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My Best Friend

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This is a story from my youth, I must have been about fourteen at the time. I still get myself off to the memory of this night.


When I was fourteen I used to stay at my Nan's house nearly every weekend. She lived in a village near to me and many of my friends from school lived there. Quite often my best friend Laura would come and stay as well. My Nan only had one spare room with one single bed, so when Laura used to stay we used to share the single bed, sleeping top to toe. She had stayed over several times and nothing happened until this one night.

First of all I had better explain that neither me or Laura were Lesbians, We both loved boys and had loads of boyfreinds through school. It had never crossed my mind to do anything with Laura even though we used to sleep in the same bed with just a t-shirt & knickers on. That was until one particular night....

It was a Friday night and we had been out with our friends at the local youth club. After that finished we walked home to my Nans house and went up to the spare room and got ready for bed. It was a really humid night and the bedroom was boiling hot so after we both got in bed we decided we would both sleep in just our knickers so we weren't so hot. We were laying in bed watching the tele with her head at one end of the bed and mine at the other, both laying on our backs. Laura kept moving about cos she said she couldn't get comfortable, she moved her legs and put her left leg in between my legs although it wasn't actually touching me. After a few minutes she moved her leg again so it was resting against my right leg, it was kinda wierd feeling her naked skin pressed against mine but I didn't really think anything of it. After a while Laura stretched her left hand leg out and the bottom of her foot was now resting against my pussy. This made me feel uncomfortable at first and I was just about to ask her to move it when I got a bit of a tingle between my legs, so I decided not to say anything and just lay there without moving. Laura didn't say anything or even look at me she just stared at the tele, then I felt her foot move and press even harder against my pussy, now I was starting to get a bit turned on and could feel myself starting to get wet, without thinking I kinda thrusted myself into her foot. This must have spurred Laura into action, she immediately started to move her foot in a circular motion, pressing it hard against my pussy, still not saying a word and just staring at the tele. She was gradually increasing the speed she was moving her foot and I couldn't help starting to thrust into her foot as she was rubbing my pussy with it. I was realy getting into it and could realy feel the pressure building, then finally I came, probably one of the best orgasms I've ever had, I let out a sharp gasp and a shudder. With this Laura looked over to me for the first time and kinda smiled, she said she was tired and she was going to sleep, she moved her leg and turned onto her side. I didn't reply I just smiled back, I was in a state of shock. I couldn't believe my best friend had masturbated me to orgasm using her foot. I had mixed feelings, partly very content and partly very ashamed. It took me ages to get to sleep that night cos I couldn't stop thinking about it.

The next morning when we got up neither of us mentioned what had happened. But that wasn't the last encounter we had. I'll tell you about the other experiences another day.

I haven't seen Laura since I left school, we have totally lost contact. But it would be nice to meet up with her and maybe reinact some of the things we had done when we were 14. So Laura if your reading this hopefully you'll know it's you I'm talking about and maybe we could meet up. In case your not sure its me Laura, my name begins with A and I live in Bedfordshire, England and still live at the same address-come and see me.



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