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My Cousin Set Me Up

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I was with my older cousin in another town for a baseball tournament. We checked into a motel and got two single rooms. I later found out why.


I was 17 at the time and a complete virgin when it came to girls. My cousin knew it and I'm sure he also knew just how bad a 17 year old boy wants a girl. We settled in for the night and I was setting in my room watching TV. Then, around 9:30, I heard a knock on the door. I figured it was my cousin coming over for a visit.

I opened the door and was I ever wrong. It was a beautiful girl wearing a halter top and shorts. I said 'Yes'. She smiled at me and said 'Your cousin sent me over to visit you'. She then walked in without me even inviting her in. As I watched her walk past me and then away from me my eyes were all over her body and blood was rushing to my young cock. She looked GOOD! She turned to me and said 'Close the door'. I did and then she walked up to me and said 'I hear that you've never had a girl before'. I said 'You've heard right'. She said 'Well, I'm here to do something about that this evening'. I could hardly believe my ears. She ask 'Interested'? I just shook my head yes. She then put her hand on my cock through my pants and said 'I see you're ready'.

She then told me to set in the easy chair. I did and she stood before me and slowly took off her clothes. She had a true dream body. She then came up to me and leaned in saying 'You can touch me, you know. Anywhere you want'. I reached up taking a tit in each hand and started squeezing them. they felt like heaven. She said 'Go ahead. Suck my nipples'. I did and as I did I ran my hands down to her legs and then around her to feel her ass. Something I'd always wanted to feel on a girl.

She then stepped back and started taking off my clothes. She soon had me naked sitting there with a big boner sticking up. She then got her purse and took out a condom and started to undo it. It was then that I told her I didn't want to stick it in her and that I wanted to save myself for my wife some day. She said she understood. She said there was certainly other things we could do other than that. She then wrapped her hand around my cock and she said 'Like this'. She took her hand off and said 'Come on. Let's lay down'. She laid on the bed and I laid next to her. She then took my cock back into her hand and slowly started stroking it. I reached over and ran my hand between her legs feeling her pussy with my fingers. I was sure wanting to. About that time I could feel my orgasm building in me and I pushed my hips towards her. She stroked me a little faster and I went off shooting cum on her. I'd never cum so hard or so much in my life.

She then got up and came back with a wet wash cloth and wiped my off as well as herself. My cum was on her abdomen and on her thighs. She then got dressed as I laid there on the bed recovering. She came up to me and gave me a kiss before leaving. The next morning, my cousin saw me and smiled. I didn't say anything. He finally ask 'Well; how was it'? I just smiled back at him. He knew it was good.



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