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My Brother Paul and Me

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I am a twenty-two year old born-again Baptist. My dad who married many years ago as a wedding night virgin told me three things about jacking-off: (1) it feels great, (2) no porn and (3) keep your hands to yourself. He and I have talked about jacking-off many times, have shared jokes about the subject and he is open to the fact that he still jacks-off and intends to until he dies. I also know that he and my mom have a great sex life.

This past Christmas I came home on a Friday and was expecting my brother Paul to be in on Saturday. When it was about 11:00 p.m. mom, dad and I decided it was time to head to bed. I went to my room stripped, turned off the overhead light, leaving the lamp on, put in my ear buds, lubed up and started jacking-off. I normally jack-off with my eyes closed.

After about five minutes I felt my mattress shift slightly. To my surprise Paul was now naked sitting on the bed beside me. I took out my ear buds, handed him the lube and we both laid there and talked for several minutes, both slowly stroking. Paul is two years younger than me and we have jacked-off together since Paul was twelve and I was fourteen. We both have a room connected by a bath, but most nights before we went away to different colleges, me to Baylor and him to Texas A&M we normally jacked-off each night together and then, unless we feel asleep we went to our perspective room.

We laid there jacking and talking forever and around 1:00 a.m. we shifted from slow stroking to full blown fast jacking. Well noticing that the light was still on in my room dad opened the door - Paul and I have full blown hard dicks, we are oiled-up and we are jacking-off with full fast strokes. This was the first time that I had ever been 'caught' jacking-off by my dad. When dad opened the door and saw what was going on, he just said, 'baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet' are as much a part of America as jacking-off. He then said, 'love you.' See you in the morning. Paul and I laughed ourselves all the way to great orgasms. I love my dad for helping me with guilt free jacking-off and teaching me not to get involved with porn. At breakfast the next morning dad hugged us both and then said, 'I know now why I hug you two rather than shake your hands.' He then patted us both on the butt and kissed each of us on the head. Dad is a man. Dad is our example. Dad loves us.



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