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My Best Memory

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Hiya all. I am only 12 and do not remember the first time i first started to masturbate. But there was one time which still stays fresh in my mind. To some of you the story i am about to tell may seem formiliar to the other story about camp but trust me this is all true:
I was at my guide camp last year and we were all sleeping in tents of 3. I was with 2 other girls. Lets initial them S and N to make things easier. Well on this particular camp N was feeling quiet ill so she slept in the first aid camp leaving me with S.
That night we were both quite restless so we decided on giving each other massages. It started off being quite tame then she started massaging me hand and licking it. I was enjoying this so said nothing. She realised this and carried on. As S was gettin more involved her hands moved else were and were slowly pulling off my nightie. I never were any knickers under my nightie and S gasped to see my pussie already have thck hairs on it.
S ran her hands up and down my legs and made me feel quite excited then she separated my pussie lips and slowly touched my clit. I gasped and S looked up sexily at me. I nodded and she carried on she swapped her fingers for her tongue and licked all round the hood until she made my clit throb.
As her tongue licked my clit her fingers were slowly inserted into my vagina. I was so wet already ad they just slipped in. She wiggled them about until she ound my G-Spot. I went crazy. My hips thrusted right up intot her face an her licks on my clit were becoming faster and faster. S licked all over me and turned me over to lik my anus. This felt weird and S took my breath away as she slipped 2 already lubed fingers up my anus it hurt at first but i was so excited i fingered my clit and suddenly i had a hge rush of addrenilin.
I sat up stripped S totally and licked her small breasts i bit the nipples lightly then licked them all over. I managed to cup one in m hand whilst my hands slipped down her stomach to her vagina. I separted the lips like she had done to me and traces me fingers all round her pussy hole and clit.
Even though she didn't make me cum i made her cum. I slowly inserted finger by finger until my whole hand was i there. I was surprised as she must not be a virgin for m too do this, She said she wasn't one. I ignored this fact and carried on fist-fucking her. I licked her cunt until she was dripping with juices. I lapped them all up and slept in her sleeping bag til morning.
We both woke up early stark naked so we dressed each other and i dry humped her leg.
I haven't spoken to her since. It turns out that S's Dad had fucked her many times and they shared a relationship.
I can't belive how horny all your stories made me feel. I have 2 go so i can feel myself up
Luv U All



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