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My Brother's Party

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It was about a week after my 13th birthday, and my brother was having a party for a friend. My parents and I made a deal that I could have one friend over as well. So I chose to have my best friend Nikki over to spend the night. We had been friends for several years now, and I had started to form a sexual attraction to her. I'm not a lesbian, but something about this girl made me go off. I wasn't sure if she felt the same way towards me. Every time I saw her in a bikini I started to get wet (that had nothing to do with swimming!).

After the party was over (About 11:00), we were sitting in my room, doing something on my computer. She was getting tired and wanted to watch a movie to put her to sleep. So we decided to change into our PJ's while the movie started. We figured we might as well change in my bedroom together, no sense in leaving. We had sleepovers before, and I knew she didn't sleep in a bra or underware, like me. I figured this was my chance.

We both grabbed our PJ's and stood back to back to each other. I quickly slid off my green tank, revealing my pink bra with black polka dots. I quickly glanced behind me to see her sliding off her red tank, revealing her white bra. I then suggested we compare breasts, and she loved the idea. We turned to face each other and took off our bras. She asked 'What size are you?' '34B. And you?' 'AB34.' I then started feeling her boobs, they weren't as firm as mine, she wasn't quite done developing yet. As soon as I made contact with her nipples, they got rock solid, as did mine. She then played with my tits for a while, until she gave me a soft kiss on the right nipple. We then looked into each other's eyes. I asked 'We're just friends right, it's okay if we kiss?' 'Of course it is.' We laid down on my bed and made out, still half naked.

After we kissed, I was fully aroused, and I asked 'Want to compare something else?' she giggled and turned around and got in a doggie-style position, I was laying on my back on the bed. I started rubbing the back of her jean shorts. 'Go ahead and take a look,' she said. I pulled her shorts down, revealing her white briefs. I smacked her ass, and pulled her panties down. She had nice soft, round ass and this gorgeous pink, wet pussy. We changed positions, and she pulled down my shorts and my pink panties at once.

Next she asked me if I had ever masturbated before. I never fully masturbated before, but I had touched my pussy a few times. She said she masturbated every other day, and she learned how from her mom. She told me to lay on my back and spread my legs. She rubbed my pussy hair (which I had shaved into a stripe) and my inner thighs to get me 'Warmed up.' Then she spread my lips and stated rubbing my clit. It felt so good, I had never been this far before. Then she licked her finger and stuck it up my vagina. It didn't hurt, it actually felt incredible. We then switched positions. Like I said this was my first time rubbing a pussy, and even though it was wet, it was really soft and smooth. She then said she had and idea.

We sat on our sleeping bags in front of the TV. She reached into her bag and put in a new movie. It was one of her mom's porn movies. She then told me to touch myself the same way she touched me. So I spread my legs and started rubbing. It seemed to be working well, when Nikki laid on her back and started rubbing her titties, and I did the same thing. I was going pretty well, my crotch was tingling and my hips were tense. After a short time, she started moaning, and soon, I started moaning too. she said, 'I'm gonna cum.' She moaned a little more, and she said 'I'm gonna cum real hard.' By now I thought I was on the verge of cumming. Then she started making orgasmic noises, and her hips lifted off the ground as she had her climax. Then, I felt my orgasm come on. I started making similar noises, and soon my legs tensed up and lifted off the ground, and I had my climax. I squirted all over my hand and my bag, but I didn't care, I had my first orgasm!

Nikki smiled at me and asked 'Did you have fun?' 'Heck yes, baby girl!' We turned off the TV, and kissed again. We got in the same bag, facing each other. We slept the whole night, with our boobs and our bushes touching. When we woke up and put our clothes on, I noticed there was a small stain from her girl cum. She said her mom wouldn't care. Nikki is now truly my best friend!



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