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My Cousin and I

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This is how I first discovered the joy of masturbating. I'm guessing I was around ten or eleven when it all started. Maybe earlier.

My cousin, Hazel, lives across the country from me, so I only see her about every two or three years. The first time I can remember me and her doing stuff together, my dad and I had gone to visit Hazel and my aunt and uncle, and we were staying at her house. My dad and I were supposed to sleep in the guest bedroom together, but my cousin insisted that I sleep in her room, like a sleepover.

We got in bed and talked until about 1:00 in the morning. Then she said she was starting to get horny, at the time I didn't know what that meant. So, she asked if I wanted to play truth or dare. It soon became dares to kiss each other etc. and as one thing led to another, our two hot little bodies were pressed together. We would trade off being on top, and kiss each other deeply, using full tongue, and slowly move to each others necks, where it felt so good. Our necks and faces got pretty wet. The one on top would kiss the neck while the one on the bottom would moan softly. Then we started taking off our clothes, and soon we were just in our little white panties. We lay on top of each other, and I still remember how nice her hot sweaty little body felt against mine. We interlocked our legs, one of mine in between hers, and one of hers in between mine. We humped each other so hard. Even after all the experiments I've done since, nothing compares to that wonderful feeling. My pussy ached and trembled and we held each other close, our bodies shaking.

The next time was when I was twelve and my body was beginning to develop. Again, only my dad and me went to see Hazel, since her mom is my dad's sister. When we arrived, she was wearing a flowerly little tube top. She was flatter than me, but still had a cute little body. I can't remember if we did the same thing that first night or not. The next day, me and dad were going to drive to my other cousin's, eight-year-old Caleb, my dads other sister's house. Hazel wanted to come with us, and her parents said it would be alright. So we went to stay there. Caleb's house was a lot smaller, so me and Hazel and Caleb were going to share a room.

Caleb slept on his bed and me and Hazel shared a mattress on the floor. The first night at his house, we went at it right away, kissing everywhere and humping each other like crazy. Caleb kept leaning out of his bed to watch us, and saying 'I can see you.'

The next night, Caleb kept asking us to do stuff, so we would kiss for him. We asked him if he wanted to play truth or dare, but he didn't know what it was, so we showed him. He showed us his still undeveloped penis, and we laughed and touched the tip of it. We then tighted our shirts (hazel put underwear in her bra as stuffing) and made out while feeling each others still small breasts. Caleb was delighted.

The final night we did what we had done the first night at Calebs, and oh god it was amazing. We rocked each other all night.

After that visit, I missed her and her body greatly. I kept wishing I could have those amazing sensations again. One night I realised that I didn't need another person to give me those feelings, and I began to try other ways. The idea of fingering myself still grossed me out somewhat at the time, but one night I laid out a blanket on the floor and slid my middle and index fingers inside of me. If felt good, but not like when I was with Hazel.

The thing that brought me closest to that feeling was if I lay in bed, with my legs spread and knees bent, like having a baby, and put a pillow through my legs horizontally, under where my knees folded. Then, I threaded a belt vertically from my belly button down, around the outside of the pillow and under my back. I then grabbed the belt on my stomach and pulled hard, while humping it. This is now my favorite method, and always brings me an orgasm. I've even had four great ones all together, if I waited about a minute in between each one and then started up again.

Also, I used to have a couch in my room, and I would straddle the armrest of it and hump that. I loved to see my shadow on the wall as I did that, and watch my 36C breasts shake and rock, my back arched. I owe it all to Hazel.

I've been a lot more adventurous as time has gone by, and tried a lot of stuff to get off. I still haven't seen Hazel, but I wonder what will happen next time I do.



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