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My Cousin Modelling for Me

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When I was about 13 I used to spend time at my cousins house a lot. We were around the same age and we used to play video games with my younger male cousins. My older cousin was about seven months older than me and female. By the time of this story she was already 14. We'll call her 'Ruby'.

My parents dropped me off at their place after school to spend the weekend. When we got there Ruby answered the door. My two younger cousins were still at karate practice and my aunt and uncle went to pick them up but would be back in about an hour. She said she would watch me until they got home so my parents dropped me off and left. When we got inside I set my things down and sat on the couch. I wanted to turn on a video game but didn't want to touch my cousins stuff without them there. Ruby turned to me and asked 'hey, wanna come upstairs and see me model? I got some new clothes I wanna show off!' I really didn't want to but agreed since we had nothing else to do.

When we got to the room I sat on her bed and she told me to close my eyes while she changed. I did. 'ok, you can open them.' When I looked up I was more than a bit stunned. There she was in a pink bra and matching boy shorts. 'Do they look good on me?' she asked as she made a few poses. All I could squeek out was 'uh-huh'. 'ok close them again!' I closed my eyes but all I could picture was my cousins tight body in that bra and underwear. After a few seconds she told me to open them again. This time shes wearing a beige lace bra and panties. Wow. I had to cross over a bit to hide my rising hard on. As she posed she asked 'looks good right?' and again all I could answer was 'yeah' as I shifted myself. At this point she looked at me and asked if I was ok, and I said I was. She must have looked at my pants and noticed my boner because she asked me 'Am I making you hard?' I squirmed a bit and said yeah she was.

At this point she paused and looked at me in the face and asked 'hey, so do you ever jerk off?'. I twisted a bit before I answered. I recently began experimenting with it and was really liking it, but I didn't want her to know that. I told her no. She looked at me again and said 'its ok, I know boys at school who say they do.' I looked at her again and said 'well yeah, sometimes.'. Then she dropped the bomb, 'well if you wanna jerk off right here, that's ok.'

I really didn't know what to say. She must have noticed my confusion because she then added 'we'll make a deal, you don't have to cover your eyes this time while I change. I'll turn around and change, and if you want to, you can take it out and start'. I really didn't intend to at first, but as she turned around and undid her bra, I saw the sides of her breasts as they swayed gently back and forth after coming loose from her bra. I started to undo my zipper and slide my dick out into my hand. Then she slid off her panties, took a new one out of her drawer, and began to put them on.

It was a black thong this time. Wow, I started stroking strongly but still at a slow rythym. As she started to put on her new bra, she turned around to face me as she was about to fasten it in the back, and stopped, eyes locked on my hand and hard dick. I froze. Maybe she didn't actually expect me to do it? She took a few steps forward and then finally said 'wow, that looks really nice.' As she started walking towards me she must have forgotten to finish snapping the bra because it slid down her arms and down to the bed as she sat next to me. 'don't stop, keep doing it' she told me, eyes locked on my dick still. I started stroking again, still kinda nervous but not so much since now she was sitting on the bed next to me, topless, encouraging me. I started stroking again but with my eyes fixed on her face watching me stroke.

'You know, I've never actually seen a real one before, or watched a guy stroke it.' I then asked her, 'do you ever...' I couldn't finish it, but she answered back 'yeah sometimes, but we do it different'. 'yeah I figured' I laughed back. 'can I try it?' she asked. I froze again. 'I wanna see what it feels like, a hard dick'. I pulled my hand aside and she grabbed hold. It was a new and great sensation having someone else take hold of my dick. She started stroking slowly, then said 'show me how to do it right'. I placed my hand over hers and started moving her hand up and down, slightly faster, then increasing speed. As I did I could feel her tits brushing up against my other arm as she moved back and forth, and I really started moving her hand faster and faster.

Pretty soon I was about to cum, and I told her so. 'will it be messy?' I told her 'yeah', and with her other hand she grabbed the nearest thing to catch it, her bra on the bed. I went crazy and shot my load into one of the cups. 'wow, that was so awesome' she said, as she stroked me out to completion. Suddenly the realization of what just happened sunk in, and I felt a little strange. But she broke it up by asking 'have you ever watched a girl do it?'. I told her no. 'well I kind of need to now after that, so I'll show you.'

She slid her thong off, then swung her leg up and behind me, and left the other on the floor as she laid back on the bed, so I was now sitting between her legs, staring right at her perfect little beaver. 'ours is like this' she said, as she put her fingers in her slit and started moving in circles. I was a little stunned but my natural reaction was to grab my cock again and start stroking. She then looked at me and asked for my other hand, which she took in hers and placed down on her wet warm slit. She began moving my hand in the same motions and pointing out where I should be touching and how.

After a while she told me to try it solo and removed her hand. I kept rubbing her clit with my fingers as I stroked myself, and she began rubbing and playing with her nipples. After a few minutes I must have hit the right spot because she took her hand and clamped down on mine hard. She began arching and moaning driving my hand down on the spot I was in. Pretty soon she brought up both legs and squeezed them around me to where I couldn't move my stroking hand, but I finished rubbing her out with my free hand. Her orgasm felt like it lasted forever, with her body rock hard and tense and a loud long moan. she finally eased up, moaning lightly, as she fell back on to the bed.

She looked up at me and asked me to lay next to her on her bed. I did, and she took my dick in her hand, and placed my hand on her still warm slit as we looked at each other, still stroking each other off lightly. 'your not going to say anything to our parents, right?' she asked. 'of course not, they would kill us'. 'yeah' she laughed in agreement. 'That was the best one I ever had. Can we do it again later?' I didn't even have to think before saying yes. 'good, we should get dressed now' she said, and we jumped off the bed and put our clothes back on. went downstairs and turned on the tv to act like nothing happened when the rest of her family came home.

I spent a lot more time at my cousins after that, trying to get there before they got out of practice, even sneaking into her room a couple times during the night. She told me she was never able to get the cum stain totally out of that bra, but she said it was ok because when she wore it, it tickled her nipple and reminded her of our first time, and made her horny all over again and she would have to sneak off and rub herself out. We kept up an agreement for the next few years where we would 'practice' new things on each other and tell each other if it was good or not. Kissing, stroking, licking, but just no actual sex. And of course our mutual sessions afterwards.

I found out later she would share these techniques with her girl friends, which actually led to another interesting story which I will have to write out later...



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