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My Awakening and First Orgasm

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My activities with a friend led to my first orgasm


I guess I was kind of 'abused' a lot by a friend of mine whom we shall call John, who was a year and a half older than me when we were experiencing puberty. I was an only child and kind of inexperienced sexually, not even having masturbated as a child or anything. I was about 12 and he was 13 and a half and John had discovered wanking and persuaded me to go to a secret wooded location near our homes where he would show me his cock and how by massaging it would get it erect and eventually he would get this 'funny feeling' as he called it. I found this intriguing and exciting.

His cock was fascinating to me, because he could fully retract his foreskin easily, whereas mine was very tight and could only be pulled back a little before it hurt. I was therefore shy about the appearance of mine and never allowed him to see my cock. Anyway, almost daily, he would say to me 'Want to go for a wank?' Of course, I usually went with him and it wasn't long before it progressed to my touching him while he wanked. Eventually, he persuaded me to actually jerk him off, until he got the 'funny feeling.' At that time, his orgasms were dry, but as the weeks went by, we began to see white stuff each time he orgasmed. This was really exciting. All this while I became more and more aroused by this activity, getting a blazing erection every time we had a session. I loved the feel of his cock and its easy foreskin which revealed his swollen tip and I was more and more interested in getting this 'funny feeling' for myself.

Despite John's pleadings for me to show him my cock, I reserved my personal explorations of my young member to the privacy of the toilet. I began daily to focus on this stubborn foreskin of mine and being shy and unable to ask help from anyone, I had to work at the problem myself. Logic told me that skin, being flexible can be stretched. I had already learned from discussions with my friend that his foreskin was as loose as it was because his parents (probably his mother) had taken the trouble to encourage him, while bathing at an early age, to retract the skin before it becomes tough and too inflexible in order to cleanse the glans. This is such an important responsibility for any parent of uncircumcised boys who may read this, since I would hate to think that any young lad would have to go through the painful, embarrassing and unnecessary process I had to endure on my own. (I would welcome other's thoughts and views on this particular point.) My friend's foreskin health was further sustained by his earlier wanking activities, enabling his foreskin to be highly elastic and retractable.

So I set about daily 'stretching exercises' in secret. I would begin pulling back the foreskin, then my cock would slowly get erect and as it did so, the opening to the foreskin would constrict the glans, which was exerting pressure to expand the opening. Little by little, the continual stretching seemed to be working and I could pull my foreskin a little further and further back each time, being careful not to go beyond the glans for fear of getting it trapped behind the ridge where the glans met the shaft! This happened a few times and it was very painful and difficult to get the foreskin back again! (Any boys out there who have a similar problem as I did, please take it from me, it is possible to remedy a tight foreskin by persevering this way.)

After about six months, my foreskin was free! I have to say that I enjoyed the daily activity of getting hard and secretly playing with my cock in the toilet. However I had not yet been able to properly wank to get the 'funny feeling' my friend had enjoyed.

All this while, we frequented our favourite spot and I always ended up wanking John off, while longing for the same experience myself.

Apart from pleasuring my friend, the closest I had come to any sexual outlet previously was a vivid wet dream I had experienced some months before. I guess the sexual activity with my friend had induced an erotic dream of some kind and, although I couldn't recall the content of the dream I vaguely remembered having this exquisite feeling in my semi-conscious state as I awoke, only to find a huge wet patch in my PJ's. Anyway, with my newly re-fashioned penis, with its fully retractable foreskin, I now decided it was time to do some serious rubbing for myself.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I guess one's very first self-induced orgasm sticks clearly in memory and I had decided to work my foreskin back and forth until I got an orgasm, no matter how long it took! I was in a standing position, pulled out my cock and luxuriated in the pleasure of being able to draw the foreskin up and down easily. Soon I was hard and the rubbing began in earnest. I must have been so stocked up with ejaculate that my body was very ready to release its load, because it didn't take very long for the orgasm to arrive. Please bear in mind that the only ejaculations I had seen up to this point were my friend's. Due to his frequent wanking I had only ever seen him eject very small amounts of ejaculate. So what happened next was amazing and exciting, yes; but frightening too! My rubbing activity was working! Standing in the toilet, one hand on the wall for support, my right hand was jerking my cock for all it was worth. Then it happened! A feeling, which I can only describe as exquisite, built quickly at the base of my cock (a feeling which I immediately recalled from the semi-conscious wet dream experience). Suddenly I almost lost consciousness as it burst over me like a firework display and huge ropes of semen shot from my cock on to the tiled floor, one, two three huge ejaculations, accompanied by the blissful intensity of that feeling which mere words can't describe and which weakened my knees so that I swayed and bucked involuntarily, with heart racing and limbs trembling for what seemed like an age.

Needless to say, I have been an avid masturbator since that very day; a day I shall never forget. Hope you enjoyed and I would welcome comments.



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