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My Brother & His Stuffed Animal

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My brother and his stuffed animal
My name is Sandra, I'm 20 years old. I have one younger brother, he is now 16. He still lives with our parents, but I moved out to college a year ago.
I've masturbated since I was about 10, always trying to hide it from my family members, and I love having total privacy now any time I want it. I never had a boyfriend for more than three weeks, but I lost my virginity when I was 18.
We don't discuss sex in our family, so I never talked about masturbation with my brother. I discovered that he masturbated as well three years ago, when I found porn magazines and soiled tissues under his bed. I was very excited about it, and I can say it even turned me on. At that time, I was still a virgin; I had never even seen an erect penis. I also found out that he looked at porn on the internet, because I found lots of pictures in the "temporary internet files" folder in the Windows dir. Since I found out, I caught him three times doing it, but every time he managed to hide his dick just in time, and I didn't have the guts to make a remark about it. But this is was happened last week.
I came home to stay the weekend with my parents. I entered through the garden in the back of the house. The back was open, so I could walk right in. I knew my parents weren't home, so I thought my brother must have left it open. I entered, put my stuff down, and sat down in front of the computer to check my email. But when I looked at the history folder, I saw that someone visited a lot of porn sites the same day. I looked at the pictures, and found maybe a hundred pictures of girls getting cum shot on their faces. But the most interesting thing was that the files were dated only 5 minutes ago. My heart jumped, because now I thought I had a pretty good idea what my little brother was doing upstairs. And I didn't think he had heard me come in! At that time I really wanted to catch him doing it, since I had become a little aroused myself from looking at the cumshots.
So I climbed the stairs very carefully. I stood in front of his door for a moment, then burst in. What I saw was amazing, and almost caused me to burst into laughing. My brother was on his bed, completely naked. He was lying on a stuffed animal: a big furry dog he had since he was a child. He was humping it doggy-stile, with his penis in a hole between the legs of the dog. I was expecting him to be masturbating, but I was not expecting him to be fucking a stuffed animal.
He stopped humping right away, but his dick was still inside when he turned and saw the smile on my face. He turned red, started to say something, but nothing came out. Since I was the one that put him in this awkward situation, I started feeling guilty. I told him that I didn't walk in by accident, but that I wanted to see him jerking off. He asked with disbelief: "You really wanted to see me doing it?", and I answered "Sure, why don't you finish for me." But he didn't resume his fucking. Instead, he slipped out of the hole, and I saw for a moment his huge dick, before he tried to cover it with his hands. I asked if it hurt to fuck the stuffed animal, and he answered it didn't; he said he did it "because it felt good, you stupid blonde". "And just so you know: I saw you masturbating under the sheets last year."
I was a little surprised to hear him say that, because I really hadn't thought he had been spying on me. I answered: "But you didn't see my pussy, let alone a dildo moving in and out." He was stunned, and so was I, to be true. I guess I was just horny as hell to say such things to him. I moved closer, and said, pointing to his dick: "But I can still see that huge boner you're trying to hide, it's too big to hide it with your hands. Why don't you let me see it?" I knelt in front of him and pulled his hands away. I took his dick in my hand and started stroking it. I think he was too horny to stop me. I was so aroused by then, that I didn't think of any consequenses. I told him to lay back, and I took his penis in my mouth. I had only swirled my tongue around his dick twice when he yelled he had to come. I stopped sucking him, and told him to look. His eyes grew big when I took off my shirt and bra, and exposed my 34C breasts. I laid down on his bed, and told him to sit on top of me, so I could suck him again. He did, and I took his dick back in my mouth. I moved it in and out a couple of times when he started breathing heavily. He moaned, and I knew what he wanted to see the most. I took his throbbing dick out just in time. The first squirt of cum landed on my upper lip and nose, the next ones all over my chin and breasts. When he was finally done, my upper body was a complete mess. I licked my lips, and told him that I would go to my room now, and that he'd better not follow me. So I left him there and went to my room, closed the door and kicked off my pants. I was so horny, and I could still smell the sticky mess that was all over me. I rubbed my clit furiously to orgasm.
When I was done I laid down on my bed caressing my wet breasts. I heard him at my door, and he asked if he could fuck me. I told him to come in, and so he did, his eyes never leaving my pussy lips. I think he never saw a girl's pussy before. He was holding his dick in his hands, stroking it. I told him he couldn't fuck me or touch me, because he was my younger brother. He said he understood, but he didn't leave. He kept on stroking as I started masturbating myself. His eyes were fixed on my fingers moving in and out of my pussy and stroking the area around my clit. It took him a little longer to reach orgasm this time. He shot his sperm on my breasts again, on my belly and on my hands. I looked down and saw his new sperm mixing with his old on my body, and my fingers, wet from both our juices, circling my clit. I closed my eyes and hit my second orgasm. When I opened them again he walked away. I layed back again, and after that I took a long shower.
Later that day I told him I didn't want to do it again, because a brother and sister shouldn't have a real sexual relationship. He agreed, but I know that afternoon was his best sexual experience ever. And I admit that almost every time I masturbated last week, I thought of his dick shooting sperm at my face. It really was a wonderful masturbation session for both of us.
Love to you all, Sandra



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