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My Brother Doesn't Know

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All true, a little dramatic but it did happen.


Me and my older brother, Stephan share a room together, with three older brothers, our parents and our aunt and her two sons, there's barely any room to breath in our house so everyone has to share a room. Stephan is two years older then I am, and has inherited our fathers famous good looks. We were always close growing up, but I never thought of him in a sexual way. I sometimes admired his goods looks and nice body but I never went beyond that. Now with so many people in the house, and all of them except my mom and aunt being older, rowdy boys, when I couldn't get out of the house I normally stayed in my room or outside for most of the day. Stephan has started masturbating a while ago and since I was in my room most of the time, he eventually got comfortable doing it around me. With him paying no attention to me, and me reading, writing or doing something else. But the truth was, whenever he would do this around me, it was hard to ignore him. I would sneak looks over at him, and watch fascinated as his hand pumped up and down his long shaft. He had a very good-sized cock, almost as thick as my wrist. It was the biggest of any I'd ever seen; save for my father, and It was very hard to concentrate on reading or such, when I could hear is soft moans from across the room.

One night, I was in my bed, propped up against a couple of pillows reading a book when Stephan came in and as he usually does before he goes to sleep began to masturbate. I tried to continue reading my book but I could hear his gasping breath as he pumped harder, and his soft moans as he worked himself to an orgasm. It was too much, I slipped my hand under my blanket where he couldn't see it, and placed it on my underwear. I could feel a wetness growing there as Stephan moaned louder. I then slipped my fingers into my slit and began to rub myself. I fingered my clit; amazed at the naughty shivers it sent tingling through me. I was getting off of my own brother, and he didn't know a thing about it. I pushed my fingers inside me and looked over at my own brother's hard cock, I tried not to gasp for air as the pleasure I was giving myself became more intense.

I tried not to think about him, but the images of his cock flooded my brain, as my fantasies got wilder and more erotic. I knew it was so wrong, but it only increased my sudden desire and lust. My heart was pounding and I could feel the heat building in my pussy and knew I was close to an orgasm. I looked over at him and saw his hard on stiffen, as he closed his eyes and increases the speed of his hand. Then he came. It was almost too much for me to watch his cock shoot out the white sticky cum while my fingers reached deep inside me. I had about the most intense orgasm I've ever had at that point in my life. My entire body tightened as shivers of erotic ecstasy shot through me, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from moaning out loud. It lasted only a few seconds but it was intense. I let out the breath I'd been holding and pretended to read my book while Stephan went to the bathroom and came back to clean up the mess. He then went to bed; I put down my book and pretended to do the same, but that night I could barely sleep knowing that one day my lust just might get the better of me.



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