hipped and small busted. Not the model type. In school I excelled at sports and I am sure that most people thought I was a lesbian. In actual fact I was attracted to both girls and boys but never really acted on my urges. I didn't have dates with boys and was reluctant to come on to girls since I worried about having a 'reputation.'

In college I majored in engineering and I was one of two girls among dozens of ME students. I formed bonds with my guy lab partners and they became my buddies. By my junior year I was invited to their parties.

They were a bunch of geeks and I was not really attracted to any of them but after our time together they began to treat me like one of the boys. Eventually I found myself at an apartment after 2:00 AM talking with them about the sex that they were not getting either. They pressed me about my sexuality but I never told them I was gay, just that I wasn't lucky or attractive enough to get dates.

During the second weekend and sex talk session one of them asked me if I masturbated. I couldn't help but notice that the room went dead silent as I considered my answer. I did of course, but I had never shared that secret with anyone much less my college buddy guy friends.

With a warm horny feeling that had been building during the evening I decided to go for it. 'Of course,' I answered, 'doesn't everybody.'

Suddenly I was the group celebrity answering questions of girl sex. How I did it, when I did it, how many times. There were five of us in the room and as I answered questions the sexual tension filled the room. They wanted to know exactly how and what I touched when I did it. As the converstion continued I could see the bulges growing in their pants. Geeks with erections, I thought. I probably should have been scared but I was finding it erotic. And I was getting terribly horny.

Suddenly one of the guys was obviously rubbing himself. As he did the full length of his penis shaft and head became outlined in his white jeans. He caught me looking and asked if I wanted to see it. I didn't answer, but he slid his pants down anyway and exposed himself. I looked and as I did I could feel the moisture leaking into my panties.

The other guys didn't know what to do and it was an obvious point of no return. I broke the silence by saying that this was going to have to be one of my masturbation nights (I had previously admitted to two or three times per week). How about the rest of you I asked. By this time the first guy was working his penis up and down and had a glazed expression on his face. Two more penises came out. Then I began to touch myself through my pants.

'Not fair,' one of the guys whined. 'We are doing it in front of you and you should show us.'

'OK, but no one touches me,' I responded. 'And you all have to do it.'

A few minutes later and they were all jacking off like crazy. I had pulled my pants and panties down but left my shirt on. Sitting Indian style on the couch I slid my index finger up and down along my lips with my right hand while squeezing myself up and open with my left hand. This wasn't my typical style but it seemed to serve to demonstrate for the boys. The guys arranged themselves around me, with some sitting on the floor to watch. I went as slowly as I could, trying to delay my climax. They thrashed their hands back and forth so fast that what they were doing was almost a blur.

One by one all but one of them groaned and let massive amounts of creamy goo fly around the room. I had never seen anyone cum before and the sight of it pushed me over the edge. In a minute I was doubled over groaning and convulsing. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life.

When I calmed down and straightened back up, one of the guys was still going at it. I asked him why he hadn't gone off yet and he said that he had jacked off in the bathroom a half hour earlier. But that he could do it again.

He stood near me and began to masturbate with both hands. Then he asked if I would help him. 'No touching I objected.' But he didn't want me to touch him. Instead he asked me to open myself again so that he could see my clitoris. I spread myself again and pressed my hood up exposing my little white button. When I did he seemed to go crazy. 'God' he said, 'I have never seen such a big one,' he said. 'Please touch it for me.'

I wanted to help him and somehow I also wanted to touch myself again, even though I had just had a powerful orgasm. So I tweaked my clit from the underside making it stand even taller from my lips and hood. When I did this I had a sensation that I had never had. I actually never had directly stimulated my clit, usually just pressing around the outside of it instead. But that night the direct touch was electric and as he watched me I tweaked away at the little bulb breathing harder and getting the same crazy look in my eyes that the guys had a few minutes earlier. A few seconds later I came again and as I did ropes of boy cum spilled on my feet and legs.

This was just the beginning of my trip into the wonderful world of male masturbation. And who says the engineering students don't have fun?



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