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My Birthday With Trigger

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Too bad I was so inhibited


This year I had my 45th birthday. I think I look pretty O.K. and so do most of the people I meet. I don't want to say I am a perfectly fit specimen but I keep myself as fit as possible.

Well anyway I was turning 45 and I had planned a big birthday bash at a nearby hot spring resort. I had invited friends, co-workers, family, and even short term acquaintances.

No one had responded to my invitations so I decided to cancel the reservations I had made for the big 'Party' and re-reserve a room for just myself. I figured if no one wanted to celebrate my birthday with me then to heck with them and I would have fun by myself.

I swam, golfed and rode horses on the first day I was there. The following day {my birthday} I went down to the pool and was reading my book in the bright sun, when to my shock I saw one of the 'acquaintances' I had invited. He was an 18-year-old kid I knew from a nearby convenience store. Well it seems he had called my work to find out if I was still having my party, and even knowing that I was going it alone, came out to see me.

Now the reason I call him Trigger is cus he had gotten his nipple pierced and the joke with the other folks at the store is that he always got hard if you tugged his ring. Well he stayed and swam with me and joined me in my room later.

Well I started to think of diversions (He was 18 after all) but he started talking about his female conquests and brought the subject around to sex. I flowed right into his topic with sex talk of my own asking him if he had experienced certain things and if he had ever fantasized about anything that he could not find someone to try it out with.

Well that is when he told me that he had come out there to the resort to see me because he thought that I could be someone that he could try something with. I almost freaked, yet I was instantly turned on. I asked him If he wanted to think about it but he said no he already had and would I please order a pay per view porn so he could loosen up.

I did. As we were watching the movie though I started to feel like a perv so I sugested that if it were ok we should lay on seperate beds (since there were two) he was ok with that, and from that point it got HOT!!

We were watching this girl on a guy and another girl and he started rubbing his crotch well I was sort of watching him more than the movie and I followed his lead. Down came the swim suit, out popped the finest five inch long but fattest dick I have seen in a long time. It seemed he was a bit shy about stroking even though I saw his eyes lusting at the girl onscreen. So in order to help him get into it I dropped my swimsuit as well and started stroking.

I reached over to the night stand where I had a small bottle of lotion and got some on my hands. I use a two-handed technique that I developed sort of hand over hand real slow. I guess that he was watching me as much as I was watching him cus all of a sudden I see him spread his legs and move a hand down to his beautiful butt. I don't think he was actually fingering it but I could see his cheeks clench and with each slow stroke of mine he would clench again. Even though we were on seperate beds I felt as though he were with me and before long I was pouring precum. I turned and boldly stared at his dick watching with lust as he jerked the fat thing and POW!!! I had the most explosive orgasm I have had since I was in my teen. Rope after rope of cum shot and shot damn I was drenched. As I finished I was still watching Trigger and as he saw my final fountain he burst with as much vigor as I just had. His fat cock spat at least four feet in the air landing on his tatooed chest. I just lay in admiration.

After cleaning up I thanked him and told him I was glad that all we did was masturbate because I don't think that he was really ready for more than that anyway. He stayed the night and the next day when I checked out he was gone.

I still have his number.



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