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My Brother and I Were Close

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I was 11 when this happened.

I was starting to think about boys a lot and when I was with friends we would talk about them all the time. When we talked about sex and stuff we would all pretend it was gross, but the truth was I was a little curious about what a penis looked like and how sex worked. Mostly we talked about the cute guys in our class.

My brother was fourteen when I was eleven. He was a typical brother - he teased me a lot and we fought some times, but most of the time we just ignored each other. That changed one night when he was having a sleep over with his best friend, who we'll call Chad.

It was late. My mom was asleep and they were watching TV. I had been on the phone with my best friend for a long time, but then I hung up and was going to bed. I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and on the way I passed the TV and computer room. I had on my slippers so I was walking real quiet, and when I got to where I could see the computer, I could see that Chad and my brother were looking at a picture of a totally naked girl on the internet.


My brother was like 'Oh crap! PLEASE don't tell mom. PLEASE!' I could see he was really scared. So I said 'What will you do for me?'

'Anything! You name it.' I really didn't want them to do anything for me, but it was fun just watching him beg. Then he said something I never expected. 'Chad will show you his penis if you promise not to tell.'

Chad was like 'WHAT?' and I was like 'Ya! Like I even WANT to see Chad's penis!' but after I said that I though it did sound a little fun, but I sure wasn't going to admit it.

The Chad said 'Hey Lisa (that's not my real name). The reason we were looking at that webs site is because we have never seen a real naked girl in real life before.' I said 'So what's that got to do with me?' He got a little embarrassed and said 'If I did... I mean, if I showed you my... If I did, would you let us see you?'

I didn't know what to think - to tell you the truth I was pretty freaked out. What freaked me out the most is that my brother looked straight at me and was waiting for me to answer. I thought for sure he would do something like punch the daylights out of his friend for asking to see his sister naked, but he didn't! Oh my God! My brother wanted to see me naked too!

I just stood there and I finally said 'NO WAY! YOU TWO ARE SICK!' and I started to walk away. Then they REALLY started to beg! Both of them!


I stopped walking away, and that was a mistake because then they knew I was thinking about it. Chad said 'Lisa, for real. We don't want to do anything gross. We just want to see what a pussy looks like. We'll do anything - we'll both show you our penis first, we'll do ANYTHING! And plus - I've always thought you were hot for an eleven year old girl and I would LOVE it if your pussy was the first one I ever saw in real life.'

They were both so funny, standing there begging like that. And to be honest I was feeling a little naughty and horny because they wanted so bad to see me. Even that my BROTHER wanted to see me, and the idea of seeing my brothers penis was so naughty and dirty that in a way it made me excited. I mean, I'm not like a tramp or a slut or anything, and I didn't have the hots for my bro, but it just seemed fun in a secret naughty way. So I said 'You guys have to get all the way naked first, THEN I'll do it.'

'Deal!' said Chad.

They took off their shirts, and then they dropped their jeans. I could see two bulges behind their underwear, they both stopped, and my brother said 'You better not be joking!'

'I'm not! I swear!'

So they both dropped their underwear, and there I was, staring at two boners. Of course, it was the first time I had ever seen a penis, and I was kind of half freaked out and half excited. They were bigger and longer then I thought and they stood straight up. You have to remember at that time I knew very little about sex. I had heard of boners but only barely understood them.

My brother's was a little longer then Chad's but his was thicker. My brother reached down and grabbed his penis with his hand and made it lean forward. 'Ok' he said like he was making his penis talk. 'Time for you to get naked!'

All of a sudden I was scared! What had I done! Part of me wanted to run far away and hide, and the other part of me wanted to get naked as fast as I could. For a split second I almost listened to the run and hide part of me, but the other part of me won, and before I knew it, I had taken off my pajama tops then my pajama bottoms, then my bra (my boobs were just little tiny bumps) then, nervous and shaking, I slid my panties down to the floor.

'Phew!' whistled Chad. 'God damn that is so fucking hot! You've got a little tuft of pussy hair! Can I feel it?'

'I don't care.' And I really didn't. I was already naked anyway. They both walked up to me and took turns rubbing their hands over my hair, and I was surprised how good it felt. While they were touching me I was looking at their dicks.

'How can we get a better look at it?' asked my brother. 'Can you lie down on the floor?' It was like I was on auto pilot and I just did what they were saying. I lied down on the floor. 'Can you spread your legs apart?' I did. Then they sat on either side of me and took turns rubbing me. I giggled when they did that. Then they pulled apart my vagina folds and rubbed more inside me. They spent a LONG time playing with my pussy and to tell you the truth, it made me feel sexy. They even slid their fingers inside me and told me how that's where a penis would go if I had sex.

After a long time of them playing with my pussy I asked if I was ever going to get to touch their penis. They were both like 'Ya! For sure!'

I touched Chad's first. It was really hard in the middle part but squishy at the tip and kind of saggy at his balls. I touched and felt all of it. Then I went to my brothers. Touching his made me excited inside because of that whole naughty thing - I felt like I was being a total rebel. I hadn't been playing with it for very long when he said 'I can't take this any more. I'm going to explode!' I didn't know what that meant. He laid on his back and grabbed his penis and started to rub real fast, and all of a sudden he closed his eyes and started to moan, and then WOW stuff started squirting OUT of his penis!

I had NO idea what was going on, but before I could do anything or ask anything Chad was doing the same thing, and a few seconds later SQUIRT his penis was doing the same thing. Then it clicked! They were jerking off! I had heard girls talk about how guys do that all the time but I didn't understand until right then what it all meant.

When they were both done they got some toilet paper from the bathroom and cleaned it up. Then they came and sat back down and I started to ask them lots of questions. I asked things like why they weren't embarrassed to see each other naked. They said that they had been friends for ever (which was true) and that a lot of times they would look at porn on the internet and jack off at the same time. I asked lots about sex and how it worked. At the time I thought they were like Gods because they knew so much, but looking back now I laugh at how little they knew an how much of the info they gave me was just plain wrong. For example at the time neither of them had a clue that girls could even have orgasm... but that was about to change.

We sat there on the floor naked for hours just talking. Then Chad suggested we play truth or dare. They told me I should go first. I said dare. Chad dared me to rub my brother's penis until he had on orgasm. As soon as he said that my brother's penis stood straight up and turned almost purple. I didn't even think about it 'cause I knew if I did I would way freak out. I just leaned over and started to rub like I saw he did.

While I was stroking his penis that naughty feeling was so intense, and I felt it mostly in my vagina. His penis was, I have to admit, a turn on for me. As I rubbed it I was admiring it, feeling even a little proud for him about how manly it made him look to have that big 'ol thing sticking straight up so tall and hard. Even Chad's penis didn't turn me on as much, and the only reason I can figure why was because it was so naughty for me to be doing this to my BROTHER!

It didn't take very long and he was squirting again. That stuff got all over my hands and it was warm and sticky and smelled funny, but I liked it. I wiped it off and then Chad said he wanted another orgasm. I was leaning over to rub his penis but he said 'No wait. I want to do it another way. I was checking out your cute little bum - it's really sexy you know! I was thinking I could rub my penis against your butt cheeks.

I laughed super hard. 'What? Are you serious?'

'Totally' he said. 'Just lay on your tummy.'

So I turned over. He got on top of me and I could feel his penis rest right on my butt crack. He started to slide it up and down. I felt like a dork but I didn't want to make him stop. After a few minutes of him sliding his boner up and down my butt crack (NOT in my actual butt) I felt a whole bunch of hot sticky juice all over my back. He kept sliding it up and down until he was all the way done. His stuff was way all over my butt and even ran down onto the carpet between my legs. He cleaned it all up for me, even wiping it from my butt crack. THAT made me embarrassed!

After that they wanted to play with my pussy some more, so I turned over, spread my legs, and arched my pussy into the air. This time Chad sat Indian style right between my legs so he was right next to my pussy. He slid his finger inside me and said 'pretend it's my penis and we are having sex.' Then he slid it in and out and rubbed the inside of me. All of a sudden I got an urge to rub the outside of my pussy, like it had an itch but not really an itch - it just needed to be rubbed. When my brother saw me doing that he was like 'I can rub it for you.' So I just relaxed while Chad rubbed me inside and my brother rubbed me outside.

After a while I was ready to ask them to stop becuase of all the rubbing, but then slowly the feeling started to change. It got more intense and warm and started to spread. I closed my eyes and everything went black. I could feel my fists clench and it was like I couldn't breathe. Then it happened! It was amazing! It was hot, pulsating sensation that was like sweet fire in my vagina and I could feel it get tight around Chad's finger. It washed over my entire body and I was swimming in throbbing, spastic pleasure. It didn't last very long, and before I knew it I had my eyes open, staring at them. 'What the hell was that?' Then I laughed because I hardly EVER swore.

We all laughed.

It was now past late. It was early in the morning. We had been playing naked for over four hours. I had witnessed my first penis, my first boners, my first orgasm, and given my brother a hand job and let his friend jack off with my butt. But most important, I had my first orgasm. Compared to some of them that I would have later, that one was actually pretty weak, but it was my first and will always be the most special.

After that things changed with my brother and me. We didn't get all incest with each other, but I would be lying if I said that was the last hand job I ever gave him. I would say maybe two or three dozen times after that, he came to me when we were home alone and asked me to repeat the favor. I never said no. I think the last time we did that he was about sixteen and I was thirteen. He got his first real girl friend and she kept him more than happy in that regards.

He never gave me another orgasm, but our relationship was also very casual and a few times we would sit on his bed or my bed talking until late into the night about who knows what, mostly about what boys I liked or what girls he liked and giving each other advice. Every now and then after such talks the mood would strike me, and I would take off my panties and give myself an orgasm while he watched and stroked himself. Either that or he would just say 'how about a night cap before we go to bed' then he would drop his pants and I would stroke him 'till he came.

After that night first night I was never shy about letting him see me naked, and until he moved out of the house and went to college we both saw each other naked all the time.

I think our mom suspected that our relationship was more open then most siblings have, but if she suspected anything she either didn't let on or didn't care. Twice I confided in someone who I thought was a close friend, and both times the relationship I had with my brother as a kid so freaked them out that the friendship was never quite the same after that. I've learned to just not tell.

Today we are both in our thirties, happily married and we each have kids of our own. We live on opposite coasts, so we hardly see each other. But we still get along great. While I worry about my kids and their sexuality, it is my hope that my kids can get along with each other and look out for each other as well as we did.

Thanks for reading!



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