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My Bus Rides

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Just checked out solo today and read the story about the girls bus ride which reminded me of a few times when I was about 14 or 15. We live right out in the sticks and the last half hour of my bus ride home from school I was usually alone. One day when I was sat alone on the top deck I was reading a thick heavy school book and without realising it the spine was pressing into my crotch as the bus wobbled about. I got very horny and checking I was alone I spread my thighs wide and scooted down in the seat and began to rub and press the corner of the book against my puss through my trousers. I didn't orgasm but I got very horny and kept myself on edge until I got home where I could finally rub myself off. Another time on the way home the bus was really full so a few of us had to stand, I ended up standing next to a girl from my village who was a year below me. Every time this bus stopped the whole thing vibrated and trembled so much, as I glanced at the girl I noticed she was bright red in the face and had a real distant look in her eyes and as I looked again she had her crotch pressed against a pole that curved up to one of the disable seats and it rested perfectly between her thighs and against her crotch, when the bus stopped and vibrated the pole shook and she pressed into it. The horny cow I thought. Then every night I noticed her standing in the same spot even if there were seats free, one night I sat right behind her and watched her press herself down a little onto the pole every time we stopped and I had a perfect view of her bum clenching as she squeezed herself against the pole. I have to admit I became a little moist and jealous as I watched her getting a rub and her panty line cutting over a cute bum as she got a thrill. One day to my delight she was not there and as the bus was very crowded I stole her spot and secretly mounted the pole and gasped as it pressed my clitty. When we stopped the vibrations were mad and it was just the right height to make my puss tingle and wet my panties and I let my weight down onto it to get a nice grind. By the time I got off my puss was swollen and wet and I just had to rub myself off at home. Bus rides are quite fun.



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