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My Beautiful Cousin

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When I was younger, I began to notice that my cousin was starting to develop. She was a little short, had long brown hair, long legs compared to her body, and an amazing ass. One day, I was watching tv with her in her parent's bedroom. She was wearing one piece pajamas not sure why, she was a little old for them. She laid on top of me, on her stomach facing away from me, like a 69, but the ' privates ' weren't touching. She did this a lot, but I never really thought about it being sexual, because I had just recently started feeling attracted to her. We were watching tv, and she wouldn't stop moving around, so I threatened to squeeze her butt. Her reaction startled me:

' I don't care. ' She said, laughing.

' I'm not kidding! I really will! ' I threatened.

She said nothing, so I slowly reached my hand towards her butt, seeing if she was going to do anything, but she didn't. I gently squeezed that perfect ass of hers, and almost instantly grew erect. She didn't do anything, didn't even flinch, so I continued to squeeze and massage her butt for about a minute.

' You don't mind that I'm doing this? ' I asked, surprised.

' Nope. ' She replied. She doesn't talk much when she's watching tv.

Her brother was at some school thing and would be gone for another hour, and her parent's were outside, so i suggested that we go for a swim. She put on a two-piece bathing suit, unfortunately, where I couldn't see her and I put on trunks, and we went into the pool. Once we were in, I dared her to kiss me. She gave me a smile that I've never seen before, a smile that a girlfriend would give you before doing ' something ' with you. She gave me a quick peck on the lips.

' Is that it? ' I taunted her.

She swam away for a minute, and when she came back to me, she kissed me for at least five seconds, but it seemed like forever.

' Do you know what french kissing is? ' I asked her.

She nodded her head and pressed her lips against mine again, this time gently slipping her tongue into my mouth and massaging mine. I lifted her up a little, because her feet barely reached the bottom, and started squeezing her ass again, slowly going under the suit to see how she would react. Once again, nothing. After some making out, I suggested that we go into her brother's room. She eagerly started climbing up the ladder out of the pool when I told her to stop and asked if I could lick her ass. She said yes, and moved her swimsuit bottoms a little so i could lick her cheek. My tongue slid across her silky smooth, tight little butt. My heart started to beat rapidly and I began to shake with excitement. We dried off and ran up into her brother's room. All I had on were swimming trunks, and I sat on the bed. She'd brought up a pair of clothes, so I guess she didn't know what I wanted to do.

' I have to change ' she said, and smiled.

She stripped bare naked RIGHT in front of me. She hadn't developed breasts yet, but her butt and pussy were absolutely perfect and tight. She started putting her clothes back on.

' Wait. ' I said.

I stood up, took my shorts off, and we were both standing there, completely naked, looking at each other. I picked her up and kissed her, holding her smooth naked body against mine. Then, she pointed to the bed. I carried her over to it, and laid down with her right on top of me. We made out for a while, and I massaged her ass while we made out. After a while, I sat up and laid her on her back. I stroked her lips and cheeks, kissed her softly, and asked her if I could finger her. She whispered yes, and I spread her legs. She had never had anything in her pussy, so I rubbed it gently, only going in a little way. After a short time, she began to sway her hips to the motion of my rubbing, and spread her legs even further apart. I fingered her for five minutes or so, then she told me to get on my back, which i did. She mounted me, her vagina resting on my balls, grabbed my penis and started pumping. This was her first handjob. I started breathing hard, and told her to go faster and faster. After about a minute I was VERY excited, I came. My warm come spurted out of me, dribbling down her small hand. After my orgasm, she laid on top of me again and started making out with me. She didn't want to lick the come, so I didn't try to make her. We french kissed deep for a while, then we heard the front door opening, so we quickly put our clothes back on and turned on the tv. I sat up and she sat in my lap, and I held her and kissed her for a while.

This day was my first sexual experience, and my best. Now, she occasionally lets me grab her butt, but thats all. All of this story really happened, and the dialogue is all exact to the best of my memory, and definitely remember that day well. I hope you enjoyed my experience almost as much as I did.



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