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My Cousin and I

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Still fantasize about this.


When I was younger, my cousin, who is three years younger than me, would stay with us while my Aunt worked nights (or partied). Anyway, we'll call her Tina for this story.

I hadn't been really masturbating at this point, but would often do things like grab my own ass, or play with my prick. But I had never had an orgasm at this point.

Tina always stayed in my room because my brother had sleep problems and they didn't want Tina staying up all night. This time, she was sleeping on my floor, and I was sound asleep. I awoke to feeling a hand feeling around my stomach. I was immediately awake thinking a spider had gotten into bed. But then, I quickly realized that it was Tina.

I thought maybe she was scared and needed comfort. Until she reached into my shorts and began to fondle my stiffening peter. I was in total shock. It was the first time ever anyone had ever touched me in this way. I felt more hard than I had ever felt in my life. I laid in complete stillness letting her fondle my balls and shaft. My young hormones were being pumped into my body by my heart that was beating like a hammer in my chest. I reached down and slipped my shorts off, and I heard a giggle. But she continued to do the same, and I was completely clueless about what to do.

I reached down under her sheets and groped for her sex, when I found that her pajamas and panties were off. I found what I was looking for and at first I didn't know what to do, until her free hand guided me around a little bit, putting my finger into her warmth, and feeling her slick clitoris. Her hips ground slowly so I continued to alternate between fingering her and playing with her clitoris.

This continued for what seemed like an eternity, until she started to make little grunting noises and soft moans. I told her to quiet down or my mom would hear.

She complied by climbing into bed with me and we continued our 'mutual'. I could feel my penis lubricating itself and her hand becoming slick with my juices, as my finger became slick with hers.

She whispered in my ear that she was close to 'popping'. When she said this, I increased my ministrations, and she returned the favor. My anus pulsed with fury and I could feel her wetness and hole pulsing in time with me. I felt her shudder, then she closed her legs and began bucking against my hand. She was moaning, and all the action finally sent me over the edge. I raised my hips and bit my lip as I unleashed a stream of goo that covered my belly, chest and her arm.

She giggled like mad and said that her friend said that boys pee when they get excited, but that it sure didn't feel like pee. We cleaned up using my shorts and I put a fresh pair on. We had a couple more encounters, until we got caught by my mom and aunt one day. They both chastised us and laid a guilt trip that to this day haunts me. However, even now that we're grown up, I still look at her and wonder if we could ever have that moment ever again.....



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