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My Best Holiday Ever!!!

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Back in the day, my family and I went on holiday with these five other families (we'd all chip in so we could stay in this really expensive place in France).

The main people you will need to know about to understand this account are: Me (13 then), my close friend (George, 13), another friend (Emma, 13) and her sister (Bobbi, 14).

Anyway, this place we were staying in was big and so we all had our own rooms (even though there were like 20 of us). However, because some of the kids there were like three the rooms had to be juggled so I ended up alternating between a room with Bobbi and Emma and a room with George.

On one of the nights when I was sleeping in Bobbi and Emma's room. All the little kids (ages three to ten) wanted to have a 'sleepover' which basically meant they sleep in our room and bug us the whole night. Because of this, Me, Bobbi and Emma were all forced into a double bed.

Emma, like me is a bit crazy, not like mental but a bit off the wall and weird. In the end she's managed to annoy everyone enough to cause them all to leave so it was now just Me, Bobbi and Emma.

After they had drifted off, I realised something which I should have realised as soon as we got into bed. 'I'm in a bed with two hot girls!!' After that I wanted to jack off but I knew it would be too risky so I tried and eventually managed to get to sleep.

The next night I was in George's room but this time (thank god) there was no sleepover. We'd jacked off together before and so we quickly got onto the subject of masturbation. We both went to the same school and almost everyone there is a homophobe so we tended to start our masturbations with a game of truth or dare. We had a few rounds of dares like touch the other person's balls or press your ass up against the window. When it was my turn I chose truth (just to be random) and he asked me 'Did you 'do' anything last night with Bobbi and Emma?' he obviously meant: 'Did you have a full on threesome?' I said no, but I did say how I ended up in bed with two hotties.

He looked horrified! 'You f**king b***ard, why did'nt you come and get me?'. I mumbled something like 'Tough luck'. Then he said: 'Take me to have a look at them.'

I had been waiting for him to say this and did not refuse. We quietly crept down the hallway to Bobbi and Emma's bedroom. For the 50000th time I said 'Shh' and then opened the door a crack.

Nothing could have prepared us for what was inside: Emma and Bobbi were both lying on the bed, naked. Bobbi had a hand on her breast and was lightly stroking her pussy. Emma had both hands on her pussy and looked like she was trying to bring up the courage to penetrate herself.

I saw that they hadn't noticed us peeping through the door so for about five minutes we just watched them. They didn't seem to care much that the other was there. I felt George's boner poking me in the leg.

Then everything went pearshaped: Emma looks up and sees us, we quickly duck behind the door but she gets up and we hear her fumbling with something and then she appears ad the door in a bathrobe. 'What the f**k do you think you're doing?' she asks. 'I could ask you the same question' George replies. Emma turned 20 different shades of red. She said 'Get in here'. We didn't refuse.

By that time Bobbi had pulled on a dressing gown and was sitting on the bed looking as if she'd been caught naked in public. I opened my mouth to appologise but Emma interupted: 'Ok' she said 'I know you know what we were doing so here's how this is going to work, you keep your mouths shut about this and you can watch us some more. Fair?' 'Absolutely!' we both said, unable to conceal our excitement.

Me and George sat down and watched as Emma removed her bath robe and began to touch herself. Bobbi looked disgusted but in the end began to stroke herself too.

Suddenly, George yanked his boxers down, his dick popped out and both Emma and Bobbi gazed at him in amazement. 'It's not fair if you get to wank but we don't' he said 'We want to too don't we?' I mumbled random things which is what I always do when I'm not sure what to say.

Emma and Bobbi just went on masturbating so George walked over, stripped off his boxers and t-shirt and began beating off. Emma and Bobbi didn't seem to care so I got up and joined them.

It sounds like it should be a long description of my feelings but it was just that, I got up and joined them. After a while Bobbi let us touch her breasts, George gave her right breast a gentle stroke while I did the same to the other. George went back to wanking after a while but I kept on stroking her, she groaned somthing about wanting me to stop but I kept going. Then I could take it no longer, I span myself round benind her, hooked my legs around her and began mercilessly squeezing her silky soft breasts. She seemed horrified at first but after the first five seconds she was moaning and fingering herself. I began to move my crotch up and down on her back.

Just as I felt my orgasm building up I saw George stroking Emma's hairless pussy. Before pleasure took over I remember feeling a bit jealous because I had had a crush on Emma since I was like eight. But there was no time for that now, Bobbi and I orgasmed at almost exactly the same time. My cum squirted up all over her back and into her hair. We both lay there, in absolute joy, both covered in cum and panting real hard. As I regained 'consciousness' I saw George bringing Emma to orgasm too. He squirted all over her breasts, as she came she made an amazing sound, kinda like a cross between a whoop and a moan.

We all lay there on the bed. All gasping. It was amazing.

This was one of those times which you never speak of again, either with the people you did it with or someone else. Does every guy have an experience like that?



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