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My Best Friend

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Thanks to the rain that April brings, the ground gets very obviously wet. Well, that actually paid off for once.


I have a friend; we've been friends since about Grade 5, when I moved to my town, the teacher put me beside her, and I'm happy he did. She's an amazing friend, we have fun together, and we always make each other laugh. We share all our secrets with one another; we've seen each other cry, and comforted each other. We sleep over at each others house virtually every weekend and at some times during the summer, our parents would leave us alone for a whole week. They trusted us, and well they were completely right to. We never did anything really, certainly we never touched each other down there, in fact I can recall all the times we saw each other nude.

The first time was in Grade 7. We were going to a pool party, and we were running late. By the time we got to the pool, the male and female change rooms were closed, and all that was left was the family changing room. Running late already we just made a break for the change room, and changed. It was totally relaxed and not awkward at all, we talked as if we were completely clothed. Still I still remember her taking a couple of quick peeks of my small penis, and when she bent over to look through her bag, I couldn't help just taking a peak at her pussy lips, butt, and asshole. Her pussy was hairless, except for a tiny patch of newly grown hair that I could sort of made out. I was just looking out of interest, I didn't get a boner. I remember her boobs at the time were nothing more than an A cup.

The next time was when we were camping. We had a small tent to ourselves, which was across the field from our parent's tent. We both woke up at relatively the same time. But we lay in bed talking for awhile. We wanted to get up, so we changed out of our bed things into our day clothes, and naturally we saw everything. This time there was more peaking, and I fully saw her staring once. This did give me a semi-hard on, but I didn't get a chance to jack off at all. Through out the rest of the trip we'd generally change in front of each other but nothing happened.

The next time was when we were alone during the summer for about a week. We slept downstairs in my recroom. It was extremely hot, so I slept in just underwear, and well the same was for her, no bra, just panties. By this time her boobs were a nice b cup, with pink nipples. I saw her completely nude whenever she would come out of the shower, she'd come out wrapped in a towel, but let it fall away when she would change. By now she had a nice trimmed bush, and she still had smooth skin. One night we got a little hyper, and we went into my pool together nude at night. This was the first time I ever actually touched her when she was nude. I brushed up against her boob accidentally (no, seriously, it was dark.).

Now on to the actual story believe it or not. We were walking to her house for lunch, something we did ever since we started high school because it was close to her house. Well, it had been raining, so the ground was wet. We were just talking about something random, when she slipped, pulling me down with her. We landed in a big old puddle of mud. Initially we were mad about this, but we began laughing on our way back. When we got to her house we threw our bags down, and made our way upstairs. She ran to grab some clothes for us, (Like I said I spent a lot of time here, I have stuff of my own there).

Anyway, she brought us some clothes, and then suggested we shower to clean up, and that it would take to long if we did so separately, so I had no problem with this, and I was happy to be seeing her naked. We walked into her bathroom, undressed and got into the shower.

I was behind her, and we washed the mud off. She grabbed some soap and started washing herself. She turned around and handed it to me, and I did likewise. About now everything was normal, we chatted as if we were completely clothed. Then she did something that was odd even for friends, she asked me to clean her back. Now when I say odd, I mean that we had never actually initiated contact between each other, all those times when we were nude. I gulped and said yes and grabbed the soap, and began cleaning her back.

Oh my god her back was so smooth and soft, I lathered it up, all over her arms and he shoulders. I began to let my hormones take over a bit. I started to move my way back down her back until I reached her buttocks. I began slowly massaging them, and I even moved down to get a better view. My face was literally inches from her ass; if I moved them right, I could see her nice asshole, and her pussy lips. All this time she just sort of stood there and let me do it. I moved my hands back up and slowly inched my way towards her boobs. I let my hands rest on them and began lathering them up, but she just sort of wiggled and said 'That's not my back'. I laughed and said I couldn't help myself. She turned her self around, evidently to wash the soap off. She smiled at me and told me she could see that. She looked down at my boner with interest. She grabbed it and slowly began to stroke it. It felt so good, but I was sad when I heard the shower water stop. We were clean at this point and it was wasting water.

She got out of the shower, threw a towel at me and told me to hurry up and dry. I did so thinking our fun was over, but when I was done drying, she didn't get dressed, merely grabbed my arm and pulled me to her bedroom. She threw herself down on the bed and smiled at me; I could hardly believe this was my same friend. She spread her legs, showing off her snatch, in all its glory. She said to me 'We've seen each other so many times before, but the first time like this...a pity really'. She smiled at me, and I knew what she wanted me to do. I slowly moved down her body, kissing it, while playing with her boobs. I blushed every time I heard her moan slightly. I got to her pussy and got to work. I had some fun, exploring her; pulling the lips to one side to look at the pink, looking at he clit, smelling her nice scent. I slowly pushed my finger into her nice pussy. My god it felt sooooo nice. It was warm and slippery; I had lots of fun pushing my finger in and out, and hearing her moan. I then pushed my middle finger in her, and pushed my finger beneath it straight up into her asshole. It was so tight, and fun, but she's like 'What are you doing?!' I told her to relax, and let me have my fun. She smiled, a bit uncertain but let me continue. By now I was using three fingers, with one on her clit. It could have almost laughed; her face was so cute scrunched up in delight. When she finally reached orgasm, it was like it was frozen in time, I liked how her body squeezed my fingers.

We looked at each other and smiled. It all seemed so natural. She directed me to lie down next to her on bed. She propped herself up on her elbows and slowly began stroking my dick. I just laid back and watched her do it, I was mesmerized by her, and by the feelings in my dick. I moved my hand to her clit and began playing with it again. We both came at the same time. After we cleaned up, we went about our business as normal. We had lunch then went back to school. Before we reached school, she stopped me and asked if I could not tell anyone. I said okay, and she winked at me and ran off to the school



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