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My Cousin Kyle

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My cousin Kyle was a dorky little kid from Nebraska, who came to live with my family when his mom died. He was 13 at the time and I was 16.


Kyle was a short nerd of a kid who I really didn't like. My parents both worked every day which left the responsibility to me to watch over him after school and during the week in summertime. We really didn't get along to well at first but I noticed him staring at me when I was in my bikini at the pool or pajamas at night. I was a lot taller than him and I guess he wasn't around too many older girls since he had lived in a rural area of Nebraska. He would turn away if I looked at him and was really bashful and shy. I was sort of flattered and turned on at the attention, and after my shower I would sometimes just walk around in my towel and he would follow me around like a puppy.

One day I came out of the bath and he was in the hall. When I went in my room I left my door open about three or four inches, and sure enough he was peeping in. I acted like I didn't know he was there and took off my towel and walked around the room naked for a few minutes knowing he was watching me. Then I layed on my bed and started masturbating. I knew he could see me and it was the first time I ever did it in front of anyone, and it aroused me so much it was a terific orgasm. As time passed I got more brazen and started masturbating more often when I knew he was around. I have a dildo that looks like a real penis and would leave it around so he would see it. Naturally I hid it from my parents.

One day right after the fouth of July he was skateboarding and slid into a tree in front of our house. One of his friends came and said he was really hurt. When I went outside he was on the ground doubled up in pain and evedently he hit his balls on the tree. I got him in the house and he just kept holding his crotch and crying. He really was in pain and I really didn't know what to do. So I told him he had to let me see how bad he was hurt. I made him lay down on the sofa and he reluctantly let me pull down his shorts and underwear. He was so embarrassed he turned three shades of red. His penis isn't very big, the only other penis's I've seen were a few babies except one time when I saw my dads and it was much bigger than Kyle's.

He was covering his penis and balls with his hands so I said I had to look if he was cut. He closed his eyes and moved his hands away and without even thinking about it I decided to humiliate him even more. I actually took his penis in my hand and started pressing and feeling his balls. Not knowing anything about his scrotum I lied and said he ws swelling up a little. Then I told him he had to sit in a hot bath for twenty minutes and he belived me. So I filled the tub and knelt down beside him and noticed he started getting an erection a few times.

After the bath I took him into my room and told him I would put some lotion on him. He let me pull away his towel and again I held his penis and started rubbing lotion on his balls. This time he got a total erection and it aroused me, and not even thinking what I was doing or how for that matter, I jerked him off and he came all over my hand. It was the first time I ever saw semen. At this point both of us were embarrassed. Neither one of us even mentioned that he got hurt to my parents.

That night I masturbated 2 times with my dildo thinking about what I had done. For a few days Kyle and I hardly spoke to each other. Then finally I just asked him if he liked what I did. He blushed when I said that then said it was the best time he ever had and would like me to do it again. From that day on we started like playing doctor and examine each other body and masturbate each other. And we even go on line to find more ways to satisfy on another. I never realized there were so many sites on masturbation and I learn more all the time.



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