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My Birthday Present

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My first masturbation session with a guy and my first submission to Solo Touch...


So the summer between high school & college I was visiting a family friend, Rick who lived on the other side of town. Rick was about 12 years older than me and married to Amy for about 5 years. Rick invited me over to his place to give me a present for my 18th birthday that was the week prior.

When I got to his house he said Amy was out with some friends and would be home in an hour or so. He thought it would be nice to wait for her to return before he gave me my present and asked if I wanted to watch a movie while we waited. I didn't see why not, so we headed to his basement in which he converted to a den. So, we both sat on the couch and started watching some movie on cable, nothing special, when I noticed Rick's hand was resting against my leg.

At first I thought nothing of it but after a few minutes, I noticed his hand moved and was now on my thigh and ever so slowly moving towards my crotch. At first I was nervous and not sure what to do but at the same time I realized my heart was racing and my cock was starting to swell in my jeans. So I didn't do anything, I sat there pretending not to notice and just watched the movie all the while feeling his hand creep its way up my leg. Well in what seemed like forever but in reality was only five minutes; Rick had his hand on my crotch and was now rubbing my rock hard cock through my jeans. All I could do was moan and spread my legs... A few minutes later my jeans were around my ankles and Rick was slowly stroking my cock and cupping my balls. He was telling me how long he wanted to do this to me but wanted to wait until I was "old enough".

My mind was swimming, I truly loved this, and the feeling of his hands stroking my cock and balls was amazing yet I was realizing this was a guy doing it to me!! I had thought about it in fantasy but only briefly and always considered myself strictly heterosexual. The look of desire on Rick's face is something I'll never forget, I could see he was as shocked and excited as I was that this was happening. He picked up the pace of his stroking and it wasn't long before I was moaning (I've always been a moaner when it comes to sex) and shooting my load. Six or Seven strong ropes of cum landed on my legs and his chest and hands. I was trembling!!

We sat there for a minute or so with my cock still oozing cum when we heard Amy's car pull into the driveway. We both quickly rushed to clean up and I quickly dressed acting as if nothing happened when Amy came in. She smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she was glad to see me and that Rick and her had a present for me. Little did she know Rick already gave me a present.

The next time I saw Rick we talked about what happened and as it turned out we both really enjoyed it. Rick and I had many more encounters over the years and my reciprocation greatly increased. If there is an interest I'll share more stories of Rick & I as well as with others...



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