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My Brothers Computer

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This is the true account of my first time...


My name is Linda. I'm 18 years old and I have been reading stories on Solo Touch since I was 13. The first time I masturbated was because of something that happened to me at school.

My friends at school were always talking about sex stuff. Like giving head to guys in our school, having sex with WAY older guys, and masturbation. I had never done any of that stuff, but I always went along with them, so they wouldn't think I was a little virgin, which I was. One girl, I'll call her Martina, was always bragging that she was bi-sexual, and that she'd had SO many experinces with guys AND girls. And this was in the eighth grade!!! 

One day, just after spring break was over, she came into the bathroom while I was already in there, washing my hands. She came in and I smelled her perfume, so sweet and pretty, that I actually felt my stomach tie into knots. She looked me up and down and said, 'Wow, Linda, those pants make your ass look great!'. I just took it as a random compliment. (I was VERY naive at the time.) I said thanks. I liked the pants alot for the fact they were snug on my hips and butt. They flaired out on the bottoms, which was the style at the time. 

I turned to face her only because I was about to leave the bathroom. But Martina kind of cut me off, she looked me right in the eyes and said 'Your pussy looks good too.' that's when she reached her hand out and cupped my crotch! I was shocked, but I didn't break her stare. I was almost hypnotized by her eyes. My heart was leaping in my chest! I was scared, curious, and kind of turned on all at the same time! 

Martina's hand was still on me when she just leaned in and pecked me on the lips. The smell of her perfume, make-up and natural musk was more than I could bear! I felt myself cream in my panties. I was so turned on in a way I've never been before. 

While I was trying to figure out what was happening there in the bathroom, Martina just walked away from me. Leaving me breathless, weak-kneed and totally wet! She went into the very first stall and locked the latch. I was dumbfounded! Was Martina just playing games with me? If she wanted to go further, would I have let her? When I heard her peeing, I made my escape. I was dizzy. I felt my own juices squishing between my lips. My head and body were reeling. I didn't know what to do, so I went to the nurses office and told her I was very sick and I needed to go home. She felt my head and face to see if I was warm, but when she reached out to touch me I flinched a little. She got a concerned look on her face, but excused me from the rest of my classes and just sent me home. My walk home was uneventful. But I kept replaying what happened in the bathroom with Martina. My body was buzzing like never before. I was sort of in a dream all the way home. 

As soon as I walked in the front door to my house, I made a b-line for the bathroom. I pulled my pants and panties down and wiped my cookie. I just had to see where all these new sensations were coming from. I mean, I knew what my clitoris, vagina and labia were, but up until that point, they'd just been clinical terms for random body parts. So, I put my finger on my buzzing clitoris. I nearly jumped through the roof!! It felt like fireworks were exploding in my clitoris! Then the thought just hit me: I NEED to masturbate!! I picked my pants back up and ran to the computer, I wanted to make sure I was about to do it right. In my 13 year old mind, I didn't want to get pregnant! It sounds silly now, but not really knowing all that much, I wanted to take all the necessary precautions! 

In order to see everything on the Internet, I'd have to go to either my parents computer in the living room or my brothers room. Since all our computers were password and content blocked, I opted for my brothers room. My brother's name is Paul. He's two years older than me. He's tall and very attractive. Most of my friends think he's very cute.

Anyway, I knew he had defeated the content block on his computer. And since his favorite band was Green Day, I knew his password would have something to do with them. 

It was easy as pie! I was logged in under his name in under three minutes! 

I typed in female masturbation in the google box, and I was swamped with porn sites. I wanted more informational sites, but my curosity got the better of me... I clicked on a random porn site and my jaw just dropped! OMG! When I saw what these girls were doing to themselves, I was overwhelmed! I knew a vagina was supposed to stretch to have a baby, but I couldn't believe what these girls were sticking in themselves! Dildos, soda cans, there own fists, other peoples fists! It was all so disgusting and fascinating at the same time!

After 20 minutes of watching random videos, my panties were soaked! I've been wet before, but nothing EVER like this!! I put my hand down my pants to feel my wetness, and I grazed my clitoris. I wasn't going to deny myself for one more second! I started stroking on my button, using my slick wetness as lubrication! I was in heaven!!! I felt so very relaxed and tense all at the same time. I KNEW I'd be doing a lot more of this. It turned me on to see girls doing exactly what I was doing! It was so amazing! Then I felt it! The most amazingly awesome feeling welling up in me! It hit me like a wave of pleasure! I knew I was climaxing! Cumming like my friends talked about! My hips were jerking forward involantarally. I orgasmed so hard. After the first climax passed, I felt spent! I felt like a woman for the very first time. I didn't want to stop, though. So I got completely naked! No bra covering my smallish breasts. No panties covering my pussy. I was naked in my brothers room, and I didn't care. I put my feet up on the computer table and spread my legs very wide! My own scent was strong. I could smell myself and that got me even MORE aroused! This time I watched a video of a girl sliding her fingers into herself! It was so horney! I wanted to try what she was doing! I put one finger in my vagina. I hurt just a little, but it felt better than it hurt. If one felt good, then two HAD to feel better, right? Yes... Two felt perfect! So, I pumped my first two fingers into my virgin vagina like a porn star! I could feel my orgasm building up again when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye! It was Paul, my brother!!! OMG!! I guess I didn't hear him come in the front door! I jumped so hard, that I actually flipped backward in his computer chair!!! I landed on my upper back, but the chair was still under my lower back! So my naked butt was suspended up in the air. I'm sure Paul was looking directly at my butthole! I was so scared! I was actually petrified! My first time masturbating, and I get caught red handed! 

I rolled over onto my knees and looked up at my brother on the verge of tears! When I look up I see Paul laughing! He was laughing his ASS off! I felt so stupid!! I just burst out in tears! I was mortified and here HE was... LAUGHING!

He said 'I'm sorry, Lin. Please don't cry! It's just seeing you flipping over like that was too much!' I wiped away my tears, but I was still on my knees. Naked in front of my older brother.

I started to explain what I was doing in his room, but he said he understood. I wasn't sure if I should believe him or not, he punched me in the arm for using his headphones without asking first! 

I stood up and picked the chair up. I asked him why wasn't he mad right now? He said, 'I understand what your doing, Hell, I do it too!'. You could've knocked me over with a feather!

'Paul! You... Masturbate?!?'. I was in awe! I kind of knew guys, you know, played with their dicks. How could they not? It's like, always in front of them, right? Paul and I had taken baths together when we were very small. 

Anyway, I was starting to get wet all over again, now very aware of my nakedness. I actually tried to put one leg in front of the other to sort of hide my very swollen labia. Then a wicked idea hit me. 'Well... Since you've seen ME doing it, I only think it's fair that I get to see YOU!'

'Are you kidding? Your my sister, c'mon!' 

'Hey! That's not fair! I'm standing here naked! You haven't stopped staring at my body since you came in here!'

'So... Like... Do I have to be naked, too?'

'Well, YEAH!'

'Shit... I don't know...'

'Ok, look... If you don't want to, then don't. I just think it would be hot to see a guy stroke his dick. And since you saw me, it should only be fair. Plus you know it's not going anywhere outside this room!'

'Ok. But you can't tell anyone, ok?'

'I swear!' My brother removed his shirt first. Then his shoes and socks. I was so excited, I thought I was going to just pee standing there! 

He slowed a little when it came to unbuckling his belt and undoing his pants, but when he removed his pants and underwear in one move, I about passed out! His dick was already hard. I had never seen one hard before, but I found his to be awesome! I thought it was thick and veiny at the time. Even now, it was still pretty good. Paul had a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. His balls were tight up against his body. It's like I'll never forget any motion, any smell or any little thing that happened that day. 

Paul didn't speak. He just looked at me. My face, my body. My legs. His eyes were like a sponge. Absorbing every inch of my body. He took his dick in his left hand, licked the palm of his right and started stroking it. My pussy was on fire. Paul told me to play with my pussy again. I got on his bed so fast. I was on my back, with my knees up, so I could watch my brother stroke himself. I stroked on my clitoris, which was now very swollen and very hot. I kept dipping my middle finger inside myself and smearing my juices on my clit. It was beautiful and sexual and so hot to watch him watch me! It seemed so natural to me. 

After what seemed like an hour, but was probably only four or five minutes, Paul started grunting. I knew he was cumming, so I told Paul to cum on me. I don't know why I did it, I just wanted it to happen, so I blurted it out. He obeyed. He put his dick right up to my clit and shot very hot sperm right on me. But more came out. This one landed right on my tummy. He must have made four shots on me. I was still diddling my clitoris when my brother put his sperm on me. I moved my hand when he stepped up to me. Pointing his dick right at my pussy. I so much wanted him to cum inside me, but he didn't. I scooped up the sperm that landed on my tummy and put it in my mouth. It tasted salty and sweet and so very good. It was so rewarding to watching him cumming on me. For me. Because of me. 

I came SOO hard watching my big brother stroke his big dick for me. It felt like my whole life was leading up to this moment.

After Paul came, he fell on the bed next to me. I layed on my side so I could look into his eyes. I asked him if he regretted doing this. He said no. I asked him if we could ever do it again. He said he'd like that. He asked me if we could ever do more than just watch each other masturbate. I said 'Just hold me and I'll let you know after we wake up.'




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