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My Autofellatio History

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Back when I was in junior high, probably aged 13 or 14 years old, I got into a habit of masturbating in my bed almost every day. I would stay up all night masturbating and occasionally on Saturday mornings would get up, lock my bedroom door, and turn on the TV to watch cartoons. My parents would be sleeping for at least a few more hours.

I was obsessed with my penis, and one day I got the idea that it would be neat if I could taste my penis. Obviously, this was no easy feat. Being a very skinny kid, who was tall for my age, and after taking a little gymnastics and karate, I was limber enough to throw my left leg over my head and realized that this might be the way to get my penis to my mouth.

I kept trying to do this for a few weekends and then one day, to my suprise, I was able to lick it with my tongue. I thought there was no way that just happened so I tried again and was again successful. I was shocked. I thought to myself, 'How many guys can do this?'

I thought it was pretty special, so in the next few weeks, I strived for getting closer to being able to get it in my mouth. I was unsuccessful. Having a short attention span, I figured it was pointless because, one, I wasn't getting any arousal from it, and two, I didn't think I'd ever be able to do it. So I quit.

It wasn't until I was in high school, where I started visiting the public library that I came across a book that mentioned this act, which they called autofellatio. The book was 'Boys and Sex' by Pomeroy and it said that several boys have tried, but only two or three in a thousand were successful. So I didn't feel so weird about trying; I wasn't the only one doing it. It also said that the boys that could do it, didn't get much out of it and did not make it their primary masturbation technique.

However, the idea that a lot of boys have tried to do this got me thinking...

Fast forward to when I was in college. I was visiting an adult bookstore when I found a book called, 'The Art of Autofellatio' by Gary Griffin. It was a small yellow book wrapped in shrink wrap, so I couldn't open it and see what was inside. It was $9.95 and I was skeptical. Money was scarce for me back then so I passed on buying it even though it definitely had my curiosity.

Eventually, I decided that I would go ahead and buy the book. I went back to the store and they no longer had it. I didn't ask about it, because I was afraid to ask the cashier in person, so when I got home, I called them and asked if they would be getting any more. The clerk said she couldn't find anything on it.

Years later, I eventually found the book again (at the same store) and bought it. It had instructions on exercises and techniques that would help me do this. However, I was living in a small dorm room on campus and I didn't have room do to any of the exercises, and there was no way I was going to do this at the gym, being afraid someone might realize what I was training for.

When I tried the positions outlined in the book, I was nowhere near being able to do it. I wanted to know how far I was, so I grabbed a ruler and tried to measure. The ruler wasn't long enough. I took a small tape measure and measured again; fourteen inches away. I got angry at myself for stopping when I was younger and not sticking with it. It seemed impossible now, and I feared that I blew the opportunity of a lifetime.

Fast forward a couple more years. I discovered the internet and online porn. I finally found some good pictures of guys that could suck themselves. The book I had purchased had some black and white photos, but they looked like they had been photocopied several hundred times and weren't of very good quality. Anyway, these pictures really got me aroused and that's when I became obsessed with it.

I found a Website of a guy that could lick his penis and had a video for sale. I wrote him a check and mailed it off and waited. The video never came. I emailed the person I ordered the video from and eventually I got the video, and it ended up being free because they never cashed my check. This was during the summer, so I was living with my parents and the video came to their house. My dad asked me what the package was and I made up a story that it was a mail-order promotion for a limited-edition collectible I had ordered. I went to my room and removed the tape and threw something I had recently purchsaed in it's place (that my parent's hadn't seen yet) and acted like that was what I sent away for.

I eventually watched the tape. While the qualtity was poor, I was mesmerised by it because this was the first time I had ever seen video of another guy doing what I did when I was younger. His technique was different, but I was astonished. It was then that I committed myself to being able to do it again.

I was working in an electonics store and was in pretty good shape, due to unloading the trucks twice a week, but I didn't have any flexibility. When I graduated from college, I got an office job and didn't get the exercise I did at the other job. With all the fast food I was eating, I started gaining weight and that messed everything up.

I eventually worked my way to getting closer and closer to making contact and eventually got to the point where I could touch my penis to my nose or my forehead. I was still a long way from my mouth and I realized that my waistline was possibly interfering with my progress.

I got my own apartment shortly thereafter and was thrilled to have some privacy, where I could walk around naked and masturbate openly whenever I wanted to. By this time, I had amassed quite a collection of computer porn on the subject (along with plenty of other stuff) and was really into it. I started working on getting my penis closer to my mouth, but was still having trouble. I ordered some videos depicting the act online, and I would watch them when trying to do it.

After several weeks of trying, I finally made contact again, after about 14 years. It was two days after my birthday and I thought it was a pretty neat birthday present to myself. However, I felt I was reaching a limit and thought about a different method. I had been doing this by standing on my shoulders, throwing my legs back over my head, anchoring my feet on the sofa behind me, and pushing down. This wasn't working. Also, I was getting some nasty rug burns on the back of my neck. I eventually found that if I lie on a pillow at the end of the hallway, I could prop myself up against the closet door and get much better leverage. I eventually was able to lick all around the head and some shaft skin. I found it easier to lick it when I was soft than when I was erect. I guess it has to do with the angle and that I can stretch my penis when it is soft.

I tried this regularly for a while, and my back had protested quite a bit and for a couple of months, I couldn't do it because I had hurt myself. Eventually, my back got better and I started working at it again. After a while, my back quit hurting and I got in the habit of soaking in hot water in the tub to make sure of it.

It is currently two years since I reestablished contact between my tongue and penis, and so far, I can almost suck the head, but I can't always do it. I purchsed a digital camera and have taken dozens of pictures of myself doing this and a few 'Quicktime' videos, because I know I probably won't always be able to do this and want proof that I could really do it.

I continue and try at least once a week, hoping that at some point I will reach my goal of sucking the head hands-free. You may ask why I do this. I am not gay, but I love to masturbate and I love my penis, and want to experience it in a way few people get to do. I am obessed with it and won't stop, ever. I am sure that once I reach my goal, I'll set another goal to go even further. I've seen guys who can completely deep-throat themselves and lick their balls and I'd love to be able to do that. Why? Why not?



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