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My Cousin Is Huge

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Over last summer, I spent a week at my cousin's house visiting with family and hanging out. Well, one night my cousin became overly-interested in the fact that I have had sex before. He is still a virgin and he likes to ask questions.

I willingly answer because those kinds of questions get me horny.

Anyway, one night he asked, 'even though you have had sex, do you still masturbate?'

I answered, 'yeah, of course.'

And we went on a little after that with nothing to hear but the television...

Then my cousin put some porno on his computer and started playing it. Within minutes I was hard as a rock and I knew he was too.

I was laying on his bed behind him and he was facing away from me to his computer in his chair. He kept squirming around, and I knew he was as horny as I was. I figured he was nervous because he hesitated on getting a sock out of the dresser near by, but then I said, 'go ahead man, it's cool. i'm getting one of mine out too.'

and so I did get a nice, clean tubesock out of my suitcase in the floor.

he was getting a little braver and stood up, (still facing away from me) and slid down his pants and boxers. I noticed from the way he was moving his arms around that he was slipping his tubesock onto his cock.

I did the same. I slid my pants down and off my feet onto the floor and did the same with my boxers. I took my tubesock and slid it onto my penis. I was excited because I had never masturbated with anyone before, never a guy and never someone I had known my whole life.

He got some courage and turned around in his chair to ask what type of porn I preferred, when I answered with 'it doesn't matter,' I looked at his erection. It was what he had intended anyway. He was huge. It was at least a 10 or 9 inch erect penis looking me in the face. His tubesock only just covered it all.

I'm not really big, maybe 6 or 7 inches long, but seeing his hard dick made me throb from excitement.

I'm not a big 'tubesock' guy, I like skin on skin so I took off my sock and sat up in his bed. I was going to use the sock to catch my cum, but masturbate normally with my hand.

We started jacking together and I could tell he was getting close, I tried to time it to where we would cum somewhere around the same time, and I did. when he started to groan, I saw the top of his sock 'pop' when he had shot his load in.

that sent me over the edge and I came for what felt like straight minutes into my sock. I rolled up the sock and threw it into my bag of dirty clothes, and sat there bottomless for a while. He was sitting sideways as I had been watching him masturbate and he had been half watching the porn, half watching me. We were both 17 at the time.

He took off his sock, and rolled it up like I did and threw it into his dirty clothes hamper.

we were both a little erect still when we were putting our clothes back on, and the rest of the trip that I stayed at his house, the only thing I wore below my waste (unless his whole family was home) was my boxers so if I wasn't already in the mood, I wasn't far from being there.

The rest of my stay at his house, I masturbated a few more times with him watching and vise-versa. neither of us are gay, but we enjoyed seeing each other get off.

i can't wait until NEXT SUMMER!



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